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Dice Pouch and "Elements" Poster Now Available

Mashiara Sedai

Exciting news from our friends at Ta'veren Tees!


Available today is the new Red Hand Dice Pouch at, a genuine black leather dice pouch with a Red Hand stamped in foil on the front, as well as the phrase "It's time to toss the dice" featured in both English and Old Tongue script. The bag comes with four dice, each with the Red Hand in place of the single pip.

Also available is an 11"x14" art print called "Elements" by a new Ta'veren Tees guest artist, Vinny Romanelli. The piece is bright and bold and encompasses nearly every symbol from The Wheel of Time and features elements of most of the major characters. You can find it at

These and many more products are available at Ta'veren Tees,!



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