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  2. That's a concept I can absolutely get behind. I loathe pineapple. Of course I'm not a fan of tomato paste/sauce either so I don't like traditional pizza. Thankfully some very kind people have started making garlic base pizzas and those, I absolutely adore. But not with pineapple! Or any other kind of fruit for that matter.
  3. Thank you, Lily and Eqwina! โค๏ธ And everyone, for that matter!
  4. I do not disagree. If we can petition an active enough list for a private space for copyright - club, then I am willing to ask again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just two people may not be enough to sway. Unless @Jason Denzel is willing to feel differently.
  5. I'm really pleased with the casting so far. Barney Harris was inspired casting for Mat in particular. The others look nothing like I imagined them but I was prepared for that. The same happened with GoT and now I can't imagine anyone else playing the characters. All depends on the quality of the acting. At least they all have good, solid credentials, some critically acclaimed even, without being overly associated with any other brand. Also pleased with Rosamund Pike as Moiraine, very believable. Interesting to see that she's a producer on the series too. I've been trying to imagine who would work as Loial and I'm drawing a complete blank.
  6. I moved this thread over because a new semester started and I'm so excited. I signed up for Abnormal Psychology because I had previously taken a class by this professor and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was going to be about REALLY abnormal things like sociopaths and serial killers. lol Turns out, it's about the things I work with on a daily basis - ADHD, Bipolar disorder, Autism, etc. I'm so excited for this class!
  7. Forgetting the Atha'an Miere are we? We met them way before we met Tuon. Tuon is described as Ebony. This is Zoรซ Robins This is a picture of the Model Khoudia Diop In the world of the Wheel of Time, where cultures, nationalities are all flipped on their heads, you have Samurais living in what we'd think of as Sweden, and Desert Dwelling Native American Gingers, and a spanish Armada run by Jamaicans. Compared to Zoe, who isn't even that dark, someone like Khoudia Diop is going to turn heads.
  8. That's not the first field I've heard you say that about, Elgee. I think you just love learning. I do, too.
  9. I can not express my deepest of condolences for you and your families loss. I can't even imagine, and if there is anything... You know Cairma has gone through loss and may be the older figure for Thera to talk with. Conor has aged and could be interesting to. I'm open and will watch for the thread โค๏ธ
  10. Wasn't Egwene pretty much done with Rand romantically around the half-way point of ETOW? She was pretty much set on going to the White Tower. I don't know if I'd equate Selene as a romance as more of an older lady tempting the young guy situation. Rand Briefly meets Min in EOTW, and meets Elayne a little longer... ('cause of the whole meeting the queen plotline) I guess what I'm getting at is, I wouldn't really call these romance plots, as love interests that he's trying to decide which to approach. Two Rivers he was looking at Egwene because everyone's pressuring them to get married. Now that he's in the wider world, and sees what the world has to offer, Egwene is no longer the pick of the litter... (The portal stone also messes with Rand's Psyche!) Depending on how they do the Ogier, and how much practical effects/CGI they do, and the fact that he's going to be the only one we see for awhile compared to the cut-and-past Trollocs, I don't see why they couldn't keep Loial. He may not play a large plot, but he is WoT's Samwell Tarly. If you Nix Loial, you nix the Ogier. If you nix the Ogier, you nix the Ways. If you nix the Ways, you nix Machin Shin, which is one of the great horror-sequences that we just can't not have. It be akin of getting rid of the whole Shadar Logoth stop, or getting rid of Dumai Wells. Certain events just have to happen, or we're going to get a very lame show.
  11. Today
  12. I'm so, so sorry Eqwina. I know what it is like to lose family unexpectedly, and it is so hard. I also shouldn't pretend to know how badly you're grieving, of course. You have my empathy. I would not mind using my Yellow, Celestine, if you started this thread. Maybe Yellows often council grieving Tower members...
  13. Let's see a source on that? All I've been able to dig up about this list, is that @Terez supposedly found this list buried among the notes RJ left to the Charleston University. The Wordpress/Instagram post, which is a screenshot of a list posted to some forum, (that I can no longer find) has a source that links to Google+. But as you may know (probably not) Google+ shutdown. So AFAIK there is no way to validate the source of that list, because the source-link is now dead. There is no way to validate that list, short of Terez where it came from. Also something to note: Much of the stuff Terez found buried in the notes, wasn't even cannon. From what I've gathered, much of the notes were "what ifs", random plots/stories & ideas that were written but never committed to Cannon. I think I read one where Nyneave is Raped. One where Nyneave kills Moiraine. Per the list above: None of the actors, look at all, how the characters are described. Audrey Hepburn was 5'-7" Egwene is 5'-3". If we go by the Perrin/Moiraine Heightists, Audrey was to Tall, even with movie magic and forced perspective. Audrey was relatively pale. Not even close to the spanish skin tone people are clamoring for. (She's British afterall!) Jacqueline Bisset 5'-7" Tall Nyneave is 5'-4". Too tall yet again. Bisset also has gray eyes. (or is it green, or blue? Either way, far too light) Val Kilmer is 6'-0". Blue eyes, Blonde Hair. Perrin is at least 6'-1", Dark Curly Hair, Dark Eyes. Kilmer is clearly To short, his hair & eyes are to light, and his hair isn't curly enough to play Perrin. Assuming RJ actually made the list, the most likely reason he wrote it, is that these are actors RJ knew, and liked. Many of them are people he grew up watching. He probably would have loved to see them play his characters, even if they looked nothing like them... Here's the thing. Good actors can play characters they don't look anything like. Some Actors are just meant to be certain characters, and they become the character, even if they don't look anything like what you expected that character to look like. Nick Fury never used to look like Samuel L Jackson. Now we can't picture Nick Fury as anyone BUT Samuel L Jackson.
  14. @Liitha Would you be interested in joining if it's in the current time?
  15. It would make sense to me to have each season be one book, however I think book 14 maybe split into two. I hope that is do-able.
  16. That is amazing!!!! Congratulations!! I cannot wait to read it.
  17. IMO the actress they've chosen for Nynaeve is just too plain from the pictures I've seen. from the wiki : She is also described as being relatively short and slim, standing at 5'4". She is said to be very pretty, even beautiful.
  18. Updated post count. WS7 raise approved by the RCL.
  19. As far as comparing aSoiaF, and WoT, someone mentioned being curious on the perspective of a person who hadn't watched the show, but had read the books. While I have watched the first season, I haven't watched the rest. I would say that aSoiaF is grimmer in tone, but not by much. Honestly, the only sex scenes that I can remember lasting any amount of time at all are completely consensual. There is also a lot to be said for how the characters in WoT are always either with an army or are magic. The main exception that we see to this is at the very beginning, when the whole company is traveling across the Taren. And they are worried about the ferryman trying to rob them. Also, returning to the casting, (based nearly entirely off of the pictures shown) I like Perrin, and was ambivalent at best about the others, although that clip someone posted earlier of Mat's actor improved my estimation of him a lot. In general, I doubt that this adaptation will be good.
  20. Yesterday
  21. I am so sorry for your loss and all the struggles that have come with it. Anything we can do to help I am more than willing to do. I know this goes without saying but with people jumping in I trust everyone will respect that this will be yours to lead how you want. If you ever feel like itโ€™s getting out of hand or going in a direction you donโ€™t want it to go let me or Tay know ASAP. This is meant to help you and if it starts to hurt you, I will step in.
  22. Also in the books Tuon and her Truthspeaker ( who was actually Semirhage ) are the first " black " characters encountered in the series. Unless there was a Dacovale in Falme under Turok. It's even made mention the shock characters have at the skin tone. I hate "progressiveness" in these entrances. Your completely changing a story to fit some narrative you want to run, who actually cares about the story. Sorry rant over.
  23. the RPs have private clubs for their subsections. I don't think they'd have a problem with one specific to copyright protection. At least it makes more sense in this case IMO. I get it's a separate club and all but it would be better than posting passwords to google docs in public places. Still the same problem as posting it here imo.
  24. I won't pretend to know what you're going through, Crystal. Every bereavement is different, and your situation is particularly hard with the kids to think about. But thank you for sharing with us all. I do empathise and I do understand what it's like to try and write following a traumatic event, having found some solace that way myself in the past. I need to get Kiyi's Test/Oaths finished but if I can do it in time, I'd be happy to jump in. Failing that, I know we have a couple of other Warder members and Sisters available so I'm sure they'll be very willing to help with whatever you need.
  25. But will he be as stupid all along? Or will he contract stupidity as the plot needs it? Makes all the difference, lol.
  26. I have been away from DM for awhile, but for many years it was my safe space. It was where I felt like I could express myself and where I could be me. It was truly my online home. It is because of this that I feel safe sharing something that happened in my life last month. On July 13th my older brother and my sister in law were killed when their motorcycle hit a deer. They left behind three children. My two nephews from a previous relationship, who are 10 and 13 and my young niece who just turned 3 in May. They did not have a will, and so our entire lives have been turned upside down. We have been dealing with lawyers and court dates, and trying to figure out how to move on with life. Prior to this accident I had been writing every day. Sometimes I was working on my book, other times I was just journaling or free writing, but it was a daily habit. Since their accident I have not written a single word. I have sat down and tried, but nothing comes. I know that it is a byproduct of my grief and that in order to start truly healing I need to write again. So here is my idea..... My Warder/former Mistress of Trainees has a younger brother, a character that I wrote. I think I want to start an RP where Thera finds out that he has died. Perhaps if I can start writing again, it can help me heal in real life. I do not have an idea of what Thera would need, because I do not even know what I need, but I would love from people to jump in. I am going to try and get the post up this week. It will be called Life As She Knew It.
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