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February Forum Roundup


For those of you that participate, I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I'm out here in California hoping we don't float away. It's either drought or floods!
Before I cover the monthly goings on at Dragonmount, I'd like to start with Robert Jordan
He is a graduate of The Citadel, a military college in South Carolina and he earned a degree in physics. For those of you who feel trapped by your field of study, this demonstrates that we don't always end up from whence we came. The Citadel even has its very own tribute to Robert Jordan. It contains one of his hats, his cane, a heron marked sword, Wheel of Time books, and other things donated by Harriet McDougal, his wife.
Let's take a look at the Black Tower. They are discussing their favorite fantasy merchandise. I'd have to say that mine is the Green Aes Sedai Shawl I purchased but this topic is not limited to the Wheel of Time.
Shayol Ghul is working on their very own horror story. That is not surprising when we consider its point of origin!
The Dragon Reborn Role Play has welcomed some new characters and looks forward to their development.
The Ogier is considering what belongs in your very own dream home.
The White Tower and Warders has a new character collage by M'Lady La Fleur and it is one to chill your heart!  This character is also up for discussion on which actress should play her in the television series. The White Tower also hosted "Chocolate Week" and the Aspirant Common Room is hosting some new members. The Kin is on the lookout for new movies in 2017. I've already seen some good ones!
See you next month!

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