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  2. Yes, I am. Still have a cough though. I can’t wait to have grandkids!
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  4. I don't know about videos, but there are at least 3 separate CD recordings of Mozart's final symphonies by Harnoncourt. The earliest cycle was with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam. It was recorded back in the '80s and is quite different from his later recordings, especially the tempo if #40. The second set was with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe and was recorded between 1992-1997. The final set was the one in the second video. (2014 with the Vienna Concentus Musicus, not too long before his death.) That CD set is only 39-41 though.
  5. I agree with you Lady. I never had grandparents, so I wouldn't know from the kid's pov, but he really enjoys coming in my room and visiting with me. I only spoil him a little bit because I'm also kind of a parent to him as well. Ryrin, are you feeling better? I sure hope so.
  6. It’s me Kaylee, the guy that thinks moderation is nothing less than surrendering your soul.
  7. Rammstein was there by the way since it's the next thing from the pile. Friday listened the first cd from this concert, second cd the next opportune time. This will bump up both Rammstein and Germany in the list by some 7000 seconds, but how much, we'll find out at the next update which has other new things too (I foresee Pink Floyd, Gypsy Kings, Sting and Hurt and the Merciless at least; Prince, Cher, Belle and Sebastian--- the next one's print is so written that I'd have to take it out to see what it is--- Roger Whittaker's collection, I remembered rather than taking it out; also collection by Kaija Koo, and something by Kandia Kouyate).
  8. Ah, I misquoted the "I Want a Dog," song. That's the one upgraded to album track on Introspective. I want the wuf-wuf as base drum here. So, apologies for mistating, here what was meant:
  9. You can buy them at the door, pre-reg is over but yes, it is still possible.
  10. They did the best they could but a government is made of people. Next time I'm at my PC. I'm visiting my mom. I think women (and men) should take all possible precautions before marrying someone. Yeah if you elope with the bad boy on a motorcycle you met in a bar you might be in for a worse marriage than it you married some dweeb who collects frogs or whatever. Just like in other aspects of life I believe there should be consequences for poor decision making. THAT'S NOT HOW STATISTICS WORK Not all statistics are polls. That's a mighty big assumption. I think you will be disappointed. I'm only talking about education. We have states... It's hard to remember. I definitely took standardized testing (CAT6 and STAR) but I don't recall the frequency increasing. Also one thing I distinctly remember from that time, especially high school, is that I WASN'T taught what was On the test sometimes. I remember having to guess since they were always multiple choice. My guess is they hadn't really caught up to what the federal government wanted yet. What year? I graduated in 08. By that measure you can never cut a program or even funding because you would be obstructing the federal government. Do you know the frequency at which expats return to the US? Those aren't expats. You wouldn't know like that. Only way to know is either to ask them directly or see their voting record somehow. Yeaaahhh..........but if I was going to make cuts that's probably the last place i would do it. cause ya know...If you get that wrong we could all die. Like would you just but the CDC if I told you 90% of their funds get wasted somehow? You could. But if you get that 10% wrong it's smallpox time lol. So better to focus on other areas first and continue to dump money into the CDC (and military) until you've cut everywhere else it made sense to cut first. Is it enforced? Did you watch the video? Yes. Yes. We are living in one now. Ok. That's not how it works. Definitions are not personal. I can't all of a sudden just decide you're a plant. No. That's not technically true though. They get benefits such as on taxes without providing anything in return (children). Less taxes collected when they should be effects me. Get off this offended kick already. I'm not offended. This isn't about speech or religion. What did I say that makes you think I'm offended? I'm really curious. I mean just because I say something you don't agree with I must therefore be offended by YOUR beliefs? I hope you have more than that. So, again, share or pop the ball so no one can play. If gays can't have tax benefits for sodomizing each other than no one should get them. I agree with libertarians on a lot of things but I agree with ex libertarians more. Disagreed. I think they would be a gang not a militia...
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  13. You can't prevent Religion/Christianity from influencing the Government, if the government isn't absent of it. If it's there, it's going to influence. Go for it, 'cause you're dead wrong. Actually, it does. People in an unhappy marriage that you refuse to allow get divorced, make situations worse. You never stopped and thought, maybe that person getting beaten by their husband SHOULD get divorced. Sure I am serious. If we go by statistics, that guy should never have done it. If we go by statistics, All crime should be done by those wicked poor kids from broken homes. All drugs should be done by poor black kids. These outliers shouldn't exist. The probabilities of them existing are infinitesimal. Other statistics show, and prove that the crime rate between races is the same (Different types of crime, with white collar financial crimes being more popular among white criminals) Drug use per capita is the same among races and upbringing/financial station often has no bearing on drug use/addiction. Polls don't poll every person, nor do all statistics capture every person. They poll people who respond to polls. They poll certain areas of certain cities. Certain rural areas. They ask leading questions to manipulate poll statistics towards however people that are paying the pollsters want the data to swing. This is why we have polls that show that the majority of Americans want to repeal Obama Care, contradictory the majority of Americans oppose repealing the ACA (Affordable Care Act). They are the same thing. So what I'm saying is, that your statistics about how well kids do based on upbringing are innately flawed and biased. They come from right-wing think tanks aimed at dissolving gay marriage, or gays from adopting, and they look for data to support their thesis, often excluding people from there polls for being outliers, or they gather there statistics from areas that prove there point, and avoid others that would counter it. No federal policies = no Federal government. No federal government = the USA is now a group of greek city states. That's how you get Anarchy. See, I heard after Bush No Child Left Behind, those went from 1 or 2 every year, to 2 to 4 every semester, and every semester was about teaching those standardized tests. I honestly don't recall having to take any standardized tests after 7th or 8th grade. No-Child Left behind didn't actually take affect until well after I graduated... Federal Government, any subsidiary programs. Businesses that have to work with those federal agencies to get work done for their clients/townships/cities/counties/states, can't get work done because those federal agencies aren't doing their jobs, because they're routinely being furloughed, told to work at a slower pace. Stop all active works, thus the american people, are being obstructed out of a misguided purpose of dismantling the Federal government from the inside out much like Termites. Doesn't matter. They are US citizens. You realize these people come back right? Like.. people go on vacation? That we.. you know, send kids to college overseas? And then they come back here for jobs? Actually I'm not. They are all conservative Republicans. I can actually prove it via social media facebook. But if you want to believe that all educators are liberals, go ahead. Reality isn't that black-and-white. Don't get me wrong, I dislike bureaucrats as much as the next person. But if you really wanted to get rid of senseless and expensive bureaucracy, you'd wipe out half the military industrial complex first. Sure there is. You just don't see that sharia law = Religious Law, and any religion can institute there own version of Sharia law, not just Muslims. Homosexuality, Oral & Anal sex are still crimes in several states. Maybe 90%. And procreation generally requires sex, and as mentioned, many people who can not have children (barren), are married. Via your logic, there marriage is no better than a gay couple getting married. Marriage is traditional in more than Christian Religion. And there are other religions/societies that have allowed gay marriage. Atheists also get married, without religion. It's still Marriage. Atheists have no law against gays getting married. It doesn't change any meaning or definition for you at all. Because you're allowed to have your own definition/value/reason for marriage, just like anyone else can have there own meaning. Just like with the freedom of speech, it stops when it harms other people. Gays' getting married, do no harm you. They do not effect you. It may offend you. But the entire point of the 1st amendment, freedom of speech & religion, is that it is my right to offend you with my words/beliefs. When your religion or Freedom of speech seeks to restrict my Freedom of speech/religion, is going to far, and just as dangerous as yelling fire in a theater. IT certainly sounds like it's hurting your feelings. It's hurting your feelings on the concept of traditional marriage being broken. The idea offends you, and others who Agree with your line of argument. Actually no. Because in either case, everyone can still get married. If we remove Federal recognition of marriage. You can still get married at your church! It's just not legally binding with the Federal Government, and doesn't require local, state or federal recognition of it, or any of the legal documents/annulments involved in the whole process. *Gasp* Which means, omg. Like you can get married at any church you want! Which means Atheists can still get married, and Wiccans, and Muslims by their peers... Just without all the paperwork/government in your business. That's a shame. You might find people who agree with you there. It's a leading question that I think I knew the answer to, but you've routinely answer the opposite of how I expect, thus asking it. Nah, it's intertwined. It's all part of it. Else we can't have any literal interpretation without taking everything within the context of how it was written. This is why people far smarter than us, have been debating this issue for 243 years. So you don't care if those gang-bangers form a Militia?
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  15. @Leelou my mom loves your dog btw. I showed her the picture because apparently my aunt wants a new dog..Anyway long story short she thinks it's adorable.
  16. terangreal that require the One Power I take would be disabled inside stedding. adam I take to be one of those. terangreal that do not require the One Power, those I take would work in a stedding.
  17. Al' has 2 meanings in this series. in the Borderlands, it means "Lord". in Two Rivers, it means "son of". Great Hunt mentioned that difference.
  18. about adam for men; Knife of Dreams revealed copies of the original. some chance that they had more than what was revealed. edit:: like others posted, Randland would likely be united if the Seanchan were to come against them.
  19. primary source for the Mary Poppins movies I take to be a set of books that are titled "Mary Poppins". I do not remember the author. I do not recall her killing anyone. Light sided Aes Sedia can also kill; not just Black Ajah. main difference would be killing with the One Power. Light sided, only when life is threatened; Black Ajah, any time.
  20. some other things in the Starscape prologue:: -Egwene wears a green scarf. later in the books, she prefers the Green Ajah. -comment of Trollocs in the mountains. in book 4, Trollocs approach Two Rivers from the mountains.
  21. Thread resurrection! 4 years later and I'm still hooked to wotmud. While the game has a relatively steep learning curve, it's better than it has ever been! Starting a character is a breeze now. If you don't like your stats that you can see at level 3, you can use the command "tell guardian prerolledstats" and get a set of prefectly playable stats to start killing things (for all classes except male channeler). Recommended is best to start with a warrior, as those stats are good all the way through endgame. There's also a really good web client available now that even includes a map and ability to set up aliases, no downloading or setup required, just click and start playing! https://writtenrealms.com/wot/
  22. Since it seems the show will focus on Moiraine as the lead character, I feel they will need to cast a relatively big name for her. One I would like to see for Moiraine would be Christina Ricci. I think she could definitely pull it off.
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