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Fan Art Friday: Lolcats


Orly? Yah rly. This week's Fan Art Friday is all about the lols. Last year, Theoryland started a "Wheel of Time Lolcat" thread that was pretty amazing. The meme migrated it's way to Dragonmount not long after and here I have culled the ones that made me laugh the hardest from both threads. If you like what you see, definitely check out both threads to see what didn't make the cut. Since there won't be much commentary this time, I'll even through in a few extras.




Noes!11 They be cleansin may Taint!




You really can't go wrong with a classic videogame reference.




Mat works strangely well as a cat.




Aww. Poor Logain.








And this one is just cute.


How about you guys? Any that I missed that you enjoyed?

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i love them all ! :biggrin: - thanks for posting these, i had missed a couple of them. i've giggled and aaawwwed at almost every WOT-cat that's ever been posted.

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I absolutely love these and totally agree with zyklon - the Asmodean one was hilarious. Love them all! :)

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LOL! I've just discovered the LOLcat thread here... best 15 pages ever!!! I shall have to check out the Theoryland one now.


Keep 'em coming!

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