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The Lighter Side of the Taint: He Sees You When You're Sleeping


'Twas a time of recov'ry, the Breaking now past

The Dark One lay dormant, though 'twas sure not to last

Strong new watch posts were set by the Blight with great care,

In fear that Ba'alzamon soon would appear.


Ten nations, in vigilance, lay cross the land,

Backed up by Tar Valon, where the Tower did stand

My Aes Sedai in her shawl, and I with my sword

Had just been dispatched north for the passes to ward


Oh, young fool was I then, for action did I long

When from out of the mountains, an army did throng.

The guardsmen did tremble, the watch posts did yield

All our forces were pushed back, Trollocs took the field


Then Barsine was destroyed as more towns were then crushed

Ten nations were rallied to plug where it gushed,

But once poor Aramaelle had lost the day

The foul Trollocs' dark leader then entered the fray


With a crash of loud thunder, our terror so stark,

I knew in a moment 'twas the Heart of the Dark.

On a steed made of smoke, laughing like a madman,

He did curse them, and shouted, and drove them by clan!


Now, Al'ghol! now, Ahf'frait! now, Ghar'gheal and Ghob'hlin!

On, Gho'hlem! on, Ko'bal! on, Dha'vol and Ghraem'lan!

To the lands of the south! Past the Borderlands' wall!

Now clash away! Bash away! Smash away all!


As all things must before the wild hurricane go,

When they met with a foe, they did deal a deathblow.

Down to Manetheren, past Aridhol they flew,

With a couple of Draghkar, and some Myrddraal too.


He was dressed all in black, from his head to his toe,

And his mouth and his eyes had an infernal glow.

A bundle of Dreadlords around him did stand,

All ready and waiting to fulfill his command


His eyes--how they smoldered! they sparked and did fume!

His face was all ashen, so inspiring of doom!

His foul little mouth then drew up in a sneer,

And I knew what it was then to be seized by fear


The hilt of a sword he raised high in his hand,

And black smoke encircled his head like a band.

His voice shook like thunder when he gave the order

And quite caught off guard this frightened young Warder!


He was evil and vile, a right troubling beast,

And given a chance, on this world he would feast!

With a glare from his eyes and a tilt of his head,

I learned all to know that I could about dread.


He spoke so few words, just went straight to the fight,

it turned the whole battle, a dark day for the Light.

but as quick as he came the dark lord did abscond,

and I hope that he stays there, where'er he spawned!


His forces now routed, thanks to the Amyrlin

But the kingdoms were failing, much to our chagrin

And Ba'alzamon's last words in my ears did burn

"Let the Lord of Chaos rule, for I shall return!"

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'Now, Al'ghol! now, Ahf'frait! now, Ghar'gheal and Ghob'hlin!

On, Gho'hlem! on, Ko'bal! on, Dha'vol and Ghraem'lan!
To the lands of the south! Past the Borderlands' wall!'

I laughed until I sobbed, this is amazing.

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