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  2. Still my favorite comedy to this day...lolololol
  3. I'm sure the dust will settle eventually and we'll all just have to be patient! Any more of those MG Brews floating around?
  4. "Me? I know who I am. I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude."
  5. Yeah, no nudity! I want these characters to be played by like 11 year olds with Smallville production values and vibe. I think they should focus on scenes featuring holding hands and braid tugging. And arguments over why you’re not braiding your hair anymore! Anyway, unless this show has a huge budget and some heavy hitting creative talent, I fear it’s going to get butchered. I hope they minimize use of the “one power” which to me is the least interesting or impressive thing. Don’t worry too much about the LBGQT statement. That’s just them making the right statements so a bunch of SJWs with nothing better to do come out and start criticizing a show before it’s even on. I’m a liberal and even I’m sickened by how the media seems to try have to cram some gender agenda down our throats. Male genitalia are the root of all evil. We get it! Got an agendera? lol...I might just trademark that. BTW, anyone else picture Lan looking Sergio Leone era Clint Eastwood or Roland Deschain? Also picturing David Straitham as Thom M. I kind of don’t want to watch and have my mental images ruined to be honest.
  6. It is clear Berelain and Lanfear are meant to be the most gorgeous by far. The fact that Galad (time again described as too beautiful to be true) instantly falls in love with Berleain means he considers her the hottest mortal. Forgive me, but he essentially has men and women creaming their pants when Lanfear appears. Everyone is saying Graendal, but that names me think of an old hairy crotch nicknamed grundle. Anyway, RJ doesn’t go into much physical detail about the women. So, yeah, it’s all up to your mental imaging. It’s funny though. Go through the characters and if they’re AS or nobility, 90% are gorgeous. IRL it’s like 5 percent. IRL I’ve always have mixed girlfriends (and now my wife lol). I find white mixed with Asian or Hispanic (I need dainty frames) to always produce great outcomes. That’s why racism is so stupid! lol If it weren’t for the TR village girls being so annoying I’d like them. That being said, just from mental imaging I liked -Berelain: She had it all. Smarts, the art of seduction, she had a backbone and a bite, but she could also be tender hearted. And, she was stacked with an itty bitty waste...that paired with a love for politics. 👍🏼 -Aviendha: I imagined her a deeply tanned with bright green eyes and long dark brown hair with an athletic but buxom build. Also, she seems hard to get. Always attractive. -Finally...I honestly can’t even remember a physical description (besides tiny), but Moraine. I think it’s her personality. I would love having a woman who drive me to be my best self. I say that cause I would not want to be lowered in the eyes of a woman like that. Not because AS are ungodly bossy. PS -lol@this cartoon depiction boys boys boys
  7. I always get hungry after reading the BT threads. Banana muffins sounds delicious.
  8. Thanks Cindy. I enjoy a good curry. Very flavourful!
  9. Hey Dan! :biggrin: (It is Dan right? It's been so long... I have forgotten many things.)
  10. I love cooking and baking! Korean BBQ is one of my favorite things to make and apple or sweet potato pie are my favorite things to bake.
  11. First of all, I need to confess that, at the moment, life is too busy for me to find time to write. Having said that, I used to like when, in the old group, they would have a theme and we could all write something to do with the theme. It gave me a chance to write something different for me. I didn't put a great deal of effort into the pieces, but they were fun. I like Cross' idea, too. Another thought would be a writing prompt, maybe.
  12. I'm shameless. I like watching anyone cook in the kitchen as long as it isn't me.
  13. Thank you haycraftd. I'm so sorry and embarrassed that I've forgotten your name. I am glad, however, that you found the wine. It's perfect!
  14. That looks really nice, James! I hope she loves it.
  15. Welcome back haycraftd! It’s good to see you. Currently the Raw recruit program is on hold. We are trying to get things situated.
  16. Rhya prodded gingerly at her left hip. She remembered the day Owen had discovered just how ticklish her feet were. The violence of her reaction had resulted in a nasty kick to the jaw for him. That had been a day of many firsts. Satisfied that she was still in one piece, Rhya strode over to the tree and began to climb again. It was as well the ground was covered in such a thick layer of twigs and springy moss, it made for a softer landing. She wasn't going to do herself any irreparable damage but she was certainly going to be aching from all the bruises. Even being trained to land properly didn't prevent a few off balance landings and they'd only been at this for about an hour. She was no nearer to controlling her limbs. (OOC: will hopefully finish tomorrow after the family leave)
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