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  2. My sister used to love setting up her classroom. She built trees, bought furniture, set up reading nooks. Now she works with individual students when she can and can't stand classes.
  3. I don't read any Sanderson but I know Niniel does. Is there a unique city in his universe?
  4. - e - - e / - - - o r / - o - r / s - o r - no t, L
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  6. One role I hope they keep or expand is Narg and yes it's partly because he's well Narg. More though Narg is the first real interaction Rand has with the enemy and Narg is just cool
  7. They are quite entertaining, and at the same time kinda sad. These teachers are spending their own money on decorating their rooms and getting class material for the kids. So many classrooms in the US are crowdfunded now, it's ridiculous. I suppose I would do more in terms of decorating and stuff as well if I had a classroom that was "mine".
  8. You get one guess at each level. Just saying. 🙂
  9. Half the books are exposition! or at least it feels that way.
  10. Yeah I totally agree that people will come back when the new show comes around. Anyways...how’s your day going Sooh and Jea?
  11. agreed, if for no other reason then books 4-14 occur in the span of a few months. Also Valan Luca will likely be dropped wholesale or much abridged so right there it's and however much space is taken up by physical descriptions will be gone too.
  12. Totally agree about Moiraine. There's no way they're going to have her out of the story for 3 seasons or thereabouts. Which of course will mean they will have to create a whole lot of story arc for her that doesn't exist. I see her taking the place of some of the other sisters, such as the ones in Ebou Dar who are supposed to assist Elayne and Nyaneave. I'd say Siuan already has a pretty big role with the rebel Aes Sedai. Would definitely like to see more of Elyas! Anyway, the show writers know the endings for all the characters, so every change they make can be made with that in mind, instead of having to force the characters to fit the end of the story.
  13. Why thanks, Lily! This one I actually captured in a skirmish with the Seanchan in Altara while I was still fighting under Lord Mat. Weird, remembering it all--we won the Last Battle only a few months ago. Seems like ages, doesn't it? I was skilled with a sword before I came here, but during the grim battle I saw I was no match for a Warder, and so after we won, I decided to join up--if I made sure to bring bottles and bottles of wine and a cup of dice with me. A soldier likes his things. But my name's Dan.
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