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  3. Ohhhhhh, ok that makes sense. I started reading chapter 12 at the beginning of a reading session and didn't make that connection. WAY over thought that one, thanks guys!
  4. The "Aes Sedai" over in Seanchan were also described as backstabbing, power hungry where alliances were constantly changing. The ones over there never took an oaths. So Luthair, who already distrusted Aes Sedai, had good reason to see there people collared. So some can argue what he did was bad, but others could argue he did what was needed to be done to stop these power hungry people from using the power like that.
  5. ____ / __ / T__ / __N__
  6. In this regard, we have a Ban on Machine Guns. Assault Weapons and Rifles are still legal. If we replace Abortions with Guns. Conservatives want to ban all Guns. (All Abortions) While Liberals want to keep only Machine guns Illegal in most cases. (Only non-medically required Late Term abortions are illegal.) As an aside. Did your fact check site mention anything about states that would punish people for getting abortions in other states?
  7. I didn't say it took a lot of time, Just that I had to scroll several pages worth of material down just to see actual posts from the guy and not retweets.
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  9. @SabioI'm pretty sure the Aes Sedai who were collared thought the Seanchan were pure evil and the female channelers Luthair took at the beginning of the conquest.
  10. Yeah but if we were literally talking about a ban on all guns it wouldn't matter if you called something a machine gun, assault weapon, an assault rifle or a one eyed purple people killer. You want it banned regardless.
  11. Really? It took me like two minutes maybe less.
  12. It does when the legal language uses the word scientific word Fetus, when science states it's an embryo. If they had referred to it as a less scientific word like baby, it leaves itself with less room for attack on technicalities. It's like a Liberal calling an AR-15 a Machine Gun. No. Just No.
  13. I had to scroll quite far on his twitter page before it became indisputable that he is Muslim. The newest stuff was just regular old newsie stuff for his neck of the woods. Once I got past the news stuff and things he actually tweeted, yea he is.
  14. Yeah I looked up his twitter. If you scroll enough it becomes clear.
  15. Yes a lot of misinformation. I myself was confused about something until I read the article I linked. Re: fetus vs embryo Does it really matter what you call it in the context of the conversation around abortion?
  16. B E D _ N O B S / A N D / B _ O O M S T I _ _ S No: L, F
  17. Know your facebook acount? I can download and copy anything on your account. I can steal your photo pretty easily. Viewing a cloud, and viewing the pictures requires the ability to download (copy). Viewing any photo on your computer downloads a copy of said photo. That's just how computers & the internet work. If you view the cloud no differently that photo hosting sites like photobucket, there is no way to offer read only access without the ability to copy/download a file, while still letting people view the contents with implied consent to view, but not distribute. Describing what you see cannot be restricted. Obviously. In your camera scenario, how do I know you have one? Granted, today we have cell phones which all have cameras, but the principle is the same. Unless you disclose to me that you have a camera, how can i then say don't take photos of these pictures? Would not a reasonable person assume, in their home, that a person isn't actively hiding a camera on their person at all times to then disseminate the private affairs that are happening within those walls? Now if you pull out your phone or DSLR camera and I don't say anything about taking photos the photo album, you might have more of a point. Many of those websites/groups have within their own rules & regulations that basically state that anything posted here is to remain private and not distributed/copied. That any and all photos are the property of the owner who posted them. Something along those lines. But yes, if you post a risque picture on your facebook wall, that's not going to help you any. But Clouds are tricky when it comes to sharing and viewing data. All I'm getting at is that laws need to get updated, and people need to get educated on what their rights & responsibilities are.
  18. just noticed the thread title. did not notice at the time of my previous post. like another poster told, "his" refers to the ferryman. it seems she did not want the ferryman to think about her more than necessary.
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