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  2. HAhaha. No problem. I don't really have a strong preference of when it's done. Though if we do it current timeline, perhaps even an Asha'man could get involved, if he wanted to.
  3. Don't mind me, I'm having a brain fart. It's after 3am here. I'm forgetting that a Sister's normal lifespan is longer than normal folks. Also for some reason best known to myself, my brain translated "before the Books timeline" into like the equivalent of AoL. You can absolutely do it on the Retro board. As you were!
  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother’s passing, Lily! You’re in our thoughts. Then to have other troubles at the same time only makes things seem extra bad. This sounds like an awful time for you! Let us know if you need to talk about things. That may help ease some of the stress!
  5. Oh are we no longer allowed to Retro-RP? Or should I have stated that ahead of time? Ah, I rather just do it in the current timeline then 🙂
  6. If it's pre-books then remember it's not part of the official PSW and you'll need to RP it on the Turnings of the Wheel board. Which also means it has no impact on the WT records. So you can have whatever objects of Power you like.
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  8. Lily, look for something on Craigs list or use CarGurus. James, excellent news!!!
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  10. Haven't read the whole topic. Just came here to post this. It's one of my only major gripes with the books. They should have been annihilated at Dumai's Wells. They were only kept around so Perrin would have something to do while the others caught up. Agree with others that Morgase can be killed by Rahvin permanently. I would not be shocked if Loial was cut from the story. Not saying he should be - but it would be kind of a hassle to create him and his role wasn't vital to the story. As far as waygates and steddings (if they even mention them), they could find a way to just say the Aes Sedai are the experts on those but have lost most of their knowledge on them and leave it at that. No. Although it was nice having someone for Gawyn and Elayne to argue with when they met Rand and add a bit of drama to that part. But a guard can come in and do that. And Berelain can be removed as well unless they want to keep the drama of her and Faile fighting over Perrin. He had a lot of potential though. They could probably combine Gawyn with Galad. Him being part of Elaida's tower could be made into some really good additional scenes that weren't in the books. A good TV show needs characters like Gawyn to annoy us. He went from a favorite character to someone people hate, and stories need those people.
  11. I think guesses on how they'll plot out the episodes would make a great topic on its own. You should post it (if it hasn't already been done).
  12. Car shopping was a complete disaster. Right off the bat we find something he absolutely loves. He couldn't get approved for financing. He was crushed. The next lot we went to had nothing that we even liked. The third lot (by now he is getting really tired and overheated and his autism-induced anger is taking over) tried to put him into this horrible Camry. The finance guy was all cheerful (Here you go! Your first car! Enjoy it, buddy!... stuff like that) which made him even more angry. What a huge waste of time! And of course, our stress levels are really high now. At least he's sleeping now. Good for you, James!
  13. I've been learning Spanish on Duolingo for a while now.
  14. I've read all of both series, and to be honest, in the books, A Song of Ice and Fire isn't really that horrifying and brutal, no more so than Dumai's Wells. Sure, Martin actually throws the vulgar language into quote marks (while Jordan only puts his made up vulgarity into quotes, and then punts the actual vulgarity into "Uno voiced some choice words that made so-and-so blush" type stuff). And yes, Martin does include the rape which happens in the real world, and especially during medieval wartime, but he never actually focuses on it, or describes it in detail or anything. The media, and to an extent the television show, have blown all of those issues out of proportion in my opinion. Especially people who for whatever reason have some issue with the books, taking the fact that rapes are mentioned or referred to in the books and turning that into "the books have THIS MANY rapes in them" which is utter Trolloc excrement. I was watching a BookTuber recently who read a quote saying something like over 200 rapes in the five books of the series so far, and I was like WTFrak?!?!? because I would remember something like that (I'm a rape survivor, I wouldn't handle a series with that many rapes, let alone rapes described explitely). I hope they cast Thom, Lan and Loial next. Any of the three, or all three together. I think that is such an unlikely possibility that it would be about as likely as someone doing an adaptation of the New Testament and having it be the Virgin Mary on the cross instead of Jesus (and thematically, that's kinda similar to the suggestion given when you think about how Rand is the messiah figure; sure, I know Egwene isn't Rand's mother, but by the end of the series she is "Mother"). From what I learned in my college history courses (and from copious reading of historical stuff online and in books) the whole medieval lifespan thing being low was actually a misconception, because it was skewed by the extremely high infant (and child) mortality rate. If someone survived their first five years, they often tended to live into their 50s and 60s, some even into their 70s and 80s. The cloaks of the Fades can only be done right via CGI. They don't move from the wind, which would include that caused by them riding horses, walking, running, etc. The way I always saw it, only motions of their arms and legs (or anything else) directly touching the cloaks would cause the cloak to move. It is an integral part of the Fades' creepiness, the "something-is-not-right-ness" of them. I agree that the eyeless-ness can be done via prosthetics, I only suggested the possibilty of CGI as a means of making it easier on the performer to see while doing their job, and to save on time in the makeup chair and on latex (although that last cost probably wouldn't make up, pun intended, for the cost of the CG). I don't know if I would say Randland is a PG-13 world. The only thing PG-13 about the book series is the language actually put to the page. By that I specifically mean the vulgarity (see above in this comment). There is plenty of nudity (actually much more nudity than GRRM's stuff when you consider Shienaran bathing customs, Aiel sweat tents, Aiel gai'shain before white clothes are available for them, the Aes Sedai during certain ceremonies, the Sea Folk, and Rand & Aviendha's little trip to Seanchan) in The Wheel of Time series. Westeros and Essos do not have ravaging monsters that literally chop human beings up and put them in cook pots, which is something we actually see the results of in WoT. Nor does Martin's series have anything come anywhere near as brutal, disgusting, and astonishingly horrific as Dumai's Wells. Yes, I mentioned it up above, but it cannot be stressed enough. This battle is the most terrible thing I have ever read descriptions of in fantasy or science fiction in my entire life. That one scene alone would garner the show a TV-MA rating, or if in the cinema an NC-17 rating (formerly an X rating). No, Robert Jordan's series is a far cry from PG-13. A far cry.
  15. Tomorrow we'll be moving my son into his dorm. His classes start in one week. And we get our house back. <pleased>
  16. Congratulations to you, haycraftd. You are now one step closer to Der'Manshima. You are hereby awarded your Manshima sword. Keep it ever sharp, every ready, and ever true. You carry the honor of the White Tower on its blade. Ceremony observers are now free to offer congratulations and well wishes.
  17. Our host is a pretty big ASoIaF fan
  18. PG13? Huh? WoT gets just as brutal, if not more so. Padan Fain on his own gives everyone in ASoIaF a run for their money, and that's not even mentioning half the stuff that the forsaken and shadowspawn do. The difference is ASoIaF ONLY has brutality, whereas WoT balances the brutality with humor, and happy moments. WoT has darkness, sex, and extremely brutal violence, but it doesn't center the entire story around those things like ASoIaF does.
  19. The sickest part of all this is that the WOT universe consists of darker skinned and black races! Oh, but oh no.....heaven forbid no 'minority' race was seen in the original main cast that began the series!!! We can't have that in this day and age!!! So now we have to force the issue to please the SJW/PC police that are dissecting every new/rehashed media idea? It's disgusting.
  20. Aaaaand, just like that I'm even more with done with this project. Perrin and Nynaeve were blatantly written and described as a caucasian male and female, like the others, with NO room for bi-racial casting. I find this an obvious SJW/PC/liberal attempt to piggy-back on any possible chance at public marketing in hopes of reaching for the success that GOT had. I hope this entire project FAILS hard, and I think RJ is rolling in his grave. (and if my comment isn't displayed, it's just further proof that one can't even express simple opinion, even when it's not derogatory).
  21. .. Soul of the Battle Ajah: In Tribute .. ►▼◄ Dorinha Khalarin, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, walked the streets of Ebou Dar with purpose. Her green travelling cloak billowed behind her in the strong southern breeze as she strode down the streets, her Warder Cardhan steadfastly at her side. People stepped out of their way, some with animosity in their faces, others with curiosity. Most averted their eyes as they passed, wanting little to do with the White Tower. General feeling in Ebou Dar towards the Aes Sedai was not as negative as in Amadicia but neither was it as supportive as in the Borderlands. Most Altarans just wanted little to do with the White Tower. The Queen in the Tarasin Palace had an Aes Sedai advisor, of course, but that was tradition and so was a different matter as most saw it. Dorinha was on her way to see the Queen now, on important business of the White Tower, and while she looked forward to her visit with the Altaran Head of State she did not look forward to meeting the Aes Sedai stationed there, Sendhira Nerron who was of the Red Ajah. She and Sendhira had never been anything near friends, as far as one could call Sisters in different Ajahs friends, and Dorinha considered her temperamental and foul-mouthed while Sendhira considered Dorinha arrogant and naive. The Green Sister hoped she would be allowed to speak to the Queen on her own, since she had received her orders from the Amyrlin herself, but if the Red Sister was obstinate she could cause trouble. Dorinha’s long brown hair, that had a hint of grey in it, flowed behind her in the wind as they traversed the busy afternoon streets and her face was Aes Sedai-smooth as she focused on the Tarasin Palace in the distance. It stood along one side of the Mol Hara square which had at its centre a statue of a woman with one arm raised as to point toward the sea. Dorinha had often wondered who this woman was, but the histories she had read had not revealed the answer. Some Brown probably knew it by heart, she thought with a shrug, as they walked past and headed toward the gate to the Palace grounds. Soon they were shown inside the Palace and were, subsequently, granted an audience with the Altaran Ruler and Queen. To the Battle Ajah Sister’s surprise, a man she did not know was in attendance standing beside the Throne of the Winds. And Sendhira Sedai was nowhere to be seen. ● The Queen, Mandhra Theliana Selnobar, by the Grace of the Light, Mistress of the Four Winds, Guardian of the Sea of Storms and High Seat of House Selnobar, had neck-long glossy black hair with grey at the temples framing a rather ordinary face. Her eyes were striking though, dark brown and large. Her smile was friendly though guarded as she greeted the Green Sister, bowing from atop her throne, and her Warder. She then presented her first councillor, Lord Elahron who bowed politely to the Aes Sedai. She gave a brief nod back, just enough for politeness, and studied the man for a moment. There was nothing special about him in truth but something in the way he carried himself, confident and self-assured, made her view him with caution. Her dark-haired, tall and imposing Warder seemed to echo her feelings as he stared long and hard at the other man, before shifting his gaze to a neutral point midway between the Queen and the huge historical painting - it was of an ancient sea battle of sorts - on the wall in the background. “Now then”, the Queen said after the presentations were made and some pleasantries had been exchanged, “how may I be of service to the White Tower.” Her voice was steady and polite though tinged with some amusement. Her eyes glittered as she studied the tall Warder at the Aes Sedai’s side, enjoying the sight of him. She liked tall and strong men.. they made good bed partners. “I come on behalf of the Amyrlin Seat, the Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon”, the Green Sister began formally, using all the titles of the leader of the Aes Sedai as she had been told to do. It was important that the Queen understood the importance of this mission. “On behalf of the White Tower, she has a proposal for you that she believes can benefit Altara as well as Tar Valon.” Dorinha studied the Queen’s reaction, as she also had been ordered to do, but the Ruler of Altara showed little initial reaction to her words. One eyebrow then raised a little, she looked at the Aes Sedai and a small smile full of intrigue came upon her lips. Privately she wondered whether it would be wise to make a deal with the White Tower now that the Children of the Light had already approached her with an offer of Alliance, but she wanted to keep her options open and, for the moment at least, not to make an enemy of the Aes Sesai. These were volatile times, whispers of dangerous storms coming heard in many a place in her Capital in the past months, and she ought to step carefully. “Tell me what proposal.. the Amyrlin has for me”, the Queen finally replied, her lips pursed, “and we shall see if it is something we can work on.” Her eyes glittered again, as she listened to the Green Sister’s words ● ‘Lord Elahron’, or rather Vinadel the Chosen, watched the proceedings with interest. The proposal from the White Tower was an interesting one, and far from conventional, and as he listened he considered whether it would be favourable to his own plans to go ahead with it. For of course, the Queen would follow whatever suggestion he made, that much he was certain of. Studying the Green Aes Sedai - neither she nor any others of these so-called Aes Sedai in this Age were worthy of the name, he thought privately - he wondered whether it would be necessary to kill her in the end. If she meddled with his plans, of course. Perhaps also if she did not. He enjoyed killing, one of the reasons why he had forsaken the Light and joined the Shadow to begin with, though these days he seldom found the time for that pleasure. He had been a renowned philosopher back in his former life, in what they now called the Age of Legends, but also, in fact, a killer, an assassin, and the ‘taste’ of blood and the exhilaration of seeing the light of life disappearing from a person had never left him. Shifting his gaze to the hard-eyed imposing man standing beside her, a formidable opponent for most men, he recognized the dangerous nature of a Warder-trained man. He would have to be killed too if Vinadel decided to terminate the woman’s life. He had learned how Warders went mad on a killing-spree to avenge their fallen Sedais and he did not have the time to risk having an enraged predator on his heels. Turning back to the Queen, using subtle weaves of Saidin for Compulsion, he nodded as she spoke the words he wanted her to speak. When the Green Sister and her Gaidin left the grand Reception Room a short while later, ‘Lord Elahron’ remained behind, talking to the Queen for a while before making his way back to his private chambers in the Palace. ● Cardhan clenched his fists and repeated what he had said several times. “I don’t like it.” Dorinha was seated in the guest room in the Palace which had been provided for the Green emissary from the White Tower while her Borderlander Warder remained standing beside her. “I know, Cardhan”, she replied for the third time, a small edge coming to her voice. “I don’t like it either, but these are our orders.” The Green Sedai looked again down at the opened scroll on the table before her. How could she have guessed that she carried such a message? She would never have believed the Amyrlin would go to such lengths. Were matters so serious in the White Tower? She had been travelling for several months on missions and had lost touch with proceedings in the Tower, only to be ordered on this mission of importance. She had been told that all she needed to know would be in this scroll, which she were to open and read upon arrival, and had departed for the South on those terms. Now she knew what this all was about and she did not like it. Not at all. But her place was to obey the Amyrlin, the leader of the Aes Sedai, and that she intended to do however much she personally disliked it. The Storm is Coming. ● She felt it in her one hundred and fifty year old bones. Rumours were afloat in the land, whispers of conflict and strife in several places, and she knew there had to be some truth in it. The boy Dragon was somewhere, loose.. doing who knew what.. the thought made shivers run down her spine even though she privately thought it may have to be so, since the Prophecies of the Dragon explicitly said he was their only chance of victory in the coming Last Battle. She knew that the Red Ajah were adamant that he be captured and held safely, and that some Sisters in other Ajahs agreed, but that no firm decision had been made yet by the Amyrlin and the Hall of the Tower. There was heavy risk with this ‘strategy’, of course, but also hope, Dorinha thought. In some ways, I hope the Last Battle is soon upon us, the Green Sister thought to herself. It is coming, oh yes it is, and we of the Battle Ajah have stood ready for it.. for many generations. Finally our true purpose will be vindicated and we shall stand at the forefront of the Forces of Light battling the evil Shadow. A part of her chided her for such ‘foolish thoughts’, she was not an over-excited Accepted after all, but she knew deep inside that this was how she felt. Oh yes! None of these thoughts were shared with her Warder, however. They were for herself alone. She also made sure the excitement she felt at the thought did not pass through the Bond to her Gaidin, masking the Bond for a moment. He would support and fight for her to death and beyond, she knew with certainty, but she did not want him to misunderstand and become concerned with her lack of focus and her obsession over the Last Battle. For it was an obsession even if she tried to pretend otherwise to herself. Finally, clearing her mind, she looked up at her Warder and loyal friend and protector of many years and said, “We do what we must, Cardhan.” Her eyes were steady, her voice clear. She touched her Great Serpent Ring, thinking of the duty of an Aes Sedai. “We do what we must”. ● Lightning flashed across the heavens.. .. and thunder crashed.. .. shaking the world in its inner folds, as the mounts bearing Oceans of Green Ajah Sisters to War, their green cloaks streaming behind them, and a hundred Warders or more at their side, thundered across the barren lands of the Blight. Before them awaited a Battlefield of Death, but they rode on proudly, strongly, unyieldingly, the vanguard of the main White Tower Forces, their Battle Ajah banners held high, ready to fight for the Light and destroy the Shadow in this long prophesized Last Battle! Tarmon Gai'don! Opposing forces of Dreadlords, Darkfriends, Trollocs and Myhrdraal in uncountable numbers met them head on, like an avalanche of Darkness, and the Power unleashed as swords clashed with swords and fires of the One Power crashed in the skies above made the earth tremble in its heart. This was what they had trained for.. what they had lived for.. what the Green Ajah, of all the various Ajahs of the White Tower, had always stood in readiness for.. and for Dorinha Sedai and Cardhan Gaidin too, amid the Green Aes Sedai horde, this was the culmination of their existence. Cardhan’s blade was raised high as he screamed proud and fierce battle cries of Arafel, his nation of origin, and Dorinha’s eyes sparkled as never before, her whole face elated and so filled with determination and steely purpose that it almost shone. Finally the time had come! Finally!! ● Galloping into the horde of Evil, the Arafel Warder’s sword sliced into a trolloc as he passed and almost removed its arm. His black warhorse, trained for battle, stormed into the melee and trampled a Darkfriend in the passing as Cardhan’s blade struck out at more foes, left and right. Balls of fire streamed across the skies, Dreadlords hurling them at the Aes Sedai who deflected them using various combat weaves, and who retaliated with deadly lightning bolts that struck down amid the Forces of the Shadow. Several trollocs exploded before him, blood and guts and body parts raining down on him as he rushed by, his sword moving in another arc to behead a brute of a Darkfriend who tried to thrust his sword into his horses’ side. The evil minion managed to duck just in time, the Warder’s sword cutting the air above him, but then he was destroyed by a Green Sister’s deadly combat weave of Saidar. A little further ahead a trolloc with its animal snout suddenly stepped into the horses’ path and swung its huge battle-axe in an arc and smashed in the face of an oncoming Warder, but was then engulfed in flames from a furious, screaming Aes Sedai who threw lightning bolts at the trolloc until it was utterly destroyed. The Aes Sedai, a tall, regal woman with flowing hair the colour of flame, threw herself into a cluster of nearby Shadowspawn, leaving Death in her wake. ● Across the Battlefield there was Death and Screams. Flames ablaze. Also Sisters of the White Tower and Warders were slain, mostly by Dreadlord attacks but also by Myhrdraal and trollocs when they were simply overwhelmed by numbers. Blood filled the barren slopes of the Blight. A Sea of Blood. An Ocean of Death. ● Dorinha, in the middle of the Chaos, hurled Flames of Saidar at an oncoming Myhrdraal and it’s black flowing cloak came afire with deadly shrieks. She deflected weaves hurled at her by Dreadlords some way off, shielding herself and her Warder, and used all her learned combat weaves to fight the Shadow. Another Green Sister, a blond-haired aged Andoran woman with a short temper, threw a fireball towards a cluster of trollocs and Myhrdraal and saw to her great satisfaction that they screamed and howled in death. Her three Borderlander Warders raised their fists high in the air, crying out in elation and celebration of their Aes Sedai’s successful strike, then swung their swords at the attacking trollocs. The earth then exploded off to the left, several paces away from Dorinha and Cardhan, and an Aes Sedai, a dark-haired Sister unknown to her, fell screaming to the ground while her Warder threw himself from his galloping horse, rolled and came to a sudden stop beside her. She lay still on the ground, her life force quickly pouring out of the huge hole in the middle of her chest. Her Warder held her close, his eyes wide in shock as she died.. .. tears streamed down his face... .. and then, those strained Warder’s eyes were filled with death.. and wrath..unending wrath.. Death!! I will destroy them all!! His scream of rage tore through the battleground. He slowly closed his Bondholder’s dead eyes, kissed her forehead a final goodbye, brushed his tears away, then turned.. ..and with fury and almost madness in his eyes and a feral scream escaping his lips, he almost decapitated the oncoming Myhrdraal before throwing himself into the nearest cluster of trollocs, uncaring of his own life, his soul crying out for vengeance, for death.. for oblivion.. ..his blade swinging in deadly arcs time and again, becoming the deadliest Shadow among Shadows.. ● Cardhan, his side bloodied but not lethally, fought the Shadowspawn from atop his warhorse, his sword rising and falling with deadly precision, but the path of Death swerved away from his Bondholder and.. suddenly .. out of the corner of his eye, Cardhan saw - almost as if in slow motion, time slowing down - Dorinha scream and fall out of her saddle some way off to his side. It happened so quickly that he barely had time to react - was it a lethal weave aimed at her? - as he shouted in her direction and then turned his warhorse sharply toward her. A few moments later - but it felt like an eternity - he was beside her, dismounting hurriedly and throwing himself to the ground beside her. The battle crashed on around them, the skies filled with fire and lightning, the battlefield filled with screams and horror, but for Cardhan it was as if the whole world was gone. All that was left was Dorinha. She was all that mattered to him right then. ● Shouting worriedly to her if she was all right, looking for any signs of injury though she lay on her side and it was difficult for him to tell, feeling her pain through the Bond, he took her in his arms and cradled her to his chest. She looked paralyzed, her body limp, her pulse slowing.. and she only stared up into his dark eyes, a solitary tear running down her cheek.. ..then another.. her eyes sad.. oh so sad.. Oh Dorinha! Cardhan thought, his soul dying. His heart bled tears. He held her close as the light of life left his Aes Sedai. The Bond snapped. In the Storm of Death around him, her Warder was alone. Oh, dear Dorinha.. Then.. .. the blood rage took him.. and he was Death incarnate as he stormed into the Shadowspawn like a whirlwind, no care left in the world for his own safety, only intending to take as many of them as possible with him into the Beyond.. ● Cardhan crashed out of the dream with sudden abruptness, his eyes wide and hurting, his heart beating hard and his pulse racing, sitting quickly upright in bed, as he tried to get his bearings. Wha..!? It was dark all around.. and through the bedroom window to the side on the wall of his chamber in the Palace he could see that it was still night outside. It had been a dream, he understood, as he tried to gather his thoughts. He was in the Tarasin Palace, there was no battle and no war. And Dorinha was.. safe. Relief flowed through him. No Tarmon Gai'don. Of course not. But it had been so real! So incredibly real! So vivid in every little detail.. in smell, sight, colour, sound and touch.. more so, perhaps, than almost any dream he had had before. His breathing gradually slowed as he gained control of himself, and he lay back with his head on the pillow, closing his eyes for a long moment. ● Breathing more easily, he nevertheless felt cold sweat on his back as he recalled the ‘visions’ of his dream.. ..the Glory of Battle for the Light.. intermingled with Death, Screams and Sadness.. ..and for some time he had trouble gaining the Flame and the Void. As moments stretched into minutes he found, however, that he could not shake the feeling that this might have been a premonition of some kind, a sign of things to come. An Omen perhaps. He had, in truth, long had an obsession about the Last Battle that he had tried to hide from his Bondholder. He did not want for her to become concerned that he was unable to focus on the tasks at hand. Though the Green Ajah ‘stood ready’ for Tarmon Gai’don, it was not something usually spoken of, and he feared if she knew, that she would worry about him and that was something he wanted to avoid. She had more than enough ‘on her plate’ as it was. In the past year, with the world changing and filled with rumours of conflict, he had become certain that the Last Battle was approaching and his thoughts and dreams had been influenced by this fact. Without thinking, he was looking for signs of his ‘premonition’ wherever they travelled and he was certain that this last dream had been a product of his mind’s focus. The thought of the Last Battle both excited him and gave him dread. It was, however, what he and his Battle Ajah Sister lived for. To fight for the Light against the Shadow - and to prevail. ● It took him a long time indeed to fall asleep again, and this time his slumber was restless and uneasy, echoes of Dorinha’s eternal, sad and lost eyes, devoid of life, remaining in his mind. ▀▄
  22. I enjoyed Warbreaker. Can't for the life of me remember now what it was about but I know it was a fun read.
  23. Arya journey to Harrenhal was in the middle of a war. Nynaeve passed through a couple of small villages in her own area in a time of peace. Once the war starts in WoT its just as brutal. Its that the POV characters in WoT are generally at the heads of armies or they are powerful (aes sedai). Tywin and Stannis did not worry about bandits on the roads.
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