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October Forum Roundup


Hello again!  I'm back to report the goings on at Dragonmount.  Currently I'm enjoying "fall" in California. My air conditioner is on. 



The Wolfkin are hosting an event exploring the use of herbs in cooking and health, and even offering a "Herbal Tea Reading."


You can explore your "guilty pleasures" in Shayol Ghul.


The White Tower and Warders have been attending the Fair, exploring Middle Earth, and are having fun with Halloween and Samhain.


The Black Tower has been reviewing "The Way of Kings" and "Tainted Minds."


The Band of the Red Hand are conversing about "bands" they have heard and a great fall topic: "Cider."


The Aiel are exploring "Rereads vs New Reads."


Last month, I mentioned a group in the White Tower and Warders are participating in rereading The Wheel of Time. I get stuck in some places; not many, but a few. To get myself unstuck, I move from the characters to the setting. I imagine what the setting must look like. I'm currently imagining Rhuidean. There are all sorts of buildings, many unfinished. The center is filled with objects of the Power. A fog permeates the city. Nothing like I've ever even considered, prior to Robert Jordan.


Robert Jordan's world is a very vast one. I'm convinced he was a genius, to create The Wheel of Time. While reading, I am transported to his world and often wish I could enter there. I think that is the epitome of being a fantasy author, to take your readers where you want them to go.


See you next month.

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