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New DRM-Free eBook store


Dragonmount is pleased to announce that we've opened a DRM-free eBook store! Available now through our website is Tor's entire catalog of 2,500+ eBook titles, including the entire Wheel of Time series. After 14 years of serving the WoT community, we're excited to finally be able to directly sell you not only your favorite Robert Jordan books, but a giant selection of other titles from one of the world leaders in fantasy publishing.


Although Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson's books will always have a special place in our store, we're especially excited about selling the books of hundreds of other authors. Over the next few months, we hope to showcase some of these authors for you, perhaps even introducing you to somebody you've never heard of before.


In fact, we've already started! If you're not doing so already, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and look for our "DRM-Free ebook of the Day."


In addition to Tor's eBook collections, we plan to showcase some high-qualtiy, independently-published titles you may enjoy. The first entry in this category is The Black God's War by Moses Siregar III.


While we may not be as big as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, one of the advantages of buying eBooks through our store is that with each purchase you get both the Kindle and generic "EPub" versions. With those files, and with the lack of restricting DRM, you'll pretty much be able to view your eBook on any e-Reader for many years to come.


Visit the DM eBook Store now!


For more information on DRM, ebooks, and why we're doing this, check out our eBook FAQ.



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So how does an Indie Author like myself get on the , independently-published titles list? My Epic Fantasy novel Celestial Justice is sold on amazon, where it is an Amazon Select novel. Does this just direct you or...? As a big Dragonmount / WOT fan I would love to be included, but don't want to cut off my biggest selling venue.

Thanks for any clarification,

Gil Hough

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Hi folks. The question about international sales is a good one. I would LOVE to be able to sell all of these eBooks worldwide. However, Macmillan (the publisher that owns Tor and provides these titles to us) is limited in what they are able to legally do. Trust me: they would love to take your money in return for ebooks!


I highly encourage you to read this link, written by a senior editor at Tor. He nicely summarizes why this is difficult right now.



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Just a heads up for Mac iPad users.


I purchased New Spring from the store. I got a file named "9781429961530.epub.xhtml".


In order to install it, I had to remove the ".xhtml" from the end of the file name. Only then was I able to drag the file into the Books pane of iTunes to install the book on my iPad.

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