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The Lighter Side of the Taint: Coming Never to a TV Near You


It's time to find the most sinister pumpkin patch and get ready for


"It's the Great Dark One, Myrddraal Bah'roun"


Reunite with the gang as they get together for this yearly tradition of fun, traveling from house to house slaughtering all and gaining the spoils of victory.


Trolloc one: "I got a pig."

Trolloc two: "I grabbed someone for the Trolloc pot."

Myrddraal Bah'roun "I got a rock."


Watch as Ishamael teaches young Lanfear about the Great Dark One.

"Each year, the Great Dark One rises out of the pumpkin patch he thinks is the most sinister, bringing his most loyal followers candy and the title of Nae'blis."


Yes, it's fun all around for the gang in this heart warming over a fire tale.


Darkfriend one: "I took a sack full of gold."

Darkfriend two: "I nicked this nice bow."

Myrddraal Bah'roun "I got a rock."

Moghedien: "You Blockhead."


Watch as Snoopy battles the Dragon Reborn!


(Sequence of Snoopy fighting Rand in the skies above Falme)


"Myrddraal Bah'roun, what kind of costume is that?"

"I had a little trouble with my sword."

"Why did you think you even needed eyeholes?"


Yes, tune in this Tarmon Gai'don for:



"It's the Great Dark One, Myrddraal Bah'roun"

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