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Wheel of Time Spoilers 100th Episode

Mashiara Sedai

Our friends at Wheel of Time Spoilers reached their milestone 100th episode while attending JordanCon 10.  To celebrate this prestigious event, Seth and Patrick sat down with Jason Denzel, Brad Kane, and Wilson Grooms.


To listen to Episode 100, click here!


This episode, recorded live at JordanCon, delved into many topics.  Most importantly being the current status of The Wheel of Time television show.  During the Team Jordan panel at JordanCon, Jason asked Harriet McDougal of the show’s fate.  For those unable to attend that panel, Jason shares the basics here.


Wilson, who has been a big part of The Wheel of Time fandom, including helping Robert Jordan update his blog posts during his treatments, also shares some fond memories.  Wilson talks about Jordan’s love for reading, his days in the military, and the process of publishing The Wheel of Time stories.


For more from Wheel of Time Spoilers, you can check out their recent interview with Dragonmount, their website, or their new spin-off of sorts, Mistborn Spoilers.

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