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Reading the Wheel of Time Plus Free Eye of the World Ebook

Mashiara Sedai

Later this month, will be kicking off a new column devoted to reading The Wheel of Time, aptly named "Reading the Wheel of Time."  This weekly article will be headed by Kelsey Jefferson Barrett.  Barrett, though steeped in sci-fi and fantasy, has yet to embark on a journey through The Wheel of Time series.  He will be looking at it all through a new lens and with fresh perspective.  Barrett's first steps through Randland will debut Tuesday, February 20th.


To celebrate this, and encourage everyone to read along, is giving away free ebook copies of The Eye of the World to Tor's Ebook Club members!  The free copies can only be redeemed February 13th, 14th, and 15th!  Be sure to act quickly so you don't get left behind!


Wheel of Time fans rallied behind Leigh Butler and her reread on, and I'm sure Barrett will do an equally amazing job of seeing the depth and complexities that make up Robert Jordan's universe.  I'm excited to gaze upon its wonder for the first time--even if only by association.

Edited by Mashiara Sedai

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