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  2. @CrystallineTartwhat does that even mean. The sickness is initially the taint and later is because Rand and Moridin did what any fan of the original ghostbusters knows not to do.
  3. Because Biden as the VP is not likely to bring back the working class white vote.
  4. Actually as a country that effectively practiced apartied itself, The US ais actually in a much better position to judge what is happening as we actually have a somewhat similar history of race relations. As for "What are you basing this on? What are your sources?" Stories in the Economist, New York Times, and the Spainish (as in Spain ) national newspapers that have a variety of ideological positions.
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  6. " You instead wrote how many paragraph response to such a casual comment? Again, mountain out of a mole hill." I wrote a few paragraphs showing the historical reality and it's underlying economic rationale. "What spurned your asshole to shitpost today? " I happened to read the boards today and so responded. "PS: I fixed your barely literate quotes with the correct spelling, that you're obviously to lazy, and technologically impaired to figure out on your own." You definately how signs of Hobgoblin disease!
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  8. .As a Justice he does not need to know anything about abortion.contraception, all he needs to know is the proper role of the Supreme Court which is not to judge the wisdom of legislation but only to opine on it's constitutionality.
  9. p a l _ / v e r d e / t r e e s No B,C,M,K,H
  10. That's what books and articles are for. The land distribution in South Africa is currently not equitable with most of the land being held by whites. This is a legacy of colonialism and apartheid. Land reform has been an objective of the South African government for a long time, but the way they have been going about it so far is not working as it is going too slowly. So they're trying to speed it up by expropriating without compensation, and that's where the controversy comes in because some people see that as opening the door to a Zimbabwe-type situation. Finding a way to implement land reform that is both effective and just is going to be difficult.
  11. He's trying to say we CAN'T understand because we're not South African.
  12. So view it from a different perspective?
  13. Yes, and you could have simply said "Leisure pets have existed for at least a Millennia, but to get on to the rest of my point" You instead wrote how many paragraph response to such a casual comment? Again, mountain out of a mole hill. What spurned your asshole to shitpost today? PS: I fixed your barely literate quotes with the correct spelling, that you're obviously to lazy, and technologically impaired to figure out on your own.
  14. Well at that point, why not just have Michelle run as President, making Obama the First-Man, and Biden as the VP again?
  15. What are you basing this on? What are your sources? Like I said, SA is a cluster****. We can't view it from an American perspective of race-relations.
  16. Have you been keeping up with the news? The meme wasn't anything I said, It was a meme to illustrate someone who doesn't know shit, enforcing/upholding the current abortion legislature that' is clearly aimed at going to the supreme court.
  17. Truth is the the SA ruling Party is a gang of thugs who are stealing from everyone but are pointedly doing so from whites with a passion. This partially goes over well politically with the masses of black voters who understandably see whites with a juandice eye. But the fact that the Ruling Party is both being plitically coy and spreads the harm to known whites does not mean that they are not steadily disapproriating the wealth from white south africans.
  18. Just nominate Michelle instead as your nominee. That would give you the Trifecta of having a Female, a Balack and an Obama as President.
  19. Might want to look at the actual language of the 22nd Amendment. :No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term." So Obama would be ineligible to become President and even if he could become VP could never become President again. AS the VP he would be the preciding officer in the Senate and able to cast a vote if the senate was deadlocked 50/50. Any other powers he holds or influence he has is really dependant on what the President wants him to have. Most Vice President's have hand little or no power or influence in the Administration. Indeed, it was only under the Carter Administration that the VP first became a "political player" with the two most active VP's likely being Bush 1 under Reagan and Chaney under Bush II. I think that since who controls the House can easily change from by-election to by-election and the Speaker of the House automaticly becomes President if the President becomes incapaciated and the Vice President is unable to take on the powers of the Presidency no one in the Democratic Party would be willing to "troll" the Republicans by nominating Obama as VP less a Republican or Pelosi would become President if Biden could not serve out his term.
  20. He is a Supreme Court Justice. They should not be making any laws, the court's role is to interprete the existing lasw and constitution not make laws based on what they believe would make good laws or policy.
  21. "Someone's taking a casual number that is meant to convey "Relatively new to the majority of Humans, within context of the Human History", as a 100% factual, cited academic paper on the history of leisure animals." Actually examine the language used which I objected to: " Hunting dogs were used for hunting. Working dogs were used for working. Leisure use of pets is new in the last 300 years." I submit that the intent was not to make a "casual" comment. True, he might of meant around three hundred years so maybe 400 to 250 year span. But he was making a certfiably testable assertion that "leasure pets" is a phenominum of the last three hundred yewars or so. My point was that dogs were "leasure pets" of the nobility for at least a millenia. "Making a mountain out of a molehill " Other popular idioms are: "Cannot see the Forest for the Trees" (cannot see the larger point because you are fixated on the minor details such as spelling mistakes ) : And my all time favorite: " A Foolish Consistancy is the Hobgoblin of little minds" " which I suggest is a disease which you suffer from.
  22. First of all, Social Justice really isn't a bad word but I do agree a modern agenda has no place in a medieval fantasy.
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