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  2. *showers edible red confetti everywhere* Wheee! Congratulations! *Snoopy Dances™ around the room* *offers cookies to everyone* Right, enough of that. Back to work, no slacking. Another rank to get yet.
  3. Thank you, ladies. It was a successful move. Yes, it was hot and sunny, and unfortunately his dorm had no elevators, but we got him moved in around an hour. I just called it a good workout (heavy lifting, time on the stairmaster, some light cardio) followed by a relaxing shower afterwards. Now it's back to just the two of us, puttering around the house, trying not to get in each other's way, enjoying each other's company. It's not the first time we've been empty-nesters, so there's no syndrome effects. Just peace and quiet.
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  5. When you said black, black, black, green I was drawn back to my childhood playing duck duck goose. Not even sure why, but it made me smile. Thanks.
  6. Hello, Blues. Popping in to say hi. Not working on a re-read, but finally on Book 12 of WoT.
  7. I'm going to have to check out this site. Sounds intriguing. I've always wanted to learn Russian.
  8. Welcome to DM! If you have any questions just let us know.
  9. I want to check out some of them now.
  10. For me it’s more black, black, black, green. 🙂
  11. Hey, stupid people do exist in real life 🙂
  12. That'd be cool if we could work something out! Chapters are veery different, so the work depends on what I'm doing. I haven't finished rewriting Chapter 1, but what I've done to it in the past week or so hasn't been hard. Today I've begun to map out the terrain of Chapter 2, though, beginning to place the acronyms and terms I invented while I was writing the rough draft within it, Latin where it's needed, trying to get things consistent. Finding, replacing, changing--nothing major yet, but I only managed to get through a third of the chapter. How's the weekend been, and how's teaching?
  13. Sure but walking and riding are entirely different no? I would consider it similar to the difference between walking and driving nowadays, because unfortunately I wouldn't say law and order has solved the dangers (or at least the perceived fear) women face walking alone in deserted areas.
  14. You know, I honestly would prefer if she was just off doing Moiraine stuff. I wasn't kidding when I said even Merlin expies have lives of their own, meaning lives outside the hero, and it would have made the world that much richer if she was attending to personal stuff. Remember the old man in the cave from the first Zelda game, the one at the start who said "it's dangerous to alone, take this" and gave you a magical wooden sword? Now imagine the reality of the story was you jumped to take the sword too early and he had been intending to say "it's dangerous to go alone, take this lonely old man with you" Doesn't that suddenly make him 5x more interesting, dont you want to know more about him? And thus as I said before, supporting characters ought have lives of their own. Except Luhan, the less known about him the better. Fain too, I very much get the impression Fain backstory would wander deep into Martinesque territory.
  15. My guess is she saw the announcement about the showing featuring Moiraine as a central character and based everything on that. Granted Amazon might be just as happy with everyone confused as they want as many fans going in guessing who the Dragon Reborn. The person's boss, provided she's not just a blogger, cast be too happy though. All I can say is I hope Brandon wasn't drinking anything if that was pointed out to him
  16. That sure made me cringe a bit. I've always thought WoT is more post apocalyptic than medieval. Trying to timestamp clothes or weapons to real world would likely get you anything from 1000AD to 1600AD.
  17. I think the early absence from Fal Dara was entirely a mechanism to serve plot points. The reason I think this is because of the general population's perspective Aes Sedai have that Mystique about them, noone knows what they're doing, where they're going, or what their motivations are. While Rand is no longer unfamiliar with A.S., there was still a lot about them he doesn't know or understand. I think in this case, RJ was merely using that Aes Sedai mystique to build Rand's angst about his situation. RJ needed the hero to be apprehensive about his situation prior to the events that were just ahead; more A.S. , meeting the Amyrlin Seat, etc. If I'm correct about this, it's a bit of a departure for RJ. His writing style was very thorough; he nearly always had hidden purpose for every little bit of information he gave, and very rarely had "throwaway" information concerning major character arcs. (I'm guessing this is the reason you have been wondering about it also). As this is very early in the series, I wonder if he originally had something else in mind for her absence in this instance...
  18. I did a double blink at that - I don't think they even read a wikipedia article let alone the books 🙂
  19. I think they'll add one or more DFs(probably like Demandred) who turned dark because Rand pushes them away and if they rework the character Gawyn might fit that role. Ingtar and Verin don't count for obvious reasons and someone important needs to back to the light unless they drop the no one can walk so long in the shadow part.
  20. There are many things we take for granted that were far more problematic in the past. The maintenance of law and order is one of them. In Georgian times (which is roughly where WOT is based). Cities had a few hundred constables during the day and rather more night watchmen (but still far smaller than police forces of today). Parishes in the countryside had only a couple of unpaid volunteer constables to keep the peace. Gentleman had to escort their ladies, hence where you get such old traditions we still remember today such as walking a girl home or walking street side of her on the pavement. With minimal organised law and order such customs were more than just a social nicety.
  21. If they're gonna have Gawyn turn dark I'd want them to lay the groundwork for it. Give him (and Elayne) real reason to doubt Rand, so Gawyn doesn't come off as an idiot and a product of not-so-great writing.
  22. Even in asoiaf there's at least one comment about pre-war days when the roads were secure enough for maidens to travel through unconcerned, as that's part of the lords/great lords' job. There's no reason for vast, peaceful Andoran land to be so dangerous that Nynaeve wouldn't be able to ride past. Her on horseback is the equivalent of a woman driving through a peaceful country side nowadays. It doesn't take away from the realism or darkness of WoT world. Regardless, it's not just the war or combat that makes WoT fit for a mature audience but rather the thematics of enslavement, psychological as well as physical torture and PTSD that's explored in vivid sense in the way no PG-13 content would touch. To your point, I have trouble reading certain books (TGH and LoC) because the ordeal Egwene and Rand go through in those is just so horrific and traumatizing.
  23. It is more than that, consider the boy without a sausage, or more to the point how thoroughly his plight was described. We can guess what happened to Moghedian, we were told in detail what happened to Theon. ASoIaF dwells in its brutality, revels in it, while TWoT usually only hints at brutality the way an old person will talk around an ugly topic like mentioning someones infidelity as a woman having "one of those golf husbands". Yeah, you can guess how many years ago I heard that one.
  24. I really enjoyed the first novel in the Mistborn series, the second just arrived yesterday and am certainly eager to dive in!!
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