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New cover art for A Crown of Swords


Tor Books unveiled a brand new book cover for the print edition of A Crown of Swords.  The artwork is by Tyler Jacobson and depicts the scene where Rand meets Cadsuane for the first time.


Here's the full image. Click to see a larger version in our Gallery:


A Crown of Swords


Be sure to check out the full feature on Tor.com.


This new edition matches the style Tor has been using for the series over the past few years. Most of the second edition book covers feature the same artwork from the ebook editions, but this new artwork is brand new.  


Wheel of Time second edition book covers:


The Eye of the World

The Great Hunt

The Dragon Reborn

The Shadow Rising (2nd Edition)

The Fires of Heaven (2nd Edition)

Lord of Chaos (2nd Edition)

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Yes, I agree. Can you please shed some insight, if you have any, on what happened to the ACOS eBook art that we thought would be used on the ACOS trade paperback? I love this new painting as well, I'm just curious...did Harriet think Lan saving Nynaeve was a bit too romance-novel like or something?


Also, when can we expect this trade pb and future ones to be available for purchase? Thanks.

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When it came time to print the trade paperback editions, editor Harriet McDougal asked if we could depict the scene where Cadsuane meets Rand for the first time.


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On the one hand I think that the Lan/Nynaeve chapter depicted was probably a better scene that the Rand/Cadsuane one, and while I love Lan and Nynaeve, I don't think the e-book cover really captured the scene or WoT vibe very well.  It just looked like two people underwater, whereas this one is obviously a dramatic scene in a fantasy novel.

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I think this one is outstanding. It upgraded two of my least favorite covers to  perhaps my new favorite (The original was wonky and weird [do you even lift Sammael?] and the ebook made Lan look like something that lived in Lake Hogwart).  I think this is the best of the new lot, all of which are excellent.

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