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  2. p a l _ / _ e r d e / t r e e s No B,C,M,K,H
  3. if they turn this into the sjw wot i will tune it out so quickly..... that said, feminism is a strong element of wot. as long as they can make it self reflective and keep the humor in tact then it should fare well. also wot is all about balance so hopefully they don't underestimate the male element, especially rand/perrin/matt. hopefully they equally display the flaws of both the males and females as well. some of the aes sedai can be quite tyrannical and i hope they don't display the white tower as a feminine utopia.
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  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-7045469/PETER-HITCHENS-green-seats-prove-careering-catastrophe.html
  6. Rooting for you!! *snugglebites for good luck*
  7. Another fairly major difference is that Hogwarts is 'just' a school, much like Beauxbatons, Durmstrang etc are 'just' schools. Wizarding kids go there to learn magic but when they graduate, they are no longer part of the school except as alumni. Like the same for us - high school becomes a fond memory for them. They leave school and they go out into the world and get jobs - in shops or at the Ministry of Magic, etc. Hogwarts doesn't pay their way or direct their movements. Also, the political / government seat of power aren't the schools themselves, it's the Ministry of Magic that is the government / power seat (in England, anyway - other countries have their own Magical governments). The White Tower, on the other hand, is the political seat of power for Tar Valon and the Westlands. Girls go there to learn to channel, but once they 'graduate' to become Aes Sedai, they don't leave to get jobs elsewhere. They do go out into the world but all the work they do is always on behalf of the White Tower. The White Tower pays their salaries, etc. I suppose you could say that the White Tower trains them up, and then becomes their employer, while Hogwarts students have to go out into the world and gain employment elsewhere. I guess what I'm trying to say is, Hogwarts sole function is to teach students - it's just a school. The White Tower is so much more than that. At the end of the day, Dumbledore is 'just' a principal - his position in the wizarding world is not equal to the Amyrlin Seat in Randland. The Minister for Magic's position IS equal to that of the Amyrlin Seat. Dumbledore is politically powerful, that's made fairly clear. Fudge and other Ministers have felt threatened by him, mostly because they know of the support Dumbledore would have from the wizarding community if he decided to overthrow the current Minister in order to take that position for himself. Also because the Ministers know he could do a better job of governing the Wizarding world. But he chooses not to; therefore, he is not as powerful as the White Tower's "Principal": the Amyrlin Seat. As for the White Tower size vs Hogwarts size, according to wot.fandom, the White Tower is 600 feet or 183metres tall. I'm not sure, but I think Hogwarts at its highest peak might reach that, but as a whole, the building might be much shorter. More sprawling than tall. I think the White Tower must be larger overall though, because the novice quarters can hold 400 novices, and the Accepted quarters can hold 200 accepted. With seven more floors allocated to the seven ajahs, surely there's enough room for another five hundred Aes Sedai - though that figure could be closer to one thousand?? Don't know... How many Hogwarts students are there at any given time? Five - six hundred? And only about twenty - thirty teachers... If that's anything to go by, then surely the White Tower is larger than Hogwarts... Interesting topic, thanks for raising it 🙂
  8. Do we know who will compose music for series ? Ramin Djawadi did a wonderful job on GOT.
  9. The new new music, after the last of cource, there's time to honour Kaija koo and Kandia yet, will be Portishead, Primal Scream, Fever Ray (that will be and the Knife), Tracey Thorn (similarly but not been in top 40 Everything But the Girl), Moonsorrow, Röyksopp, Elbow, Stewie Wonder, and Pink Floyd. This were a graspfull now. that's UK 5 Sweden 1 Finland 1 Norway 1 Us 1. I'll put videos later, not the Eurovision winner should have all the limelight!
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  11. Neither of the first to jury top countries got good poins, Netherlands won, let me like this:
  12. After danish jury, North Macedonia, Sweden, Netherlands,Italy, Azerbaidzan
  13. North macedonia, sweden, italy, azerbaidjan, russia now!
  14. I could put my favourite Albania already, since it doesn't seem they will, but anything can happen with the public vote. Now the jury votes going (they are weighted 50-50)
  15. _ a l _ / _ e r _ e / t r e e s No B,C,M,K,H
  16. Nice performance by Madonna! Soon to know how the voting goes. My opinion is usually at best half of how it end up.
  17. If I were a country, I would vote like this: Czeck rep 1 point Netherlands 2 points Italy 3 points Norway 4 points France 5 points Australia 6 points Iceland 7 points Slovenia 8 points and my ten points to Denmark 10 points.... .... .... finally there's the 12 points, who get them. I know, but you do not.... soon I reveal.... It is the points Albania 12 points!
  18. bit warmer this week by British standards
  19. Sorry it's late, but wanted to get a roll call up for the Black Tower. Who is here? Got any plans for May?
  20. May 1 was my birthday, so that was nice. Another thing I'm looking forward to, the baby geese and ducks at the pond at the cemetery where my son and I walk. It's always a pleasure to watch them grow up.
  21. Do I see a Hallia? It's been a while. How have you been?
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