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  2. It would be the series, not just that one book. Pretty much everything on my list is from a series. Yea.. so, a 'Mary Sue' character is one that is basically over-powered, with no flaws.. Btu Kvothe has plenty of flaws. It's also a term people use in Dungeons & Dragons for when someone makes an OP character with basically no personality/backstory, that's perfect in every way. I don't believe he was in the darkelf trilogy, but definitely in the Icewind Dale Trilogy. (Which was really the first Trilogy, the Darkelf Trilogy is technically a prequel written after the fact) He's an Antagonist & Nemesis for much of the series, but Drizzt never kills Artemis, because Drizzt thinks he can change him. (Tip: He can't) Later in the series they become more like Rivals, often working together against a unified enemy. No they aren't! And that's why I put them together. Magnifico Giganticus, is a charismatic Clown. The heroes of the story stumble upon him, being assaulted by soldiers, and so they rescue him. From there, he tagged along with those intrepid heroes going from town to town, planet to planet, in search of a shadowy organization that they believe exists in addition to the original Foundation. At one point, they start holding rallies, and Magnifico Giganticus plays a Visi Sonor to the audience. Unbeknownst to the Heroes of the story, or the Reader, Magnifico Gigantius is the Mule. The Emperor, that's been hunting them, and this shadowy organization. And they led him right to it. We learn that the Mule is actually From that planet, that they call Gaia. That he's basically a twisted mutant version. He's a tragic figure, and I like him. From him, spawned Final Fantasy 6's Kefka, the greatest villain ever... A Villain that won, blew up the world, and then got bored and let the heroes 'defeat' him.
  3. Expectations are definitely lowered. And while I agree with much of what Brandon is saying; that we would never get a Robert Jordan adaptation, I think it was entirely possible to get one that was close enough. Funny that he mention the first two Harry Potter movies. Those were the absolute best in my opinion. Course they were difficulties and adapting the other books to movies due to their scope, but some of the liberties they took with dumbledore's character in particular or just completely out of place. And really, honestly pissed off a lot of fans. Richard Harris was the epitome of Dumbledore. These actors chosen for Perrin and Nynave maybe terrific actors, but they are poor adaptations. It's okay to take liberties with some things. But not with main characters. This is my opinion.I completely understand wanting to have a rich diverse world. But here's the thing, Jordan already wrote a rich diverse world. Tuon was black, the sea folk were black, I saw many other areas for them to include diversity without messing with the main characters. These are beloved characters to people. I have followed these books for over 20 years. Reading them multiple multiple times. Imagine if someone would have chosen to make say Frodo or Bilbo of mixed race. How would that sit? The Shore was his isolated as the two rivers. It has nothing to do with racism, or these actors actual ability. I have no doubt they are fantastic actors. And they could have had great places in the story as well. This is a Rocky start to a series that's already had a rocky start. I will watch it for my love of the books, just like I will watch the new dune movie. It deserves a chance. But I'm not going to faithfully say I agree with those choices.
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  5. shrews works for me as a tag.
  6. Hey guys, I started reading WoT in 2008. My brother and a friend of mine had been trying to get me to read the books, but I wasn't sure the fantasy genre would be for me, since I had read mainly sci fi, and only LotR, before then. But, after borrowing EotW from my brother, I fell in love immediately. In the first couple of books, I was mainly excited to see where the story would take Perrin (I guess a bit like Ernest - wolves, come on!) and Nynaeve (I liked her grumpiness, and still do). But as the story and the world expanded, and as I started rereading, I noticed that almost every character and place had something that touched me (either in a positive or a negative way). To this day, I have to force myself to start reading other books than WoT after finishing another reread. There are so many great stories out there (though I have yet to find one that tops WoT), and, sadly, time is finite. I have visited this forum more than a couple of times as a non-member, whenever I was a bit unsure about something and googled a question. Getting here usually meant me realising, a couple of hours later, that I had just read whole threads, or clicked through to other ones, without realising time was passing. I don't think I will be posting a lot (I've always been more of a lurker), but am definitely looking forward to see which topics are still under discussion. My boyfriend is currently reading TSR. He started reading quite a while ago, but didn't get farther than ACoS, so he wanted to start again from scratch. I'm reading Leigh Butler's reread in order to be able to answer his questions. It's nice to be able to discuss the books with him, although I do notice I'm a bit of a zealot, and take some criticisms he has on the stories or RJ's writing personally. 😉 ("It says it right there! Just read it properly, man!") Since I notice most people on here also post their nationality: I'm Belgian (even though I grew up in Germany), and live not very far from Brussels. We have an old and awesome dog. (Dutch shepherd/border collie mix. In moonlight, her shadow looks a bit like a wolf.) 😉 And, finally, I do have a question: in the original post of this thread, there is a link to a thread where there is supposed to be a lot of information for newbies to DM. The link doesn't work for me (Error code: 2F173/H). I'll try to find the thread on my own, but I just wanted to let you guys know. And if someone does have the link, sharing it would be much appreciated. (Otherwise, I might just get sucked into another wormhole, and forget what I was looking for in the first place.) Wishing you a nice day, Caroline
  7. After many injuries over the years which ended in a knee op over two year I have changed my running style so that I don’t put my heel down first. I still have other injuries which prevent too much but I have found it better running toe first as though I was bare footed. Maldonado need to ensure that you have strong glutes...it’s important to run from there not your legs...if that makes sense, I know what I mean
  8. @I-Take-This-Too-Seriously While I completely agree with you the showrunners disagree. Rafe is doing his own thing and we should not expect a faithful adaption. Rafe wants the Two Rivers inhabitants to look 'like America will in a few hundred years.' The way Rafe know that e.g. a small village in the middle of nowhere Montana or Maine wouldn't be very close to 100% like now is him thinking more New York/California than the rest of the US and shows a lacking in understanding the US overall demographics and a downgrading of the importance of how the Emond's Field is portrayed in the books. How a reader of WoT could get to that interpretation of the books is baffling or directly unnecessary changes for the sake of changes/marketing/showrunner politics. And if this is any indication of the rest of the show we will not get RJ's WoT but rather Rafe's version, which is something completely different. On the other hand the actors are supposed to be great, really dedicated, and epitome the characters and that is more important. However, Rafe's screen dump (link below) shows that he already - before casting - had decided on the looks and how then do we know that these were the best for the roles? The fear, of course, is that we get another Legend or Shannara Chronicles. The soul of the story can still be shown with this casting, of course, but the fear is increasing as the expectations are lowered.
  9. Add me in *snugglebites Nyn* haven’t see you for longer than ever 😁😁😁
  10. Hehe...I just couldn’t resist 😁😁 *gets dragged to the reds*
  11. Sonnnnnnggggggggg!!!!! *snugglebites back* How are you, long time no see x
  12. I couldn't agree more. If I had to vote for characters we could get more back story on, Slayer would be way up there. Growing up in the Town, meeting Luc, ... It wouldn't be an uplifting story, but definitely an interesting one. My boyfriend is finally reading WoT, after years of me nagging him to do so. He's currently reading TSR, and is intrigued by Slayer. I'm a bit sad that most of his questions won't really get answered at all.
  13. *snugglebites Tay* hello my lovely...how can they leave you all by yourself. I’m wearing a red dress today so the sprinkles match perfectly...of course I have missed you 😁😁 so so where is Myst...it was her post on Facebook that brought me back...and my have things changed 🤣🤣
  14. Great to see you here, Talya. Hm... I wonder if this works on other things. I´ll give it a try. "When I entered the BT I had a million dollars." *crosses fingers*
  15. See, I like Duncan Idaho, a lot (but obviously not enough to put him on my own list). The thing is, that liking comes from books later in the series than Dune. I mean, he's hardly in the book from what I remember. Granted, it has been two decades since I last read the book, so I might just be remembering it by how little he's in David Lynch's "adaptation" from back in the 80s (I barely remember the SciFi Channel miniseries, except for thinking at the time that it was much more accurate to the novel than Lynch's...um, movie was). This is why I've been thinking that Jason Momoa's popularity (not so much "talent") is wasted on Denis Villeneuve's upcoming film (Light but that cast is stacked!). I'm not arguing or judging or questioning you putting him on the list, just puzzled over you putting him on for just Dune and not the whole series or for one specific book later in the series where he plays much bigger part. Kvothe is a cool cat from what I recall of those two normal sized books. But that's not saying much, as I don't have the greatest recall for reasons that are pretty clear if you read my "About Me" and take into consideration that I consume tons of content; in the past I would read anywhere from 80-100 books a year (most 500+ pages long), and being unemplyed and not in school (and currently in the process of trying to get disability benefits) I now consume a lot of video content which includes a lot of scripted programming. Basically my brain has become a jumbled mess of characters and plotlines, not just the ones I've consumed by the ones I've come up with myself (I gotta keep those separate!). So something I've only read the one time, while sitting back mildly intoxicated... yeah, there's some memory slippage, and it happens with many books (and shows) for me. I'll remember stuff when someone starts talking about specifics, usually, but not unprompted. So suffice it to say, I do remember thinking Kvothe was cool and fairly badass. Which brings me to a complaint I've heard online and I'm not sure if it is warrated (this one rarely is): that he's a Mary Sue (I won't call him a "Gary Stu" as I believe we should cut the gendered crap out). Most such accusations are just a load Trolloc feces, at least in this current era of The Toxic Fandom. So while I figure it is most likely not the case, it will be something I will keep in the back of my head when I re-read the first two books in preparation for the 3rd book to come out. Vin is frakking awesome. I can tell you this: if the pertinent author were to balefire from their works just one character off of my list, Vin would be the one to move into the Honorable Mentions list. She's essentially #26, even though I wasn't numbering anyone past #20. It was tough to not include her (or Kelsier). She's definitely my favorite female character of Sanderson's, followed very closely by Shallan Davar (Stormlight Archive). So I really love this pick. I don't recall that much about Artemis Entreri (aside from him having one of the coolest names in all of Fantasy) except that he was the primary antagonist/nemesis for Drizzt in the drow's first three books, wasn't he? Was he also in the Icewind Dale trilogy? I 💙 the way you put Perrin and Faile together as one; I personally love their relationship in the books, don't mind Perrin's hunt for her, and have always liked her character. Not popular opinions in the WoT community in my experience LOL. I really look forward to seeing who they cast to play opposite Rutherford (that's a role I haven't even tried casting in my head yet, and only partially because I was unsure what they were going to do for Saldaean ethnicity equivalents). Faile is just as strong and fierce and amazing as any other woman in the WoT. Alas, I couldn't fit her on my list. And Perrin is another one that was hard to leave off of the list, but had to be. The one that has me the most interested in hearing more about is The Mule. I'm not judging you for having him on your list, but I am curious why he stands out to you, what it is about him that you like? If that's even something you can actually put a finger on. From what I remember of him, he's an odd choice, to me at least, for a list like this. Not saying he's an invalid choice, mind. To be honest, I'm not even sure you could say I even liked The Mule either time I read The Foundation series. But to be fair, I have Jaime Lannister, Sandor Clegane and frakking GOLLUM on my list LOL. I figured as much on the "you" front. I was just acknowledging my flaw when it comes to my genre snobbery. I admit it, accept it and even embrace it at times (like a Malkavian emracing their Madness; now a wonder who will get that reference?😎).
  16. It is. :) Welcome back, Talya! Great to see you!
  17. Apparently I'm in the minority because these covers are pretty boring and well... repetitive...
  18. I staunchly disagree. Physical attributes are half the book. The differences between Andorans, Tierians, Shinerians, the Sea Folk, Saldeans etc. was vividly painted. As much as the differences in the cities, personalities, mannerisms, you take away from the story when you take the individualism from the distinct cultures represented. Each cultural people was given depth, pains were taken to describe appearances, heights, mannerisms, politics, hairstyles, clothing choices, how the homes looked. (IE tiles on roofs and bricks were not introduced to Two Rivers until refugees brought their new fangled different methods with them.) The actors and actresses chosen are gorgeous and talented people - but the guy playing Perrin has no shoulders to speak of. How would anyone believe he had been years apprenticed to a blacksmith with his current build? Of course people have preconceived notions of what characters are "supposed" to look like, a vivid picture was painted over and over. Thom, is supposed to be white haired and with long white mustache... if he was played by someone with brown hair and clean shaven it would be just as jarring and disappointing. If Tar Valon doesn't have fanciful Orgier nature inspired buildings and Cahrien doesn't have topless towers it will be disappointing. There wasn't much left to the imagination in the fancifully vivid description of Robert Jordan's world and characters because he spelled it out in painstaking detail down to embroidery and materials of clothing. If Faile doesn't have a hawkish nose and tilted eyes she doesn't match the description ground into the pages every time we read about her. If tinkers wagons and garb are color glaring and so bright and mismatched as to be painful to behold it will be disappointing. What else are they going to change? Will Emonds field still be as isolated and prim or will the "stout two rivers wollens" turn into slinky low cut and clinging garments to show off the figures of the actresses... will they forget that the women's circle keeps things (prude) 'proper' and pre marital relations are uncommon, scandalous and typically sex means "now we have to get married " to two rivers folks? Because that wholesomeness is a theme over and over and plays part of the plot and the personalities of the Emonds fielders. A backwoods set of towns where the farthest most folks get is Tarien Ferry, would not have a cultural mix. Tam al'thor coming home with an outland wife was something major for the town to talk about. Nothing ever happens there and news is months old by the time it reaches The two rivers. A Gleeman or a single wagon merchant or A Lady was big news to set the simple small isolated town gossiping and excited for a month and more alone. It was a bland little hamlet of stubborn farmers who were cut off from the outside world. Any basic genetic drift would pretty much ensure that the locals would be pretty homogeneous rather than diverse. I'm still excited that a series I've read the covers off of from so many rereadings is finally going to be made for the screen, I'm still going to watch it, I still fervently hope to enjoy it, but I sincerely hope that they utilize the source material more faithfully. Is it really asking too much to honor the author's arduous and painstaking details? GOT went south once they started deviating and taking liberties after the TV Series surpassed the books. Personally it detracts from the diverse cultures represented in the story by ignoring the characteristics presented as regional and unique. It mattered enough for the story that pages upon pages were dedicated to describing attributes of peoples and places. So why throw all that out the window during casting?
  19. Here's the "sequel" to my "Favorite Characters in Fantasy Literature" topic! This time it is Favorite (Top 20) Books or Book Series (not necessarily Fantasy or Science Fiction, or even Fiction for that matter if you are so inclined). Again, I did this in Top 20 format, with five Honorable Mentions (which are in no particular order). I will note which entries are for just a single book, and unless specified as such the rest are for a series. Hope you enjoy and share your own, and have some interesting discussion, and potentially find some new TBRs! 1) Commonwealth Saga (the full series, including the Void Trilogy & Chronicles of the Fallers series) -- Peter F Hamilton* 2) Lord of the Rings (including The Hobbit and The Silmarillion) -- JRR Tolkien 3) A Song of Ice and Fire -- George RR Martin 4) The Wheel of Time -- Robert Jordan 5) Riftwar Cycle` (this includes the Empire Trilogy with Janny Wurts) -- Raymond E Feist 6) Memory, Sorrow and Thorn -- Tad Williams** 7) Stranger in a Strange Land (novel, Uncut Edition in particular) -- Robert A Heinlein 8 ) Mars Trilogy -- Kim Stanley Robinson 9) The Deed of Paksennarion -- Elizabeth Moon 10) Dune (just the book, not the series) -- Frank Herbert*** 11) Night's Dawn Trilogy -- Peter F Hamilton 12) Masters of Rome -- Colleen McCullough 13) The Pern series -- Anne McCaffrey (and Todd McCaffrey)** 14) The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever (first trilogy only) -- Stephen R Donaldson 15) Foundation -- Isaac Asimov 16) Thrawn trilogy (aka Heir to the Empire trilogy) (Star Wars) -- Timothy Zahn**** 17) The Baroque Cycle -- Neal Stephenson 18) Time Enough for Love (novel) -- Robert A Heinlein 19) God Emperor of Dune (novel) -- Frank Herbert*** 20) Mistborn (Era I) -- Brandon Sanderson Honorable Mentions (again, in no particular order) Dragonlance Chronicles -- Margaret Weis & Tracey Hickman Dragonlance Legends -- Margaret Weis & Tracey Hickman The Stormlight Archive -- Brandon Sanderson (even though it is unfinished) The Incarnations of Immortality -- Piers Anthony** I, Jedi (novel) -- Michael A Stackpole * This setting is my favorite all time fictional setting, and the one I would most want to live in if I ever found the Genie's Lamp and had three wishes. I would just have to decide which time period, as the three separate series are each a different time period in the overall saga. ** There are newer books in these series that I have not read, books that have come out since I last paid any attention to those worlds and moved on to other pastures. I plan to go back to these realms soon and see what the authors have cooked up. *** You will note that I only included Dune and God Emperor of Dune here from Frank Herbert's oeuvre, and that's because I personally find the rest of the Dune books to be rather weak, both those written by Frank and those written by his son and Kevin J Anderson. Not that I didn't enjoy them for themselves, I just didn't think that they were on par with these two nor were they as good as anything else I listed here. There are a handful of books by Brian and Kevin that I haven't yet read that might be good, I just don't know yet. **** This is the original, now non-canon, trilogy from back in the mid 1990s, not the newer Disney-canon Thrawn books that Zahn has recently written.
  20. WoT Spoilers ends up doing just as much per chapter of Wheel of Time, so there's that.
  21. I was surprised at how well we did! Thanks for coming up with this, Niniel!
  22. Talyaaaaaaaaaa *squishy hugs* Welcome back!
  23. Tal!!! *snugglebites all over* I'm no longer alone. Yeayyyy *sprinkles red confetti in your hair* And you've missed meeeeeeeeeeeeee obviously... I think this is a punishment that Myst thought up because of all my long periods of inactivity. She left me here on my own this time lol.
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