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  2. Except that kinda takes away the huge moment for Lan that sums up his character so nicely. Besides I think Egwene defeating Demandred in a battle of the power is a bit far fetched... I do agree though that it would be nice if the Ashaman would have a bigger part even though I think Logain’s story arc there was nicely done (turning his back on power, overcoming his fears to do the right thing and achieve the recognition for himself and the Ashaman that he’d been seeking).
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  4. That sounds like Avatar's <element>-bending, which was very cool, and made for wonderful visuals. However, it would cause a few plot problems in WoT, such as how Rand gets out of the box when he can't move. There's even some discussion in the books about how the AS's hand gestures are probably only necessary because that's how they've been trained, whereas other channelers don't need them.
  5. Id say poor Tom, but I am sure he still has plenty of Myspace millions to enjoy. Still, I cant help wondering if he feels intimidated when he runs into Zuck at the grocery store
  6. And not to mention the White Tower & Warders *grins* Anyhoo, welcome to DM, Constance! I hope you'll find a home hear, as many of us did.
  7. I think they should have literal threads of light, with different colors to represent each element, with are directed by hand movements. It won't be he same as in the books where the channelors use their minds to control the threads, and literally look like they stand still to non-channelers, but it would make for a great visual element. I'm picturing it as something similar to Tai Chi, and the threads being woven from the movements.
  8. I do hope they change one thing with Egwene. I hope they drop the "flame of tar valon" at theend. I think it was a cop out, to suddenly be able to reverse balefire, which, until that time, had a mythos about it of being so dangerous that the shadow even hestitated to use it. It kinda destroys the purpose if youcan literally "unburn" threads that were burned away by balefire. Also, I want her to die defeating one of the OTHER forsaken,and leave Taim to the Asha'man. Logain and the Asha'man spent several books fighting against Taim and his dreadlords, and it felt anti-climatic to have them have no hand in his actual defeat. It would be better to have an epic Logain vs Taim battle. Maybe Egwene could die defeating Demandred after he kills Gawyn.
  9. According to the author: 'Elisa's face turned bright red. Very bright red.' 'Perrin blushed very red' 'Egwene cut in angrily. "Nynaeve says ..." She broke off, her cheeks turning pink,' ... 'Her face went redder, and she fell silent.' 'Egwene's face went scarlet to her eyebrows, and she spun away with a muttered, "Men!"' 'Egwene, whom he had grown up with. Now, except for her big dark eyes, she could almost have passed as an Aiel woman, and not only for her tanned face and hands.' 'Nynaeve's face paled' 'Her face and dress were even dirtier than Egwene's, and the same dark circles fined her eyes, though her hands, too, were clean.' /See Hermione and her panda-face.../ 'Abruptly Nynaeve buried her face in her cup. Rand's eyes widened. She was blushing. Nynaeve never showed herself even the least bit disconcerted. Angry, yes; outraged, often; but never out of countenance. But she was certainly red-cheeked now, and trying to hide in the wine.' 'Dark-eyed and slender, Nynaeve wore her hair in a fat braid'' /Her eyes are dark, but her skin is not./
  10. They could have one of her sisters end up as a Novice. I'm surprised that one didn't anyway.
  11. Loial is the only character I see with heavy CGI. The fades are gonna be mostly just makeup. They said from the start that they want to do that.
  12. Well, for one, I am sure they will cut out the 10 weeks of riding around in the woods that basically filled up half the book before they all met up in Caemlyn. I think that Winternight, the Road to Taren Ferry, and everything leading up to their ending up in Shodar Logoth will happen in the first episode. And their arrival at Shadar Logoth, meeting Mordeth, fleeing the city and being separated will happen in episode 2, as will the Perrin and Egwene's meeting with Elyas, Rand, Mat and Thom's catching a ride on the Spray, and Nynaeve meeting up with Moiraine and Lan. After that will an episode of them being separated...to give time for Rand's acrobatics on the Spray's mast, Mat sitting by himself jacking off to a dagger, and Thom wanting to kill himself for even knowing either of them. And of course Perrin, Elyas, and Egwene's time with the Tinkers, if they are gonna still have Arem, and all of that. and everything else that happened, and that episode can end with the Fade attacking them at Whitebridge, and Thom's "death". There is not reason at all to even have Rand and Mat's actual journey, unless you want to use it to introduce the idea that darkfriends can be anyone and live anywhere. Because it was the first actual confirmation of darkfriends. They were merely mentioned before this, but personally, I don't care. I would just as soon have their first scenes be of them arriving at Caemlyn.
  13. I've only read the first two so far but it doesn't seem overly dark. I hope your right though as I'd rather it be mature than young adultish. It doesn't have to be smut obviously lol but when I think of times with swords and such I think of a gritty way of living. Obviously its fantasy but it's based somewhat on reality and back in them days if you lived to 40 you were the exception. Things moved quicker because you didnt have as much time. I dont know what I'm rambling about I just hope its good.
  14. If you guys aren't sure about Nynaeve looking the part, try googling the actress. There are better pictures of her's out there. The ones with flowing hair look the part in my opinion. Very much like many of the renderings of Nynaeve. Here's one I found: I'm more concerned about how Rand doesn't know he's not his fathers son at this point. Would seem pretty obvious to anyone? Not sure how they will pull that off: Tam Al Thor - "Well you see son, yer kind of a two rivers albino see...just a recessive gene activating that's all. Maybe you can roll around in the dirt a bit just in case some ole Aes Sedai come along"
  15. I've read both. I've always thought WoT was darker and for that matter has more sex than GoT. The language just isn't as graphic. There is lots of sex and lots of nudity. There is torture, rape and, graphic violence. It doesn't get much darker than. Asha'man kill!
  16. Except, of course, the quote only talk about hair and eye color, and Elaida need to see his untanned arms to be completely certain Rand is not from the Two Rivers. They might be great actors, but we are already getting a diverse Two Rivers (they look nothing alike). A big part of RJs world is his diverseness, but that is diverse from region to region and not in the most isolated village in the world. Either Rafe or the exec's bungled the main casting, and the fear is now that we'll get another Legend or Shannara Chronicle, where they unnecessarily sold out the source material going their own "creative" way. Still, we'll have to see with the next announcements and when pics of the sets and wardrobes come out. So far all they have done is lowered the expectations for a faithful adaption quite severely and split the fan base.
  17. Was trying to think of someplace that *has* a definitive capital to be far from... that would also have someplace really cold. Westeros came to mind.
  18. I have a collection of graphic Prompts on Pinterest: Inspiration Collection Writing Themes Write (prompts) I also am happy to pull a randomized prompt list from Reckless Deck - of which I have multiple decks.
  19. I am now looking to brainstorm Monthly prompts for everyone! I'd like to officially start this in September in preparation for NaNoWriMo. I'm looking for at least 1-3 for each month to fall into the basic categories of Poetry, Fiction and Non-Fiction. And don't get me wrong, I have MANY prompts to play with, but I wanted to gather more of what YOU are interested in, instead of just what I might inflict on all of you instead.
  20. .:ABOUT THE CLUB:. >>more info coming shortly as I collect the notes of the previous club<< .:RULE & CONDUCT:. We abide by the default Code of Conduct (coc link coming shortly once updated via the clubs) that every member agree's to simply by signing up for this forum. As a simplification, there is a basic hierarchy when it comes to issues, and the Club Leader and Moderators ensure security and civility among the club. Problems are brought to the Club Leader who's job is to both ensure peace and the prosperity of the Club. Simply put: Play Nice, be Considerate, be Respectful, and be Responsible. .:SHARING:. Be aware, anything shared here is public view. Though I believe posting in any club may require joining, anything posted is view able. It is strongly recommended that if you are posting anything you wish to submit for publication, do not post more than 200-words per the shredder rules. You may link a private file, goggle-doc or something of private in nature (preferably pass-worded that is shared in the thread) to ensure protection of your written documents. When it comes to providing feedback and looking for feedback with any shared piece of work, it is important to note that unless you are providing feedback chances are you may not always receive the feedback. This is very GIVE and take type of scenario. This Club and all the feedback it provides only works with mutual respect and inclusivity. After all, it's hard for any writer to share something let alone among peers and find that they get no reply. (Aka: If you want feedback on your work, be sure to give some on others. Easy.) When posting please use the TAGS system that is available. Appropriate tags to help an ease in location is as follows, but not limited to: shredder (to be renamed) original poem resource monthly prompt (in correlation to the current monthly prompt; July Prompt, August Prompt, etc.) Your Handle (make a suggestion!) .:ABOUT THE SHREDDER:. The Shredder, rename tbd, is a short 200-max word short paragraph intended to be "shredded" apart to help the writer make this one small section stronger. This is NOT for the faint of heart, and is intended to be brutal. However, falling back on the "be considerate" aspect of the rules feedback that is little more than 'this sucks' is hardly helpful. Full Information on this is forthcoming. .:STAFF.: Staff of the Writers Club is pretty straight forward. Club Leader: Arie - ariescapes [at] gmail.com Club Moderator: HIRING - CONTACT ARIE IF INTERESTED
  21. Drop the Shaido plotline after Dumai's Wells. Keep Faile's capture, but rework it so that Masema is the one that does it. He's useless after the first 3 books anyway, so having a crazy prophet who "supports" the Dragon Reborn would give him a purpose later in the book, and provide a personal reason for why Faile would kill him later at the beginning of Gathering Storm. Also, significantly shorten Perrin's time as an emo. Have Perrin START trained in the wolf dream start happening a bit sooner in the storyline... but spread it out so he doesn't become HAX powerful until near the end of the series. Have the training tie into his search for Faile. That way we have him doing something useful during that time in the event that AMAZON drags that arc out a bit too long. Keep the Morgase plotline, but don' t bother following her as a POV character. Let us see her leaving the castle, and then have her show up later on in the series when she becomes somewhat important again. Her story can be summed up rather quickly, so no need to spend one or two precious episodes following her unless you manage to tie her into more important events during the middle books. Significantly shorten the time spent on the Bowl of the Winds subplot, have Matt meet up with the wonder-girls earlier on in that subplot, and shorten the amount of screentime focused on him while he's living in Ebou Dar under the Seanchan. Remove Valan Luca and his circus from the story to focus on other more important things. Cut or heavily reduce the screentime of Elayne's fighting for the throne. Or let it happen... just offscreen. Keep Hinderstap... but relocate the town to a place a that Matt visits a bit earlier in the city... when he has a few followers but is still a bit green and vulnerable. Play up the horror tropes in that episode. Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.
  22. We raise a glass and shout Mats name, lasses settle us down but we can't be tame, as tomorrow we fight, so ready our tome To dance with Jak o' the Shadows! Now off with thee, warn your daughter and mum Trollocs will be on us when I finish my rum But wait(!) Lord Mat is off to kick out their bum, To dance with Jak o' the Shadows!
  23. The actor for Mat does seem to be a fit. But if the series makes it then that guy will need to adapt and grow. All the characters evolved quite a bit and hopefully someone has thought this through when picking their actors.
  24. Greetings, I guess I would be a new recruit. I am an artist, photographer, graphic designer, web designer, videographer, and 3D modeler... however, I currently have two part time jobs and go to college to do all I just listed professionally one day. I am also a stunt performer with a local jousting group, and a charity costumer. Lets just say this character in the group would be like a little girl who heard about Matrim in the Wheel of Time universe, and some how started to idolize him, after he helped save her village. She grew up secretly learning weapons, and steadied war tactics. She became a guards men, lets say similarity to how Mulan secretly enrolled in an army. My other idea is that she is alternate version of Mat like Gwen in Intro the Spider Verse, but I like the idea of her being someone different but grew up kind of like him. I am sure Nynaeve would box Mat ears for being a such an influence on little girl, and he'd have some retort about not wanting to be a bloody hero, not his fault, etc.
  25. Hi Constance, welcome to DM. Lot of us here who've been following this series for a very long time so you're in the right place! If you're looking to chat all things TV, then you probably want the discussion forums below this one on the main Forums index page. If you want to socialise a bit then click on the Clubs tab up there ^^^ and see which ones appeal. We've got all sorts from role play to Ogier to the DM Writers Club and the podcast. Hope you find something to enjoy and decide to hang out with us a while.
  26. I liked Ishy/Moridin too! I like how Rand uses his former name Elan as well. He does the same with Lanfear.
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