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November Round Up


Americans are looking forward to their Thanksgiving holiday, others are experiencing inclement weather, and some are even going into summer! Dragonmount has members from all over the world.


More Robert Jordan trivia.




Apparently he was quite the outdoorsman and enjoyed fishing. Dragonmount has always been important to me not only for the members and activities, but as a place to remember and honor Robert Jordan and his books.

The White Tower is busy with Thanksgiving events and celebrating members' birthdays.

The Black Tower has welcomed back some old members who have returned, have several active games, and are tempting members with brownies.

The Band of the Red Hand celebrated Halloween in a big way and have also had old members return and new ones join!

Shayol Ghul is writing their own "Adventure" story and updating the Wiki. They have also welcomed back a returned member.

The Wolfkin are engaging in a "Healer's Discussion" and the Aiel hosted Veteran's Day Activities.

The Structured General Wheel of Time discussion is still going strong.

We are all awaiting word on the TV series. Nothing yet. Can't wait!!! For the time being, we can experience the Wheel of Time world right here.

See you next month!

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