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June Forum Roundup


Welcome back!  Many of us are moving into a scorching summer. I hope that wherever you are, you manage to stay on an even keel, temperature wise. What I wouldn't give for an ice cold lake at this moment!



Robert Jordan once said, "I live in the Two Rivers. Check a map." His hometown, Charleston, South Carolina, nestles in the fork of the Cooper and and Ashley Rivers. Did you ever feel like you lived there? Robert Jordan's words were so descriptive, I felt as if I could just move into the picture he created by his words. I live close to Three Rivers, California. Three Rivers is near the entrance to the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.



Dragonmount in June!



We continue to gain both new readers and old members. Welcome to all!!


I really need to mention that we have some fantastic Dragonmount signature artists. Ask and you shall receive. Recently, I was gifted with a very beautiful signature by one of our members. We continue to receive updates on our "Realistic Wheel of Time Collages -A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words."  If you like to create the AWC Tuathan'an Camp is for you.  


The Dragon Reborn Role Play has added additional writers/characters and story lines. Come join if you would like to create your own character within a Wheel of Time setting.


The Black Tower is busy with Mafia!


Shayol Ghul is on an assignment to spread as much evil as they can. They also entertain themselves with mafia and other games.


The Aiel are discussing summer plans, and the perception of beauty. There are some fun games to join.


The Kin are hosting a monthly discussion on animals and the various way we interact with them. A quiz is available to see which pet is right for you!


The White Tower and Warders have Aspiriants on both paths, "The Way of the Warder" and The Way of the Aes Sedai." 


The Band of the Red Hand is active with multiple "pool parties" and have a new "Hornsounder" Edition.



See you next month!

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