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  2. He knew when he confronted Lews Therin in the prologue to EOTW, he stood on the Island that would become Tar Valon and said something along the lines of ”you can’t escape me Dragon, we will meet again, we have fought a thousand times, a thousand times a thousand, and will keep meeting until the Wheel breaks” He is also known as having to put up the theory that the Soul of Lews Therin had fought the Dark One countless times. I’m beginning to actually develop a theory here, that Ishamael had already regained his memories and knew all about the Dark one even Before the drilling of the Bore. And that he actually manipulated the entire drilling from behind the scenes. He was an influential Philosopher in the AOL and amongst the first Aes Sedai to go over to the Dark Side.
  3. A huge welcome to the Fan Base, i will guarantee you will love Wheel of Time, if your on LOC then you can also safely read the prequel New Spring, no spoilers and most people will recommend NS after about Book 5 or 6 New Spring is a fairly short book, set 20 years earlier and gives some insight into a number of important characters. A book a week, thats good going, listened to the entire series last year on Audible(3rd time through the series*) at about a book every 3 weeks and i was able to do other things while doing it. Good luck with Goodkind, not my cup of tea personally, warning it gets very dark.
  4. From an early point in the series, it's clear that ishamael remembers all of his past lives. This seems to be why he is so desperate for death. but do he have these memories before joining the Shadow or did The dark one give them to him? it would make sense that he joined the shadow because the dark one promised to give him an eternal death, if he was so tired from remembering all of his lives. but the story was quite clear that the reason he joined the shadow is because he saw that the shadows triumph was inevitable. It never mentioned early on that he saught an eternal death. did he make his decision to join the shadow because he remembered his past lives and new the shadow will eventually win, or did he simply study the past and realize that's a dark one would be broken free again, and that it was a cycle. Fel figured that out early in the series before his death. He tried to tell Rand that's the whole thing was a cycle and would repeat itself. so it's unclear whether or not is she had the memories already or was given to him after he had already turned to the shadow.
  5. 1. What country do you call home? 2. Do you have children? 3. How much formal education have you received? 4. Have you read all of the WoT books? 5. What's your favorite kind of music? 6. Who's your favorite character from WoT? 7. What is one of your favorite movies? 8. Do you play a musical instrument? 9. Have you traveled outside of your home country? 10. What's one of your favorite desserts? 11. Where would you like to travel? 12. Do you have any pets? 13. Would you like more pets than you have now? 14. You are taking a vacation: would you rather drive, fly, or ride a train? 15. Which country in Randland would you call home? 16. Star Wars or Star Trek? 17. What is your dream job? 18. What famous person (living or dead) would you like to become friends with? 19. Elayne, Aviendha, or Min: who's better for Rand? 20. If someone else paid for it, would you leave our world to help colonize Mars?
  6. Okay, I'm two days over the due date (my fault, totally) so I'm closing the game to new participants. We have four pairs of eager hopefuls: 1. @Hayl3yand @dicetosser1 2. @LilyElizabethand @Dar'Jen Ab Owain 3. @Crossand @Lavandula 4. @ATuckerMorin and @Liitha I'll post a series of questions. Each person must PM me with their own answers to the questions AND how they think their partner will answer. So, for example, if I was partnered with Ryrin (who else?) and the question was, "What's your favorite color?" then my PM would say something like, "My favorite color is blue, and Ryrin's favorite color is green." Got it? Every question must have two answers--your own, and what your partner would say. If you only send me one answer, or if it's not clear which answer is yours and which is your partner's, I'll throw them out. I'll match up the answers in the next couple of days. Then on Saturday (maybe Sunday?) I'll announce the winners, and we'll see who really knows who around here. And I hope it goes without saying--no consulting with your partner. We are people of honor. Cheaters can go hang out in Shadar Logoth, see where that gets you. Ready?
  7. @Dice since they still have more covers to complete, I'm sure Mah'alleinir will be featured! @ElleKayEm here's a like to the French website for the first book in the series, but I didn't see anything that jumped out that looked like a cover designer. https://www.bragelonne.fr/catalogue/9791028102586-loeil-du-monde-premiere-partie/
  8. LilyElizabeth, Green Sitter I don't know. Probably the riots have my attention the most.
  9. @Ryrin Did you want to pair up with me? James said I could enter twice.
  10. Welcome! Hopefully you'll love it here as much as the books - it's a really good community 🙂 Your enthusiasm is infectious, reminds me of all the feels when I started (in '98... though I only finished the series last year!!) I hope it grows as you read! You'll find plenty of topics/places to discuss things on the boards here, just shout out if you need any help. Do you have a favourite character so far??
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  12. Ooohhh *claps* Hello and welcome (?back) Elgen! The boards have had several revamps over the years, one not too long ago, which is why old emails might not register. Now I'm curious though, what name did you use, which chars etc and around which timeframe? There are still a few of us around from the good old days, and we love to see a new-old face 🙂 The RPG has changed quite a bit since the beginning of DM, and activity goes up and down. Don't be put off by the quiet spell though, when new RPs go up people tend to come out of the woodwork. Most active chars are in the White Tower and The Alliance (Band of the Red Hand, Black Tower and Wolfkin) these days, I think. What chars were you thinking of starting/ bringing back?
  13. No need to carry the chair, i'll just use the Saidar *grins* Mumsy's up for a smooth ride lol
  14. I think Dice and I already won... no need for questions anymore 😄
  15. Oopsie : i need to add for myself : Most-Used Messenger: private message on DM or discord.
  16. Welcome Elgen ! For the RP part, it's still going on, there's a club dedicated to it. Don't hesitate to have a look : https://dragonmount.com/clubs/
  17. Welcome to Dragonmount 😄 as Lii said, don't hesitate to have a look at the clubs! (sorry to hear about what you had to go through even if it looks like it had a good outcome ^^ ).
  18. *Pushing new sofa in place* this's gonna look so pretty in comfy corner, yup yup yup.. I still know so little about the Me'areaths though, basically just games and dr who..what more pray tell?
  19. Hey there I'm new to these boards, I think. I imagined I had an account here somewhere, but none of my emails are registered. I was checking up to see if there were any of those old forum-based RPs going anymore. I did those when I grew up, in a various enviroments, but WoT was actually my first world. So anyways, hello guys!
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