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  2. just noticed the thread title. did not notice at the time of my previous post. like another poster told, "his" refers to the ferryman.
  3. _ E D _ N O _ S / A N D / _ _ O O M S T I _ _ S No: L, F
  4. Is he? All I know is he's reporter in Africa. I can't find anything about his actual religion. The best way I can put it is this. The Fulani https://www.britannica.com/topic/Fulani Predominately Muslim, and obviously not all are Muslim. Have been Quarreling with the Christian farmers for a pretty long time. It's less a Religion vs Religion as Culture vs Culture, or Lifestyle vs Lifestyle issue. To put it into another perspective, The Wild West Cowboys vs Farmer/Ranchers. Cowboy: "We've been herding our cattle here for 70 years!" Farmer: "I bought this land fair and square, this land is for my cattle!" It's a tale as old as time. One of the articles on a site like I posted, literally claimed that X Christian farmers were killed by Fulani Herders, when the Farmers actually did the killing of the herders. They also neglect to mention that both sides are tit-for-tat killing each other, and act like only the Herders are doing the killings. The BBC article at least mentions both sides killing each other. I'm sure we aren't getting the full story either. But there's only so much we can gain from Like that.
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  6. _ E D _ N _ _ S / A N D / _ _ _ _ M S T I _ _ S No: L, F
  7. https://www.livescience.com/44899-stages-of-pregnancy.html 6 weeks it's still an Embryo. It doesn't become a Fetus until 8 weeks, Hence the laws not being based on Science or Facts but emotion and religion. There is definitely confusion and misinformation (on both sides) going around. There's also a significant amount of anti-choice laws being enacted in various states with different penalties for different people with different levels of severity, which can get pretty hard to keep straight which state does what, and then you combine it with misinformation on both sides and that leads to a "what the hell is happening? What's even true anymore?" But as I said.
  8. White cuellindar is made by women. Black cuellindar is made by men.
  9. _ E D _ N _ _ S / A N D / _ _ _ _ M S T I _ _ S No: L
  10. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/05/16/fact-check-9-things-to-know-about-alabamas-abortion-law/
  11. Yeah, if there is no opportunity to remember the names, it is better to take information from the sources. All information must be relevant. You should not put any new skills and talk about achievements that did not exist in reality. It is necessary to be guided by one simple rule: “All secret things will come to light sooner or later.” Even if initially you will be able to make a good impression during the initial selection, at the interview the result may be negative. These CV Writers Reviews made it all clear to me. In other words, a cv is a document made that allows you to present your own skills, both professional and personal.
  12. While creating your resume on a particular position, it is not necessary to indicate all your other achievements.
  13. "that they might be a bit more trustworthy, than a rando-website setup in your mother's basement trying to pass off twitter articles or homeopathic/antivax propaganda as real news." Except that some of those sites look quite professional and spend a decent amount of money of looking "corporate". As for your greater point, yia but that is why I cited the New York Times, Washingtom Post, and Spanish national newspapers as my source for my opinions on what is happening in South Africa.
  14. "Economic side of things yes, but you're forgetting that many artists don't personally profit from their works. (specially online). Many go the route of open licensing that allows anyone to use their work, so long as they acknowledge that they did the work. Effectively you're saying that if an artist doesn't seek to profit from their work, and you come along and steal it, That's fine. Because there was no economic harm. " Nope, because we are talking about copyright law and the cases decided under it. Under the law someone who owns the copyright has an absolute right to conrtol distribution whether or not he is actively attempting to profit or not. The theory is that others using it would prevent him from gaining that economic benefit if he wanted to profit from his copyright. "That I may view it and it's contents, but those contents do not leave that house without your express consent." Except that the example is not quite right. In the given case a third person was given access to a cloud account with the ability to download and copy anything in said account. Put it this way if you show me an album in your house of you having sex, you usually do not lose the right to restrict the photos but you do usually give up the right to prevent someone you showed the album to from describing the content to others. Moreover, if you let me look at the album when I have a camera and you do not at least tell me that I cannot look at the album when I have the camera you likely would be deemed to have waived your privacy rights. "That perhaps it should be codified in law that personal pictures are private unless verbally or writtenly expressed otherwise?" The real question is not the "personal nature of the pictures" but whehther your actions are consistent with you attempt them to keep them private. If you publish a picture to a private facebook group and do not specificly provide that the pictures cannot be copied or otherwise deceminated outside the group you probably have lost any claim to privacy for those pictures. They issue has been, is and likely will remain whether your actions are consistent with keeping the pictures private or whether your actions waive any privacy interest.
  15. Noone is doing that type of poll at present. It should be noted that Biden has always been popular in Northeast PA, Lehigh- Allentown-Bethleham area which are the old steel mill towns that swung 20% -40% between the 2012 and 2016 elections.
  16. Actually read the London Mail's article on the proposed Alabama statute and similar statutes the goal is to have the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade which would return the abortion issue to individual states. Alabama, Georgia, etc would prohibit abortions of Fetus after a heartbeat is detected. New York and California would be free to continue there policy of allowing abortions till the child is actually born (and even afterword if a late term Fetus survives being aborted.) "Can you point out where exactly the constitution defines what a Person is? Whether Embryonic Cells, or even a Fetus are a 'person'?" It does not it leaves such questions to the individual states.
  17. Nope if you actually are going to opine about a law at least have the sense to look at the damn statute or an arucle that actually cites the law. Alabama lawmakers propose law that would punish abortion providers with up to 99 years in prison in bid to get Supreme Court reversal of Roe v Wade Republicans introduced bill into the Alabama Senate and House on Tuesday Bill would make performing abortions Class A felony, punishable up to 99 years Would not punish women receiving abortions and includes medical exemption https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6889279/Alabama-lawmakers-propose-law-making-performing-abortions-felony.html The proposed law specifically applies only to abortion providers not the women who attempt or get abortions.
  18. Sammael altering the minds of the people is probably a result of the connection he has with the Dark One. We have seen the black cords off Ba alzammon and Asmodean in previous books. That connection allows the Dark One to influence the world a bit more in spite of the seals being in place. But it is a probably a limited range like a city wide range of influence. Tear was affected to by Be'lal in the same way.
  19. LTT made the cuendillar seals himself. He used that symbol, because he was the leader of the Aes Sedai at the time. The cuedillar seals are also made entirely of saidin. No female Aes Sedai were invlolved in making the seals. It was male work only.
  20. To follow up, Alabama I believe it is, their new law would make it possible for a rape victim aborting their child from said rape to receive a longer prison sentence than the rapist. Good times Alabama. And people said Christian Sharia Law wasn't a thing.
  21. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the ConQuesT science-fiction and fantasy convention. As stated earlier, our own Jennifer Liang and Jimmy Liang will be the con's Fan Guests of Honor! The con is this weekend (May 24th-26th, 2019) in Kansas City, Missouri. The schedule for ConQuesT is now live! If you're going to be attending, check out Jenn's and Jimmy's schedules! For those who don't know about ConQuesT, here's what they say about themselves: If you're in the area, it's a fantastic con to attend!
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