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  2. That's all any of us can hope for ❤️ Im stuffed full of blueberry pancakes and fried spam atm. I might have to aim healthier tomorrow.
  3. awww, cute kitties no furries at the moment I'm afraid - they lived short yet happy lives stuffed as full of sunflower seeds as they could be
  4. The kitties are fat and fine thank you 🙂. We let them have a lost weekend on fresh catnip and they're feeling much better now I think. how are the furries?
  5. Then Geeky Hippie can most certainly be deleted. Don't want any issues, and I don't plan to use it any more anyway.
  6. oohhhh thank you! how are the kitties doing?
  7. It's a pork product that's like a cross between bologna and ham. It comes in a can and you can slice it up and fry it, or dice it up or mash it up and use it any way you'd use any meat. Its not bad and easier to cook than bacon. Certainly less pricey.
  8. *countreglomps mentor and gateways a portable AC to her* i got an extra cookie 🥰.
  9. You really put those 2 lines in the same thread without separating context? Awwww riiiiiight
  10. Today
  11. BAND LAWS (Punishable by spot-fines issued by Marshall General/Club Leader or CG's) 1. No spilling brew, to include (but not exclusive to) Battle Brew, Bandy, Flaming Shots, Guinfantry, Infantry Brew, Cavalry Brew, Archer Brew, Brew Tea, and MG Special Brew. Causing another person to spill brew counts as spilling brew yourself. 2. No channeling, to include the One Power and the True Power. 3. No assaulting a senior officer, excepting when said senior officer either instigates an incident, or posts in a declared brawl. Random brawling among enlisted members or officers of the same rank is highly encouraged. 4. Band members may not use another member's regimental weapon (sword, bow, horse, lance, or dagger) without permission from the owner. (Additional items formally given to the Band members out of appreciation for service are included.) 5. Band members will refrain from the recruitment of any Raw Recruit currently scheduled for training in a different Regiment. **NOTE** - Failure to follow any and all rules either above will result in a form of punishment by spot-fine from the Club Leader or CG's. The preceding 5 laws shall have a statute of limitations of one full week (7 days). If a spotfine is not issued within the full week, a spotfine cannot be issued. CODE OF CONDUCT LAWS (Handled by Club Leader or CG's with spot-fines) 1. No inter-Band pranks without prior consent of the CG of the Regiment being pranked and either the Marshall General/Club Leader or one's own CG. ("Prank" is a subjective term; the purpose of this law is to both provide a quality check on pranks, and avoid pranks going too far.) 2. No pranks on other Clubs without consent of the Marshal-General/Club Leader. 3. Band members will refrain from excessive "God-mode" style posting, a.k.a. "God-modding." The interpretation of "excessive God-mode" will be solely determined by the Band's forum moderators (see below example). Violators will be given one written warning from the Marshal-General/Club Leader. Repeated violations of this law will be handled by site staff, not Redarms; they will be treated as violations of site rules and regulations, not light-hearted offenses worthy of a spot-fine. God-mode is when someone makes a post in a role-playing fashion in which someone unfairly "wins" in a situation (such as a brawl) through narration. Examples of potential God-mode situations: swings a chair, knocking everyone unconscious in the entire brawl, tying everyone up before they wake up balefire repeated and excessive breaking of Band Law. 4. Signing in to the monthly roll call is mandatory to receive promotion points and/or game points for that month. Should you miss one month's roll call and sign in to the next, however, you will retain all of the points for those two months, BUT if you fail to sign in to two roll calls in a row, you will forfeit any points received regardless of activity level. After six months of not signing in to the roll call you will be placed as MIA and after 6 months as MIA, you will be purged from the usergroups. Any member who has attained a rank of Lieutenant or above will retain his/her points and has only to sign in to the roll call once to be considered active again. **NOTE2** - Any offense deemed above the CG's jurisdiction will be handled by the Marshall General/Club Leader. This will not be in the form of a spot-fine, but will be in the form the Club Leader, along with site administrators if necessary, deem appropriate. Please note: Captain-Generals are obliged to make the Club Leader aware of such offenses but will not be allowed to dole out the necessary punishment. If Band Law is violated and the offender is caught by a CG or Marshall General/Club Leader, a Spot-Fine will be issued. The offender will receive notice both in the thread, as well as via personal message. The Spot-Fine must be completed, as per the instructions specific to each individual fine. If you believe your fine has been given unjustly, it is within your right to challenge the spotfine, with proper authorization, however be warned! A guilty verdict results in double the spot-fine's original punishment! What are trials for? If you have received a spot-fine for allegedly violating Band Law, and you believe that you are innocent, you have the right to challenge the spot-fine issued, which if approved would lead to a trial. During your trial, the CG or Marshall General/Club Leader who issued the spot-fine will act as the prosecutor. If the Marshall General/Club Leader did not issue the spot-fine, then they will act as the jury with the two other CG's. How do you challenge a spot-fine? If you receive a spotfine and are not a member of a CG of a regiment and you think the spotfine is unwarranted, you must PM your regiment's CG (not the CG of either of the other two regiments) to be your sponsor in your challenge. If your CG decides not to sponsor you, no challenge will be allowed. If the CG decides to sponsor you they will be a witness in your trial. The trial will still work the same, if you are found guilty the sentencing is typcially twice the initial spotfine. If innocent, the spotfine goes away. If you receive a spotfine and you are a CG of a regiment and you think the spotfine is unwarranted, you must PM one of the other regiments CGs or the Club Leader to be your sponsor in your challenge. If you can't get one of these 3 (other 2 CGs or Club Leader) to be your sponsor, then no challenge will be allowed. If one of the three decides to sponsor you, they will be your witness in the trial. Again, the trial works as before. If you receive a spotfine and you are the Club Leader and you think the spotfine is unwarranted, you must PM one of the three CGs to be your sponsor in your challenge. If you can't get one of the three CG members to sponsor you, then no challenge will be allowed. If they do decide to sponsor you, they will be a witness in your trial. Again the trial works the same as normal. If you are a raw recruit and think your spotfine is unwarranted, you must PM CG's or Club Leader to be your sponsor (this does not include spotfines issued for anything task related. If the CG's or Club Leader doesn't sponsor you, no challenge will be allowed. If you get one of them to sponsor you, they will be a witness in your trial. Again the trial works the same as normal. Can all spot-fines be brought to trial? Most, but not all. Spot-fines given in your Regiment's private boards may not be brought to trial, although your Captain General may void fines in these areas (though this will not happen often). How do I start my trial, and what is in the trial? If you want to go to trial and have approval of the appropriate people, send a personal message to the Club Leade and include your challenge sponsor. The Club Leader will start a thread and allow the prosecutor to present a case against you, after which you will be allowed to present your defense. Either party may call for up to two witnesses and/or legal experts, after which closing arguments may be made. What happens if I am found innocent? If you are found innocent, you can go on your way, no harm no foul. What happens if I am found guilty? If you are found guilty, your initial spot-fine punishment is doubled! (The Club Leader reserves the right to modify the punishment, especially in cases where the nature of the spot-fine makes the "doubling" difficult to interpret.) This double punishment is the risk of going to trial!
  12. @Crossoh, Mint choc icecream is great, it's one of my favourites. I have the shorts and skirts out too, which is nice for a change yep @Mashiara Sedai things go missing, but the cookies survive! cookie are eternal! @Mrs. Cindy Gill *glomps mintee close and stuffs an throws an extra cookie her way* It's good that you have AC though. I spent quite a bit longer in the supermarket the other day because it was lovely and cool in there
  13. Hmmm I wonder if I'm confusing this with American gods... but the voice work is so good it sounds like different people. I may need a relisten.
  14. I'll be frying ours on the griddle before I cook the pancakes. Health food.
  15. Nope, I just checked. Narrated by Martin Jarvis, who does a pretty good job of it. I didn't know about the BBC full cast production. The one I got has a nice pic of the Amazon movie production.
  16. Nom cookies! hi Via, how you be? Bubbles of evil indeed harumph. The grey kitchens are wherever you are, of course. were having our regular hot, heavy and humid summer nonsense but nothing to terrible yet. I don't leave the AC willingly.
  17. I think it'll take as a bit to get into the swing of the new format, but I'm sure it'll be interesting once we get used to it. *grabs a cookie* Is this what happens when a bubble of evil shifts things within the White Tower?
  18. He told me off thread that his body is ready.... @Clovdyx - are you in too?
  19. ooooooo cookies *grabs five* it’s finally warming up to summer levels here even got to break out my shorts. and made some mint chocolate chip ice cream. first batch of the season
  20. Then Cory and my wife can create a support group. I'm pretty sure there's a dirty joke in there looking for a way out.
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