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  2. I will kill you from afar with a crossbow or I shall smash your face with a mace. Those are my favorites Love Unicorns. My sister was obsessed with them growing up and she had them EVERYWHERE.
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  4. Sorry mods, please disregard my reporting a post, completely accidental. using a touch screen
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  6. Let's be clear about what this complaint is really about. It's not because the main cast (excepting Rand) look like they come from different races. Barney Harris is the whitest of the bunch, but even he, with his dark hair and darker complexion fits right in alongside Zoe, Marcus and Madeline. Beyond that, there's a lot that simple makeup can do to homogenize the looks of the characters if they feel it's necessary. It's because the main characters aren't a bunch of white kids with brown hair and eyes, and one white kid with red hair and blue eyes. OP wouldn't care if Perrin looked like he came from low-country Germany, Mat looked Welsh, and Nynaeve and Egwene looked Sicilian, as long as they had white skin and looked like they could come from some 1950's middle class white American suburb.
  7. Yeah about that Arie..you have neglected your mentor duties *wagging finger at arie* not putting up my hugging-lissss...um I mean family three ofcourse😇 *run and hide behind lii*
  8. Oh my... well I will just have it said (being a visitor and all) I had very decent nun-approved pj's lol I restarted my rug three times and it needs to be done before moving or else I must throw it away, cause I can't take all those sheets with.. I really want to make a square blanket once, there's so many cute ones at ravelry, I just always end up making striped instead cause I'm scared of how I will get them toghether😂
  9. oh god, my mentee tree is HUGE... Pretty sure Ghaul and Seiaman aren't much better... >.>
  10. having lived in an area where the ground front room was often a bedroom, a few more residents need to learn this lesson. and wear pj's! blankie is slow going, but I'm not worried about stiching it so much, I recon that will be the easy bit lol
  11. *shakes head* you do know with that mentor of yours having been around a while, i think you got quite the family in here probably so um yeah have fun 😛 also check out mark gungor on how men and women differs "Now women's brains are very, very different from men's brains. Women's brains are made up of a big ball of wire, and every thing is connected to everything. The money's connected to the car, the car's connected to your job and the kids are connected to your mother, and everything's connected to everything ...." so your conected to arie who are conected to lava as her mentor, and conected to Aries warders, who are conected to their mentees, and their bondeds, and aries siblings, and aries mentor, and aries mentors mentees, and their mentees and their bondeds and... well yeah basically there is no random people here dude 😁
  12. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A no: E, L, M
  13. I'm not entirely opposed to these types of arguments. I know I've made them for other adaptations, while defending increased diversification in others. The nations in the books are all very carefully developed. I don't know if I'm older, have seen more adaptations come and go (compared to myself in the past), or for some reason am just more okay with these types of liberties being taken in the WoT, but honestly... It just doesn't bother me here.
  14. I am not a big fan of physical contact at random or from anyone I don't know very well. I also completely agree about not throwing the first punch, but being willing to fight back.
  15. Oooh yes I get it! I do that too, cause I'm curious😄, and also I may get inspired to do something I like with the knowledge. Like sewing, I don't like it much, but I still find it interesting to know all about methods and stiches, cause you may be able to use it in crochet or wood carving or drawing or whatever else you fancy doing lol. How is the blanket comming along btw (I'm so curious on how you'll stitch them toghether)? *Googling* I love those berries, but sadly no we don't have them🙂 we're gonna move into the city too, well it's probably more a town in us measurement😂 you city girls and guys could probably teach me some do's and don'ts haha, I know one already; (from visiting relatives in a city) do not open the blinders to let in the morning sun, unless you want to show of your pjs to the next window neighbors😝
  16. Well then don't mind if I do! @Millon @JamesBrown @haycraftd @Liitha @ThorkinBarrimore @ATuckerMorin Do warders like hugs? (Cause I'm a mean mean hugging machine) 😁 Also I was wondering could you guys tell more about the ren's interest in sci-fi, anyone seen any good movies or tv shows lately or is it more games (only sci-fi game I can remember playing back in the days was "the longest journey")? And lets talk weapons and fighting, what is your weapon of choice (I like my frying pan, I had four, but sadly there's only one left..), and what kind of fighting philosophy do you got (now as a former and possibly future self defense student I can't condone violence..I will ofcourse defend myself though..so I just simply won't throw the first punch) ? And also how do you guys feel about unicorns? 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 Oh and feel free to ask back if you have any questions😁
  17. Woop woop!!!!!! I'm ofcourse, as usual, totally ready in good time😁 (totally are not!!! *yelps* what happened?!?!?! *having a meltdown, then finding the note sheat* oooh pew..it's almost done.. Crisis diverted🤣) *Joining in on the cheering*
  18. As said above, it's a Talent, which seems to have deeper connotations than being merely extraordinarily skilled or innately knowledgeable. He's not the only one with a Talent that produces outsized effects from weaves they shouldn't otherwise be strong enough to produce. There's a Kin woman who's name escapes me that can weave Shields that can hold Nynaeve with ease, and it's stated any of the Forsaken too, in spite of also being relatively weak overall.
  19. *take full advantage of the hug (knowing the next physical contact probably wont be of such friendly character)*
  20. warders jard we will flood it with knightmare topics...its event time come sunday 😄 @haycraftd will lead the way and the rest of us will post our sections i think we are up in almost 10 treads for this event now. so it should rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO WARDERS, GO WARDERS, ITS A PARTY, LETS GO GOGOGOGOGOGOGOOOOOOOOOO
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