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  2. Not me honey, the games have fizzled before even starting to play. The last four games I signed up for never happen.
  3. Don't worry about that!! We're killing Zander first... then probably me... you should be safe until Day 3!
  4. Dude, literally last games I signed up for have died in sign ups. Starting to think its me. OK, for you old friend I will stay in the sign up list and keep this one from starting too.
  5. *Nails @The Crusher to his assigned spot in the line up* *with love and sides of bacon* Innocentwhistle.gif
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  7. @Dar'Jen Ab OwainThanks! I'll be happy to keep you all updated. Think I might want to create a thread for it? @Elgee I'm sorry, I think I didn't make things clear--this is the final year of my PhD here in Edinburgh, but I earned my Masters here as well, in November 2014. I flew over here in September 2013 for a Masters in "Medieval History" in UofE's School of History, Classics & Archaeology, finishing everything August 2014 and graduating November 2014. And then, for my PhD, I went sideways. UofE has rolling admissions, so in May 2014, while I was still working on my Masters, I applied to two PhD programmes here in order to study "Early Medieval Natural Disasters": a PhD in "History," but also another in UofE's school of Literatures, Languages & Cultures, called "Medieval Studies." The summer afterwards was looong, with me working on my Masters dissertation and waiting ten weeks to be accepted/turned down for a PhD. In early August, I finally was "Firmly Accepted" by "Medieval Studies" in the LLC. I waited for about a week afterwards to see if I got into "History," but "History" hadn't decided by the end of it. Since I needed to figure out housing and I'd be studying the same subject anyway, I withdrew my "History" application and accepted "Medieval Studies." Being an international student can be complicated, and again, carefully planned? Lol! Ever since, I've been working on my PhD, and have chipped "Early Medieval Natural Disasters" down to Vikings/natural disasters. I did decently in my Masters degree 2013-2014. Examining all I did my Masters year as compared to today, though--wow have I improved as a writer and researcher. As far as becoming stronger--it all clicked sometime in late May. Realising you've always undervalued yourself and that you might deserve the praise you've received--well, it makes you feel a bit smug, stand straighter, and smile, if you don't want to become arrogant. It makes you realise that things that you've always considered coincidences--or only because you have one arm--might not be coincidental or about that at all. I'm not sure what it will do to me yet--it sure was a confidence-booster. We'll see.
  8. So, according to you, Robert Jordan was a racist, WOT is a racist series of books, because 95% of the characters are white? And do not forget, 99.9% of the characters are heterosexual! This is so disgusting! My advice, do not read such bigot books at all!
  9. Faile struck me (ow ow!) more as either southern Italian or Brazilian.
  10. Asians != dwarfs. And yes, Faile is white. Davram is white, Deira is white - their EYES are dark, that's true.
  11. This is all you man. I get it, I really do. Have fun.
  12. Good point. Halia I’m going to have to withdraw from this game. Thank you.
  13. [V]Dice[/V] confirmed not reading the thread...
  14. Rosamund Pike is a great choice for Moraine. She is taller than in the books, but that should not be an issue. Her height never really plays any significance in the story. Cairhien does seem somewhat like France...Just look at the book covers for more clarity.
  15. Who is here? Stop in and let us know you're in the Black Tower. So, what's the weather like for where you are? For me, in southwestern Ohio, rain. We've had storms the last few days.
  16. Moiraine isn't asian, if they cast Faile as white or TR people as white then be concerned.
  17. This is a thread to discuss Trumps re-election campaign rather than his presidency. He officially launched his campaign with a rally in Florida today. Meanwhile CNN can't even cover the news properly anymore without getting their panties in a twist. https://news.grabien.com/story-cnn-cuts-away-trump-speech-after-crowd-shouts-cnn-sucks
  18. One time I signed up for teh mafia and so did my friends and then we played. Think we played. Was anyone else there?
  19. Yesterday
  20. She never ever even remotely came across as Asian to me. In fact she mostly came across as French. Pike looks very much like I have always pictured her.
  21. Also, and this is a random smartass thought, but if Rosamund Pike from gone girl is signing on, I really hope we don't get Ben Affleck as sad Lan Mandragoran.
  22. Really, I viewed her more as either French or Italian/Byzantine Greek
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