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  2. Hello! Lately gotten the hankering to get back in RP'ing and the general hubbub of a community of fans as I just started rereading the series for the...I haven't the slightest clue how many times lol, as well as the news that they've started casting actors for the tv series! (PLEASE DON"T SUCK!) This'll be my first time RP'ing WoT but have had significant experience on other RPF's participating in the past. Looking forward to interacting with this community!
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  4. I read WoT about two years ago, and now I've been struck with the terrible and all-consuming urge to re-read it this summer, so here I am. I'm wondering if my perspectives will change this time 'round. I look forward to talking with all of you and becoming part of this community!
  5. The ageless look is caused by the Oath Rod. Normally, the channelors would simply age extremely slowly. This is why LTT looked like he was around 40 even through he was well over 300 years old when he died. Same is true for the Kin,some of whom were a few hundred years old. The Oath rod literally stops natural aging at a certain point, but the person begins to give off an aura of maturity, and you can tell that they are older than they look.
  6. The reason they can't put age to them isn't because they physically look older, but because of the aura they give off. They just seem to be more mature and wise, and you end up with the feeling that they are older than they seems, and it's impossible to what their true age is. They don't seem to age back and fourth with every glance.
  7. A wheel of time puzzle quest might be cool.
  8. Are you having trouble understanding what I'm saying?
  9. "Too big. It's so big that people are already forming smaller tents inside this giant tent whether you like it or not and eventually those tents are going to butt heads. Only a matter of time." Forming smaller tents within the Big Tent was exactly the idea the Founders had. Further forcibly sep[erating into hostile smaller countries only heightens the likelihood of trouble, again the Pakistan-India example. Also you refuse to confront the reality that your plan envisions forced ethnic cleaning in a massive scale. Give me an example where ethnic cleansing led to peace between the divided people! "Pretty sure that's not correct but regardless it's besides the point." Learn a little bit about actual American history before arguing with people who have degrees in the topic. Further it's precisely on point.
  10. Early polling and google search trends indicating tulsi gabbard won the night. I'm not sure what for? Maybe the rest of the nation wasn't already familiar with her.
  11. https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/06/24/google-censors-video-exposing-google/
  12. https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Pro-Trump-message-board-quarantined-by-Reddit-14052482.php lol the hand wringing and pearl clutching in this article the headline suffices though
  13. More incentive to stay together and stay big, like I said. That's not true. Too big. It's so big that people are already forming smaller tents inside this giant tent whether you like it or not and eventually those tents are going to butt heads. Only a matter of time.
  14. Is it even ethnic cleansing? I am talking about reshaping North America and if that means "ethnic cleansing" of blacks, asians, hispanics, etc it also means an ethnic cleansing of whites as well. I'm not trying to like give whites some kind of better deal here. I think there is land to go around for everyone. Oh jfc cry me a river while you shoot a puppy are you serious right now? This wouldn't be a trail of tears situation. If anything it would be unprecedented. I want people to want to do it willingly I have no desire in forcing hundreds of millions. I do have no problem with forcing a few thousand stragglers though if need be. It has to be a majority thing though. I'm not interested in moving people who don't want it. Let's be clear here because you're throwing these stupid buzzwords in my face, people of different races and ethnic backgrounds already don't want to live together. Did you get that or should I bold it too? The nation is more self segregated now than it has been for a long time maybe ever. Why do you think things like White Flight or Chinatown are even a thing? Military ordinance is probably the single most important reason why this wont happen willingly and peacefully. No one knows what to do with it but everyone would want it. If we even broke the nation into two, just split it down the geographic middle, there would be arguments over military assets more than anything else I think. And I'm not saying it's not a complicated problem. Hell maybe it is even impossible to come to a peaceful agreement. But that first step is in admitting that it needs to happen or eventually there will be violence. Well, more violence. Pretty sure that's not correct but regardless it's besides the point. Yeah we've had this discussion before. I don't care. I'm using British as a substitute for English get over it. And the claim is that majority was homogeneous. You're talking about minority groups...which eventually assimilated to the majority. We can't do that before we understand what groups we're dealing with unfortunately. Let's say for the sake of argument that 90% of the United States wanted to willingly stay together but 10% (let's say it's the libertarians for giggles) want their own space and they are granted IDK like all of Montana or something. You wouldn't give these two nations 50/50 of oil reserves would you? You can't even reasonably move oil let alone manufacturing plants so whatever is in Montana is there. As Lenlo noted not everyone would get what they need if nations split too small. This is why there is an incentive to not split things too far. I think you might be surprised. You're looking at it as such a burden to move (and for some it is, granted) but you're not giving a fair shake to the other side. What if I offered Texans the thing a good portion of them have wanted for years, the chance to succeed from the Federal government? And many black activists are always talking about the black experience in the United States and how they can't even drive in a decent neighborhood without being pulled over and harassed by police. You think telling them they have a chance to live without any white people (or anyone else) screwing with them doesn't sound appealing at least at first? And what about Alabama and Mississippi? Maybe they'd like to ban abortion outright without having to deal with an overbearing supreme court? Maybe California would like to officially ban all firearms outright, no second amendment? Maybe Virginia lowers the voting age to 16? When you start thinking about all the things you DONT like about living in the USA and the possibility of doing it the way you always thought it should be with likeminded people it's more exciting than it is a burden. No one is going to be worried about being forced to do it at the point of a gun if there was actually a serious chance it could happen.
  15. James Brown: your choices are too plain, me thinks. Besides the Asian girl the other two look too plain to be one of the forsaken or Moraine. Saying that, great acting can overcome that in some instances.
  16. I have to give the night to Warren. She started out a little slow and then hit her stride and was on fire the entire night. Runner up was Castro with a surprising third in De Blasio. Beto and Klobuchar shot themselves in the face and probably ended their runs tonight whether they know it or not. The rest were either unimpressive or had only one or two moments compared to the top 3 who had several. All in all a sickening experience.
  17. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / A _ O _ _ D / T _ _ / _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ No: L
  18. Welcome to DM. Feel free to explore. There are lots of friendly folks here. Be aware that in the social boards, you will have limited access to some if the threads unless you join that specific group. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Got any favorite characters yet?
  19. This hasn’t been updated in awhile, but it’s still accurate. http://www.steelypips.org/wotfaq/3_sources/3.12_future-earth.html
  20. Women who have been stilled don’t stick around the Tower and Aes Sedai avoid them as much possible. Stilling is a subject they are deeply uncomfortable with. Typically it takes time for the change to happen, but Siuan and Leane lost their ability under such traumatic circumstances that it happened faster than usual. By the time most stilled women change, they’ve already fled the Tower like Setalle Anan did.
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  22. Yey!! Welcome to DM Ardua! You're in a good place if the series is becoming one of your favourites... Just be glad you don't have to wait years for the release of each 'new' book 🤣 I love hearing of people starting new to the series, what got you started? What's been your favourite part so far?
  23. Not necessarily since the breaking reshaped the continents and we have no pre-breaking maps and so no way of knowing what the continents looked like in the Age of Legends.
  24. "Whats wrong with small nations? And not everyone likes or wants democracy." Well first small nations get picked on a hell of a lot more then large nations that can afford major militaries. Further the only people who do not want democracy are those who think they will be in control of a none democratic state or who believe that their partisan leaders will be in control. "There is plenty of incentive for big tents." Which is why I am in favor of keeping the nation in it's present geographic whole.
  25. "Some do and some don't. You're right that it's not something easily accomplished but the alternative could be worse than the shuffling of people around a nation which is more used to people shuffling around than any other in the world. It is a doable task." ou are taling about official forced ethnic cleansing at a level not ever seen. Lesser attempts at such include the Trail of Tears in our own history, the relocations of tens of millions in connection the the partition of Pakistand and India, the forced exile of Germans from the Czech Republic after WWII just to name a few. You are talking about forced resettling of hundreds of millions of people that will certainly to lead to antipathy that will make the hatred between Pakistanis and IOndians look like a dispute among Anglican Bishops. "This is what happens when a large area breaks apart. It breaks into smaller and smaller pieces along racial/ethnic AND political lines. Do you want to do this in a neat and orderly fashion or do you want the Balkans. That's your choice basically as far as I see it." Ethnic Cleansing is never neat and orderly. Your plan will get you a series of Pakistan's and India's all at each others throats for generations to come. And like the Subcontinent all these new nations are likely to have rather large armies and nuclear weapons. "Were there some Germans and Swedes and whatnot around? Sure, that's why the Naturalization Act of 1790 was passed in the first place." No the Swedes Germans Hugonauts and others predated the Revolution and were deemed citizens by the very nature of their being here prior to the revolution. The 1790 Immigration ACT was meant to regulate all immigration it applied to Englismen wanting to enter the New Republic as much as any Swede or German wanting to enter the country. " the few people who were of a different ethnicity or culture tended to assimilate and adapt fairly quickly." While the none British citizens made up the large majority of the country as a whole, minority groups made up large influential groups in important states including the pivotal three MidAtlantic states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Further, British is not the same as English, the Scots and Irish were not reconciled to Union with the English at that time so your claim of homogeniety does not really stand examination. "Unless some group wants to get greedy about resources there's really no reason we couldn't do this as well." Really how do you split up equitabbly Oil reserves, Manufacturing Plants, etc.? "You're right that it's not something easily accomplished but the alternative could be worse than the shuffling of people around a nation which is more used to people shuffling around than any other in the world. It is a doable task." So You think that White Texans are going to go along with a plan that requires them to leave the land that their families have occupied for 180 years? You think that Alabamams and Mississiian whites are going to say no proglem when the are force to give up lands they have owned for generations to move to Whiteland? Or that the millions of blacks who live in predominantly white states are going to be foine with relocating hundreds of miles to areas that they have no connection with simply becuase it will be Blackland? You think that middle class people and workig class people lliving in The Northeast are going to be fine with moving several hundred miles, giving up their property and jobs (and businesses) because they live in states that are Blue? Really? It's only doable a the point of a gun and at best will only breed further hatred of other groups.
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