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The Lighter Side of the Taint: We Could Sell Tickets!


Scenes from the cutting room floor: (possible spoilers)


Matrim: So that's one of the Dragons? It's rather small.

Aludra: We could make one large enough to throw a boulder the size of a man over a mile, if we needed to.

(Matrim gets "That Look" on his face)

Matrim: The size of a man?

Elayne: Matrim Bloody Cauthon, I don't know what you're thinking but I don't like it.

Matrim: It'll be fun! I'll go first!




Mat: Which one is your girlfriend?

Rand: Er, those three.

Perrin: Wait, three? Really?

Rand: Yeah.

(all three pause for thought)

Mat: And you did this willingly?




Silviana: So, Mother, now that you're in charge...

(hesitates, unsure how to say something)

Egwene: Yes?

Silviana: What're we going to do with that huge construction going on next door?


Egwene: (wearily) Oh, Blood and Ashes.



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I like that last one as well, and it touches on a topic that I've been curious about since Egwene held the White Tower. Why no mention of that god awful tribute to the failure of Elaida? Hmm, maybe it should stand, completed, and if they ever get Elaida back they can lock her in the top, it could be a prison for future idiots as well.

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