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  2. Ha! You make a good point. A mere drop in the ocean of time; though the Longing makes it feel like an age has passed for those away from the Stedding. I'm surprised to hear anyone notices the RP stuff, let alone reads any of it, we're a bit of a world unto ourselves over there but that's very sweet of you to say. Feel free to call me Tay, everyone else does. Nice to meet you!
  3. Nothing crude about fine floofy ear furnishings. u... hmmm... u... uno... can't be more than two degrees of separation from Loial.
  4. It was pretty good 🙂. It's all gone now but you can have some curry. The thing that looks like tentacles is just chicken that shredded. We have no squid 😞.
  5. O - i e r / - r o - e  no t, b, m
  6. Dried blueberries - I basically found the best looking oatmeal raisin cookie recipe i could find, and replaced the raisins with dried blueberries. The guy who brought them to JordanCon posted his recipe after i showed a photo of mine, but it was generally similar. I never considered it before he brought them to JCon, but they are the best. thing. ever.
  7. I just love tomatoes. You can grow all sorts of things in pots.
  8. Excuse my crudeness, but the onvious next word is Tufts (ear tufts)
  9. That's not much more than the blink of an eye in the stedding. But you will still find a few ogier have come and gone. And your writings Outside (in the role play club) has also filtered back to and been appreciated in the stedding Taymist.
  10. Welcome Niniel. I guess you will have seen The Great Library and TO Serve Ogier threads.
  11. For you new folks, I am revamping the wiki to accommodate our smaller structure, but you still need 100 points to go up a rank, at which time you will be invited to join a faction. You can earn points by pleasing the ones who have points to give out (Myself, Cross, Verbal, and Dar'Jen) or by starting and maintaining threads. So, don't be lazy - get out there are make things happen!
  12. We have the worst soil here! I have successfully grown things in pots, though. I had a lovely crop of cherry tomatoes one year. I think I'll have to go back to that next year. I love gardening.
  13. I love the name of the tavern! It's looking good in here. If there were a bartender, I'm in the mood for a glass of dry white wine. *Looks around for wine bottles*
  14. That's lovely, Elgee. Cross, shall we take over the White Tower now?
  15. Walk in the woods or at the park. Roaming the mall or the bookstore. Hope you get a day to recharge.
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