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Jennifer Liang Ask Me Anything

Mashiara Sedai

This past week, Dragonmount's second-in-command Jennifer Liang participated in an Ask Me Anything discussion for JordanCon!


The questions asked range from favorite con memory:


Jenn: When I got the Chodan Kal at opening Ceremonies last year. I was so shocked and touched that y’all did that for us.




To "what's your favorite thing to do at JordanCon" (asked by Jimmy, her husband):


Jenn: Bother you.


She also talked about this year's JordanCon theme:


Jenn: This year is “Shai’Con”. We decided to embrace our darker natures this year. So expect an evil twist on the usual things like opening ceremonies and the dance.


And the growing trend of wearing tiaras:


Jenn: At #JordanCon? In 2013 I was elected Pres of the Southern Fandom Confederation. Jimmy did not believe I’d win & promised to buy me a tiara if I did. I proved him wrong and now I have five.


To learn more about Jenn and other JordanCon shenanigans, you can read the whole thread here.

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