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Meme Monday: WoT

Mashiara Sedai

As a millennial, I love memes.  Give me Wheel of Time memes and I'm as happy as can be.  With a plethora of social media sights to cruise, you can find just about anything in meme form.  So starts our new humor blog "Meme Monday."




This one particularly speaks to me because my mom just started reading Wheel of Time.  She finished The Eye of the World a few days ago and started The Great Hunt the same day.  When we talk, she asks me questions about characters or places and I feel like this.  It's too deep to answer a lot of what she wants to know without spending hours on the phone.




I feel this thinking about the TV show.  Which plots to cut, which characters to combine?  Too overwhelming for me to contemplate.




Yes!  Meeting Wheel of Time fans in the wild is an amazing experience!  I get to quite frequently because my licence plate says "Sedai."  Also, I've been stopped by several people while wearing my Wheel of Time hoodie from Ta'veren Tees.  It's like a beacon for nerds.


The memes this week come from Kevin O'Bryan of DMEN Designs.  If you have memes you want to share, email me at frontpage@dragonmount.com

Edited by Mashiara Sedai

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