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Jason Interviewed by Narg the Trolloc

Mashiara Sedai

Our very own Jason Denzel was humbled by an opportunity to speak to Narg the Trolloc, who is in charge of The Daily Trolloc, a website aflutter with all the rumors within The Wheel of Time fandom.  Every current bit of information is squeezed into each edition of The Daily Trolloc, and Jason’s interview is one piece of the latest gossip.


Narg’s questions range from asking about memories of Robert Jordan to more personal topics, such as Jason’s Mystic trilogy—the second due out summer 2018, the third currently being written.  Jason’s account of listening to Jordan read The Path of Daggers sent shivers up my own spine.  (If you haven’t heard Jordan’s voice before, it’s worth listening to this audio clip; you’ll understand what Jason meant.)


My personal favorite of Narg’s questions was an optimistic look at how the Trollocs are regarded:


Narg: Ok now for something close to Narg's heart. The Creator once said: "A Trolloc, however, bears a twisted, or corrupted soul, and would be reborn as a Trolloc". Nargs question to you is, do you think this is fair? What sort of message does that send little impressionable baby Trollocs who want to grow up to be good like Narg? No matter what Narg or those sweet little trolloclings do, we are doomed! Now Narg doesn't endorse the DO's methods but just maybe the Wheel does need to be broken, How is repeating the same things over and over again and denying Trolloc souls a chance at redemption a good thing?

Jason: You cannot argue with the Creator, Narg. But at the same time, I think you’re already doing great things for Trollockind. “Be the Change you want to see in the world,” right?  You have the unique opportunity here to be the start of something special.  There are seven Ages to the turning of the Wheel. Who’s to say that the 5th, 6th, and 7th Ages aren’t filled with peaceful societies of Trollocs? Maybe, in the 7th Age, it is the trollocs who must face the Dark One? 

Hold your muzzle high, brother.


You can keep up with Narg and his adventures by following him on Facebook or Google+.

Edited by Mashiara Sedai

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