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  3. Moiraine is for sure a "key" character, but am not sure about she "holding" the series together. as far as I recall, she is present in prequel through book 5 then reappears towards the end of book 13 and present in book 14. if I recall correctly, she is mentioned in at least some of books 6 through 12. the main character of this series seems to be Rand; present in all of the main books, but only mentioned in the prequel. if I recall correctly, there is no character that appears in all 15 books.
  4. Take a deep breath. Relax. The game hasn't even started yet.
  5. In your experience? It didnt raise any alarm bells that it blew up in your face fairly recently? Honestly what's wrong with something as simple as time differences? DLs of Americans are usually at 3 am to 5 am for me. And then I have work till like 8 pm at night and I spend a lot of it driving and unable to be on my phone. Ie being scum or a PR I would miss DLs and it has nothing to do with "not paying attention". Jfc
  6. I prefer not to. I don't have as much time and prefer to be behind the scenes. If you absolutely need me then I suppose but hoping to help with VCs and such instead.
  7. I'm in, I have it on my schedule! If we don't have enough DMers to make a team, I think some of the WoT Spoilers crew was wanting to put together a group, perhaps we can combine forces.
  8. If we’re getting to 11 I would like to have 12 then. @Kaylee would you be able to play?
  9. Could it be more like 48/12 unless anyone objects? In my experience most people don't need more than an actual night to figure out their actions if they're paying attention to the game. Also we might have two more coming from JN, give'em another day to check in.
  10. Anyone with a preference for start date or phase length? I am thinking of a 48/24 cycle. Starting Wednesday evening or Thursday morning? Signups are provisionally closed unless we have any other last minute joins. Welcome to DM hosting JN Mafia.
  11. I’ve got everyone up to here. We’ll give it another day or two
  12. I’ve got everyone up to here. We’ll give it another day or two
  13. Yesterday
  14. Casting for the forthcoming Wheel of Time TV show has begun according to the London-based KVH Casting agency. KVH is run by Kelly Valentine Henry, who has been tapped as the show's casting director. The TV show is scheduled to film sometime this fall 2019 (likely September) in Prague in the Czech Republic. No actors have been officially announced yet, but that's expected to change in the coming weeks or months. The KVH website originally encouraged actors to send "submissions only" to submissions@wotcasting.com, but that notice was quickly taken offline, possibly in response to what is likely to be an overwhelming flood of fan interest.
  15. Delayed afaik. No official announcement that I know of.
  16. You dont? Who did you vote for?
  17. Have them fight the hippos aboves?
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