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  2. https://watchersonthewall.com/game-thrones-lands-number-emmy-nominations-season-8/#more-176047 Who do you think deserves an Emmy? It's obvious that they get more nominations since it was the last season. I have not seen the other shows so I can't compare with them but here are my hopes: * All the technical and visual stuff. * Music!!! * Best drama series (maybe more about the series as a whole and not just this season) * Emilia Clark - I think she was great this season. * Alfie Allen - should have been nominated long ago. * Gwendoline Christie. Maise was great as well. Lena Heady should have gotten a Emmy long ago but didn't have much to do this season. * Carice Van Houten. I don't think they will get the best writing award. lol
  3. Spent this past weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana and had some pretty awesome food and some not so great food. Went to a pizza restaurant and meh - salad was not that great because they're vinaigrette was too bitter for my liking. The pizza itself was burnt but not beyond eating (we were starving though). Maybe I shouldn't judge on pizza though considering it was a Gluten Free crust with no cheese because I'm allergic to gluten and dairy (it's okay, I'm good with it now lol). Went to a Bru Burger Bar and I got SUPER excited that they had gluten free buns and vegan cheese. Had the BEST salad of the weekend, then a lovely 'cheese'burger and it was AMAZING! Liquid nitrogen vegan ice cream: yep, that happened. Yum! Name = Sub Zero. Food trucks - we tried BBQ but should have gotten tacos. Also had a vegan vanilla gluten free cupcake that was super yum!
  4. I never officially signed back in on this page but I'll take option 1 😉 I'm an archer through and through!
  5. I loved episode 1, 2 and 6. There were a few things that didn't work but most of it did. I think that the season had been better with a few more episodes, then some things wouldn't have been so hasty. (Varys turning etc.) I liked where people ended up. Bran becoming king was a surprise but it works. Arya's and Sansa's end were as expected. Jon being sent to a new nights watch was a bit weird (why would there be a nights watch?) but I choose to believe that he went with the free folks and that is a fitting end for him. I think he will be happy there. I loved the small council meeting. It was so funny. I don't care about how Sam can be a maester and having a family or Bronn becoming master of coin. It was such a hilarious scen.
  6. Teacher me loved the organization we had going - for all of the Social Groups! I can see why all the different threads might be overwhelming but in a way, not sure this is any better. I don't like how there's a 'feed' of what's happening when. And sure thing, just let me know when/where I can help!
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  8. For the time being. I think it's still being looked into ❤️ Where in NY?
  9. His heart could have stopped for a second or two or something. Al la Mat or some other thing like balefire.
  10. Even though it's not very relevant for the plot I secretly hope we'll see some short flashbacks to the age of legends and that we get to see a glimpse of what the world looked like back then. The glory days so to speak. I would also like to see Manetheren(see Ellisande die maybe) and Malkier in its glory days. As far as homosexuality goes, I think we'll get to see some "pillow friends", some ladies of the Red and Black ajah is my best guess.
  11. I agree I might have over-simplified their story. Indeed in the end he does go to Rand, which is the most important thing. There's something unsympathetic about her in my opinion, I don't know why exactly but it has felt that way from the start.
  12. I'm not sure about the book but we can hope :). yeah I thought it was really well done. I enjoyed it except for that one very badly lit episode and small huh moments like.... why would Jon have admitted that or did the dragon talk or what? And... that was really not a lot of rubble on top of the royal couple, or ten feet to either side, but eh, I think that's how they wanted it and how much digging could Tyrion have done alone anyway. people didn't seem to see Dany's descent into madness coming or else thought she didn't deserve the ending she got but I think that was foreshadowed from way back and it couldn't have gone any other way. and all the quibbling about who should have been the rightful king when I think, in the show for certain, the whole series is about how bad inherited royalty can get.
  13. challenge accepted. 30 pish tosh, I could do that in a week,
  14. Srsly.... it wouldn't have been so bad without the white chocolate but that was just wrong.
  15. I think the show suffered a bit from not taking the same path to the ending as GRRM plans to. There were certain things that were ridiculously underwhelming (hello, Golden Company?) but overall I was satisfied with the way things ended, and look forward to seeing how George makes it all tie together BECAUSE I DO BELIEVE HE WILL FINISH THE BOOKS. FITE ME. The acting was great. The production values were amazing. The writing was... mostly a'ight. (Bryan Cogman's episode was fantastic.)
  16. I was in NY in June. The humidity is terrible & it was warm and the rain started pouring.
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