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  2. So you’re napping with us again?
  3. Nikon, you had blue milk? How was it, I'm curious. Need to know if I need to book a tickets to Florida soon 🙂 Jeannaisais, too bad about the pizza place. A bad side dish indeed can ruin an entire meal. But, really glad about the burger place. I don't have any food allergies so I don't have to pay (that much) attention. How hard is it to find really good places?
  4. As soon as we have secondary boards, we'll make it happen 🙂 Until then, we'll figure out a way to make it work
  5. Yeah, I wonder how the 'staff' will react on recruiting for clubs in the official WoT threads...
  6. Oh, this is going to take some getting used to...
  7. One group that needs to get either expanded or dropped is the Seafolk. Other boat captains can take their place. also, the kin could easily be the ones that studied the bowl of the winds. although the bowl of the winds could also be dropped. The whole role of of the coramoor was never fleshed out entirely and the sea folk pretty much disappeared in the last few books. although I do remember that Aviendha had a vision of the sea folk turned land folk, simply known as the folk.
  8. 20. I'm happy to have been married to my beautiful wife for thirty years this week. I must be doing something right for her to stick around this long.
  9. There's been at least one leader added here, so I think the mechanics are figured out. It's the decisions that are WIPs.
  10. *goes back to amazon to stock up on baking equipment* very late last night I ordered some crumpet/English muffin rings and if I didn't dream it's a Dutch bread whisk or two. I did not spend the thousands I wanted and for that I feel less shame. anyhoo, coming soon, English muffins.
  11. It was a great scene. I think you're right about the rushed feeling, it would have used a lot more episodes to explain stuff. It felt like important things were cut, i fekt like jon went to be the true king in the true north. as for the wall though... it seemed like maybe they'd defeated the white walkers before but they came back so maybe they expected a far future return?
  12. Elgee, if you need any help, just let me know. I think I have mostly figured this side out.
  13. And Ben was right! Maria said it was a typo and it was fixed in the paperback version! So back to First Reasoner it is!
  14. Faile pushed him to basicly be a Lord in the two Rivers. That is one of my issues with Faile, she constantly tries to force Perrin into becoming what she wants him to be. It's hard to like her because she seems so manipulative. Like tricking Loial to take her in the ways, forcing Perrin to become Lord in the Two Rivers, she basicly forces how she feels the Two Rivers should be run on the Two River folks. All the nonsense of traveling the ways on way to the Two Rivers made me dislike her.
  15. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the "clubs" as they are somewhat on the side of the actual boards and won't be as easy to find. We're going to have to be diligent with inviting people to clubs in their introduction threads.
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