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  2. NU UH!!! I was told this game had a Cass!! Also if we get started soonish then I can lynch your maroon butt in revenge if we lose the game next week!! NO DROPPING OUT!!!
  3. Yep, if it fills without me and you can/wanna run straight up dooooo eeeeeettttt!* Might gimme a chance to watch and remember how to play 🤣 *As long a there IS another game with all frands within near future 😉
  4. G _ O _ I N G / F _ E _ H / _ _ O _ _ _ E / I N / T H _ / G _ _ _ E N
  5. If you cant fit them all into a single debate, you have some problems. Field really needs to be cut down.
  6. Its a little out of the blue... but sure I'll slum it and hydra with liz. j/k we discussed it previously 😛
  7. OR Since it's quite a ways from the 1st, if we get a couple more people we can run this one now and I'll re-sign up and I think the basic queue is p much empty, I could run another (I have so many basic theme ideas it is ridiculous)
  8. Wooo! @Cass - I honestly didn't expect it to fill as fast as it did, I'll be on vacation from the 4th of July - 8th, do you all want to wait and start it then so we can also has a Cass? (and also it'll be hopefully easier on Zander?) @Nynaeve - You wanna Hydra with Liza? (I'm so glad you're playing!) @The Crusher
  9. I like to mafia with a side of bacon please. Thank you
  10. +1 now I think. Unless you wanna start before the end of the month (I'm never finishing this assignment *wails*) then make it +2.
  11. Liiizzz Two of my scary girls in one!!! ! WB Crush / hai! 😋 far as I know, @Andrej took the DM wolf rand curse, then rolled Villa in the last game... so time for it to move to someone new! Also, we HAVE hydra'd, and it was a beautiful TOWNY!ENFP!CHAOS! remember? Also
  12. G _ O _ I N G / _ _ E _ H / _ _ O _ _ _ E / I N / T H _ / G _ _ _ E N
  13. Id suggest we Hydra but I dont wanna rand Wolf so....lololololololol
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hi guys, first post here, glad to see all the book lovers as a community. I’m coming out as a dark friend. I started rooting for the dark one when people became stupidly self righteous or power thirsty, they either think they should lead the final war against the dark one or too busy playing the game of thrones to think about the real threat. I wanted to scream so much while reading Elayne and Eg’s paths to be leaders of their realms, sometimes because of their own stupidity, sometimes because of people around them. Anybody played RDR2? Cadsuane sound like Dutch to me saying all the time “I have a plan!” Tell me what do you think, did you like anyone from the dark side of hate anyone from the light side? Ever considered of turning on our protagonists?
  16. https://www.axios.com/2020-democratic-debate-first-round-lineups-drawing-c2164c61-0a31-4bf9-b6df-11acd953d2f5.html
  17. Can Nyn and I combine forces to form a slank hydra team? 🙂
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