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  2. Not really just take the saangreal away from Egwene somehow. Egwene is the one who’s more likely to need help anyway, without the saangreal that is.
  3. Even though I have read WoT many, many times there are always things that I had forgotten about or didn´t see before. I´m reading KoD to my bf right now and I had forgotten about Reanne Corly´s death. It made me really sad. Also, I have always imagined the Black Tower to be north of Camlyn but here it said it´s south of Camlyn. I wonder why I thought that? What have you discovered when you re-read? It could be WoT or other books.
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  5. So where do I start from lol. Need to get back into reading lol.
  6. Welcome back socio! Good to see you sir. Matty that’s a good choice!
  7. As a firm supporter of Nyneave my main annoyance of the casting is that she looks nothing like her in any other respect either. The actress who plays Egwene is of mixed race and has the delicate features you would expect of her character from the books. Nynaeve is also a very hard character to get right and probably needed someone of the calibre of who they selected for Morraine. By contrast the main physical impression you get of Perrin from the books. Is big guy with a beard and if the guy they selected is any good I doubt it will ruin Perrin for them on the show. All the usual social media hysteria shouldn't hide what is important. Having actors who can credible portray their book characters.
  8. It annoys me that the showrunners seem to be going out of their way to be #Woke. That bodes poorly for the series. They didn’t do it in GOT and I don’t know why they feel the need to do it here. These casting choices look more like WOT meets MTV. I don’t really care if Perrin is black, btw. He has an honest, vulnerable face that fits the character. But Egwene and Nynaeve in particular look far too exotic. It’s ridiculous. They really are going to screw this all up, aren’t they? Not that it should matter - we’ll always have the books - except that I was hoping a TV series would improve on some of the many shortcomings of the books. Well be lucky to get a second season at this rate.
  9. You know what would be cool is Moiraine(Rosamand's) voice over the end of episode one as they're all leaving, telling the Manetheran story as I think that has to be in there.
  10. I'm hanging in there. Too busy to be emotional about everything. My class is starting soon. I've gotten a little bit of a jump on it. I'll do more before it officially starts.
  11. My son's school started. So far he likes the new school. Hope everyone is doing well.
  12. Sorry I haven't contributed. When school is in session, I'm too busy to write, so it's only something I will do between semesters.
  13. I like the challenge of a good exam, but I usually score pretty well.
  14. I usually think of it as an "augmented reality" sort of experience, where the channelers could "see" the Source/weaves/flows overlaid on top of their normal senses.
  15. What a disaster that would have been.
  16. Even if no one else is interested in this, I think its hilarious, and would ask you to tell me where I can find the rest of this.
  17. I wouldn't change Lan fighting Demandred, Logain gets Taim, Then, Egwene could take Moghedien, as opposed to Moghedien going out like a chump. Admittedly, I think that for a Last Battle conflict between Egwene and Moghedien to be good, Moggie needs to get some kind of angreal or sa'angreal buff.
  18. That was one of my other ideas. When showing the PoV of channelers while in a battle, I often visualized it as being on another plane entirely. All of the imagery describing Rand "Feeling at knots" and "battering at the wall" always made me think of him doing that sort of thing physically inside a mental space.
  19. Most of the stuff with Logain will probably be in episode four, as you placed it. As for it being the first non-Moiraine introduction, I suppose, although there were earlier lines about "how if I had known I would have found trollocs and Myrdraal I would have dragged a half dozen of my sisters"
  20. I don't know why I keep thinking about it or why I think it relates, but in Deathly Hallows I when Hermione is telling the story of the Hallows, they made a cartoon out of it and it worked great. When I think of scenes like the box, I think they can actually visualize the power. Not as weaves coming from Rand but kind of how I pictured it in my mind when reading it. The knots aren't seen but they could show them somehow, in a Sci-Fi way. Or maybe even show the Aes Sedai in some cloudy/hazy bad ass looking way as he defeats them. Then show him in the box straining, then the chest explodes.
  21. I think they will make a huge deal out of the procession of Logain and the Aes Sedai and that would be enough. Especially if it's the first introduction of Aes Sedai besides Moiraine. The idea of the Aes Sedai changed a lot once we knew more than one of them. But yes they can add in some back story as well, maybe make us aware that Siuan exists.
  22. I agree with 1-4. 5 and 6 could potentially be Moiraine backstory ground. Honestly, I prefer your idea, but on the other hand, an episode title like "The Flame of Tar Valon" should have some exceptionally large Tar Valon content, of the sort that I'm not sure Rand meeting Elaidia would generate.
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