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  2. I'm sorry, but this has been going through my head forever now (as a joke, so please don't take offence): Females. They're far to emotional. 😉 Really, though, remember the men and women in Emond's Field advising Perrin and Faile on how to handle each other right before the two got married? Perrin and Faile were being advised on how to handle different species of wild animals.
  3. Yeah don't know what Nol sees, I like your lil floof Leelou :).
  4. L O N E / S T A R / T I _ _ / _ I T E No: H, M, Y, W
  5. I'm sorry that was rude. Best I can manage is "face only a mother could love".
  6. Dear God that is the ugliest dog I've ever seen and I've been surrounded by ugly dogs my entire life. 😩 😩
  7. Thanks!!! Almost!!! raspberry sour beer...yum!
  8. She’s an energetic Morkie named Harley (Quinn)!
  9. Does the companion whether burnout can be healed since Satelle couldn't hold the adam but Suian could
  10. So there is a moment when Avienda and Rand jumped to Seachan. what is inexplicable is how Avienda describes the Suldam. Egwene started training with Moraine and Elayne was around Elaida for years, then they train in the tower, but when they are standing next to a woman with the spark born in her, like Avienda, they like her, but they don’t recognize her talent, etc. This talent recognition seems to get refined over time. however, when Avienda sees a suldam for the first time from 100? feet away she is describing how the suldam aren’t born with the talent, but they can be trained, but it’s really weird because they are old but never channeled before in their lives. What??? maybe she has a talent...
  11. It should be noted, no society actually allowed blacksmiths to go to war. Their benefit to war effort by producing armor and weapons outweighs any benefit they may contribute on a battlefield. just learned this yesterday, but it is so obvious...
  12. I mean, luke is obviously gonna be back as a force ghost, its a gittdarn star wars movie
  13. I'll tell our head of IT about your disapproval lol
  14. I dont like your Zanracist computer!!!!!
  15. Heh when I try to open them by themselves it tells me that Entertainment and Humor are not allowed lololololol
  16. Can't see that one either 😞 Apparently this computer doesn't like the site you're pulling from lol
  17. Answer the question bird brain. Is it you?
  18. I figured the actual gif of me was self explanatory but i guess not.....derpcleardenied.gif lolololololol
  19. You're free to join the fray... What was soooo stupid? What smart retort do you actually have to offer to the conversation? What's your ace in the hole that shuts down all arguments? Also any Veteran of these D&D forums, would obviously know that the natural conversation around here is that of a circle. That's simply the way of things. We play Ring around the Rosie, constantly refining our arguments, because you're a fool if you think you're actually going to convince someone who fundamentally disagrees with you on every level that they were wrong, and you were right on any core issue or stance.
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