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Highlights from the Rafe Judkins Q&A


Rafe Judkins, the showrunner for the potential Wheel of Time TV show, answered an assortment of fan questions on Twitter this morning. You can find the entire thread here


Overall Show Status

"In development." Amazon Studios is the network currently developing the show. The production studio is Sony Pictures Television, working with Radar Pictures. There has been no official announcement about the show being green-lit yet. This means that while a lot of people are working on developing ideas and screenplays, until a public announcement happens, we do not know if a pilot or full season have been ordered. During the twitter Q&A, Rafe was unable to answer any questions related to the project's overall status, or potential timeframe. 


Highlights from the Q&A



We will keep you updated as progress on the show evolves. 


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It's encouraging to see them trying to stay away from merging characters but I can understand it.  I'm interested to hear more about the 3 women plot changing.  But then I'd like to not hear too much.  It seems he knows the materials and hope he get's the right casting director.  That right there is key hands down.

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I like Min but I doubt it will be her. They might go in a different direction altogether from the books. They might make Egwene Rand's initial love interest.

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