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  2. Agreed it’s like imagining fellowship of the ring without the black rider appearing when the hobbits are picking mushrooms by the side of the road. That sequence is deeply unsettling and machin sin should be similar.
  3. Totally agree that it's not a very active club and the demographic for two people is just as easy to share a folder between pms to drop copies etc into Which is also a possibility, if we don't have enough. Create a shared folder in google docs and do an entrance 'interview' with new club members to see if they want to participate in those 'private' critiques, and behind the scenes you could send them the share access. But sharing links and passwords is not safer than just posting it here. Though I do know we have a few more active parties just not seeing much from them right now - maybe they forgot lol. I have to remember to check back. I'd really like to get an active online writing group short of the chaos that is my facebook groups of tens of thousands of people.
  4. I do tend towards fantasy that has a solid grounding in history or celtic/Arthurian mythology. I suppose too, being a Scot, I have more of a bias towards UK/Irish authors. Scott Rohan is Scottish, McCaffrey is Irish, Rowling, Gaiman and Pratchett are English. Mary Stewart's, (another Scot), The Crystal Cave series is missing off that list but it'd make my top 25 too. Even the American authors I like such as Kerr or Kennealy-Morrison are very grounded in celtic mythology. Kennealy-Morrison, by the way, is the widow of Jim Morrison of The Doors, just as a point of interest. The love story between Aeron and Gwydion which is central to the books, is actually based on Patricia and Jim's relationship as well. I loved how she blended space travel/sci fi with fantasy mythology. Very similar to McCaffrey in that regard. Canavan is an Australian author iirc. As far as Rowling's concerned, the books are far superior to the films. They're more detailed and nuanced, as you'd probably expect. Pratchett is a genius. Your life is a desert if you haven't read his work yet. He should have been President of the World. With Gaiman as Vice President. Left to my own devices I would turn a Top 20 into a Top 60 by making people equal 2nd place and equal 3rd place lol. I had to draw a line. Too many great characters and not enough space. Williams is a great writer, highly entertaining and underrated imho. It's definitely childish reading them now. I just always loved Beldin and probably because I was so young when I read all of the books (about 15 when I started them), the characters have remained a very fond memory. My preteen reading consisted of the Narnia series, Le Guin's Earthsea books, Susan Cooper's Over Sea Under Stone series, and, of course, the Prydain Chronicles (more celtic myth). I read The Hobbit in my early teens but didn't get to LotR until my mid 20's. It never grabbed me, (although I love Legolas), the way WoT did (which I also started when I was 18). Game of Thrones is actually my second favourite fantasy series after The Keltiad. I prefer it over WoT from a writing point of view as I find it more realistic and gritty. Many of Martin's choices challenged me as a reader which makes me value the story and the characters more. WoT is pure escapism, it never made me sad, except for two occasions; when Hopper died and when Verin died. But strangely I've invested more in terms of time (coming on 30 years soon) and being a fan with WoT because of DM and the friends I've made here. Good luck with the book hunt and thanks for this thread. Intriguing to see other people's lists and a fun way to get inspiration for new reads. :)
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  6. We've had a change of plans on the car. He wants to get a secure credit card and start building some credit and then try in 6 months to get financing. I think that's a smart move. In other news, I'm so excited about my class this semester! I'm taking abnormal psych. I didn't realize what it was about when I signed up. I only signed up because I like the professor and hey, a psych credit is a psych credit. It's about all the things I deal with at work - ADHD, autism, bipolar disorder, etc. This will be fun!
  7. i think she is a bad choice she is way to tall to play Moiraine
  8. Yes we don't know the exact questions Moiriane asked Ny or other people. Imagine a stranger walks up to you and starts asking for personal info about people you know. You would probably be like who is this lady. Especially the stubborn Two Rivers people. So Moiraine had to ask questions but make is so the people wouldn't get suspicious. Moiraine may of had an idea it was Rand, but could she risk it? Could she simply ignore the other two and focus just on Rand? Maybe if she had a few more days in the Two Rivers she could piece it together, don't forget she hadn't been in Edmods field very long so it was limited what she could learn. The when the Trollocs attacked and it was clear they were after all three, I'm sure that added a little doubt in her mind which boy it was.
  9. Very intriguing list. Seems apparent you like historical fiction, or at the least historical fantasy. Several authors on your list I'd never heard of (Kennealy-Morrison, Greg Keyes, Trudi Canavan and Michael Scott Rohan), and a few I am familiar with, having seen their books on the shelves at the libraries or the book stores for pretty much my entire life, and just never got around to reading them. Authors like Prathcett (yeah, i know, "get on that" everyone says), Kerr, and Gemmell (although I'm not sure exactly when I first saw Gemmell's name, it could have been more recently, like the last dozen years or so). And I've still never read Rowling, although I have seen all 8 of the HP movies, but not the spin-offs. Love seeing another fan of Williams though! And Binbiniqegabenik, who you included, and Camaris, who you didn't🤨, just missed out on making it to my Honorable Mentions list, definitely making it in my Top 30. It has been decades, literally, since I read any David Eddings. Does that series hold up when you read it as an adult, or have you always just loved Beldin? I've always kind of seen The Belgariad and The Malloreon as being more for the younger set, along with The Elenium and The Tamuli (my favorite was The Elenium by far; and I never managed to get around to finishing The Tamuli for some reason). I really enjoyed them when I was younger, the were a formative part of my youth along with Raymond E Feist and Tolkien (that was my Fantasy Trinity during my preteens through until I hit 18 and The Wheel of Time came out). There was other stuff I read during that time, but when it came to Fantasy, they were my gods. (The "other stuff included a heck of a lot of Science Fiction, for which I had a whole other set of gods, namely Robert Heinlein, Philip Jose Farmer, Isaac Asimov, Orson Scott Card 😡😠😖🤮 and Frank Herbert). And quite happy to see Tyrion, Verin and Matrim on your list.😎 Now off to find some books by those authors I haven't read or even heard of...
  10. Very tough, after the top 3 most are not really in any particular order but they all make up my top 20. 1. Aeron Aoibhell, Queen of Kelts - The Keltiad (Patricia Kennealy-Morrison) 2. Gwydion Penarvon ap Arawn - The Keltiad (Patricia Kennealy-Morrison) 3. Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones (G.R.R. Martin) 4. Rowan - The Talent Series (Anne McCaffrey) 5. Piemur - Pern Series (Anne McCaffrey) 6. The Luggage - The Colour of Magic (Terry Pratchett) 7. Marquis de Carabas - Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman) unusual for being a novelisation of a TV series rather than vice versa 8. Jill - Deverry Cycle (Katherine Kerr) 9. Ebañy aka Salamander - Deverry Cycle (Katherine Kerr) 10. Binbiniqegabenik - Memory, Sorrow & Thorn (Tad Williams) 11. Jon Shannow - The Last Guardian (David Gemmell) 12. Beldin - The Belgariad (David Eddings) 13. Hezhi - The Waterborn (Greg Keyes) 14. Sonea - The Black Magician Trilogy (Trudi Canavan) 15. Alv - The Winter of the World Series (Michael Scott Rohan) 16. Kim - The Fionavar Tapestry (Guy Gavriel Kay) 17. Matrim Cauthon - Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan) 18. Verin Mathwin - Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan) 19. Waylander - Drenai Saga (David Gemmell) 20. Severus Snape - Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling)
  11. I don't know either. Sometimes I think a spruced up Hagrid and other times a CGI Andy Serkins performance. We'll see how it goes.
  12. *snuggles the Souvra* I like at least a few of those things, so count me in too.
  13. That's a concept I can absolutely get behind. I loathe pineapple. Of course I'm not a fan of tomato paste/sauce either so I don't like traditional pizza. Thankfully some very kind people have started making garlic base pizzas and those, I absolutely adore. But not with pineapple! Or any other kind of fruit for that matter.
  14. Thank you, Lily and Eqwina! ❤️ And everyone, for that matter!
  15. I do not disagree. If we can petition an active enough list for a private space for copyright - club, then I am willing to ask again. 🙂 Just two people may not be enough to sway. Unless @Jason Denzel is willing to feel differently.
  16. I'm really pleased with the casting so far. Barney Harris was inspired casting for Mat in particular. The others look nothing like I imagined them but I was prepared for that. The same happened with GoT and now I can't imagine anyone else playing the characters. All depends on the quality of the acting. At least they all have good, solid credentials, some critically acclaimed even, without being overly associated with any other brand. Also pleased with Rosamund Pike as Moiraine, very believable. Interesting to see that she's a producer on the series too. I've been trying to imagine who would work as Loial and I'm drawing a complete blank.
  17. I moved this thread over because a new semester started and I'm so excited. I signed up for Abnormal Psychology because I had previously taken a class by this professor and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was going to be about REALLY abnormal things like sociopaths and serial killers. lol Turns out, it's about the things I work with on a daily basis - ADHD, Bipolar disorder, Autism, etc. I'm so excited for this class!
  18. Forgetting the Atha'an Miere are we? We met them way before we met Tuon. Tuon is described as Ebony. This is Zoë Robins This is a picture of the Model Khoudia Diop In the world of the Wheel of Time, where cultures, nationalities are all flipped on their heads, you have Samurais living in what we'd think of as Sweden, and Desert Dwelling Native American Gingers, and a spanish Armada run by Jamaicans. Compared to Zoe, who isn't even that dark, someone like Khoudia Diop is going to turn heads.
  19. That's not the first field I've heard you say that about, Elgee. I think you just love learning. I do, too.
  20. I can not express my deepest of condolences for you and your families loss. I can't even imagine, and if there is anything... You know Cairma has gone through loss and may be the older figure for Thera to talk with. Conor has aged and could be interesting to. I'm open and will watch for the thread ❤️
  21. Wasn't Egwene pretty much done with Rand romantically around the half-way point of ETOW? She was pretty much set on going to the White Tower. I don't know if I'd equate Selene as a romance as more of an older lady tempting the young guy situation. Rand Briefly meets Min in EOTW, and meets Elayne a little longer... ('cause of the whole meeting the queen plotline) I guess what I'm getting at is, I wouldn't really call these romance plots, as love interests that he's trying to decide which to approach. Two Rivers he was looking at Egwene because everyone's pressuring them to get married. Now that he's in the wider world, and sees what the world has to offer, Egwene is no longer the pick of the litter... (The portal stone also messes with Rand's Psyche!) Depending on how they do the Ogier, and how much practical effects/CGI they do, and the fact that he's going to be the only one we see for awhile compared to the cut-and-past Trollocs, I don't see why they couldn't keep Loial. He may not play a large plot, but he is WoT's Samwell Tarly. If you Nix Loial, you nix the Ogier. If you nix the Ogier, you nix the Ways. If you nix the Ways, you nix Machin Shin, which is one of the great horror-sequences that we just can't not have. It be akin of getting rid of the whole Shadar Logoth stop, or getting rid of Dumai Wells. Certain events just have to happen, or we're going to get a very lame show.
  22. I'm so, so sorry Eqwina. I know what it is like to lose family unexpectedly, and it is so hard. I also shouldn't pretend to know how badly you're grieving, of course. You have my empathy. I would not mind using my Yellow, Celestine, if you started this thread. Maybe Yellows often council grieving Tower members...
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