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  2. Ok so been looking at some old stuff to get us some variety on these boards to help all of you new people get to know the different flavors in here. And this a game the ren'shai has hosted in the past when it was their turn to have an activety. Basic gist we make a story togheter and each post is allowed 3 words to continue the story where the last post left it So kicking it off: Mumsy has a
  3. Ok, you saw my suggestion for Moiraine above - Emma Watson. Here are my comments on the rest of the cast: Rand - not sure if Josha Stradowski is the right fit, at least not by the photo shown on the cast page. But, he is promising. One promising replace may be Nicholas Hoult. He is 30, but may be able to pull it off. For Egwene I suggest Lilly Collins. I like the choice for Mat. For Nynaeve I suggest Zoey Deutch. For Perrin, Ross Butler or Mathew Dadario. I am good with Lan, Tam, Padain Fain, and Logain. For Loial I would choose Robert Maillet.
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  5. That easy? Then sure interrogate away😁
  6. _ _ E _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _
  7. *Checking that she still sparkles* yep! It's all good😃
  8. I had a cat which was at least 20 years old. Sadly it died 4 years ago.
  9. And if you don't feel like answer a particular question? 🤔
  10. Awww..I always think one is lucky to grow up with animals, I did too. 😃
  11. Ok, ummm... This will just be the town/city. I'm sitting in the school which a some what famous country/rock musician went to(not sure of the exact music genre). This place is very flat, but also high up in this well known state.
  12. I'm here if we need questions asked or answered.
  13. I love cats, and dogs but cats more. I have 2 cats, my grandma has a cat, my other grandma has 2 dogs, and my aunt has 2 cats and dogs.
  14. That’s when we interrogate a member. Everyone can ask the member five questions and later on five more (someone needs to post in between). Those that asks questions gets points and the one answering gets points as well. It’s a way to get to know each other. Since it’s a bit quiet now we might have to make it 25 or 30 questions. It would be fun to do this again. Would you like to go first? Otherwise I can.
  15. Well that might be but it sure did get people in here..and also any way to gain points involves people..😁
  16. Wonderful story. Yes, we have three cats. One live with my father in law.
  17. It's been quite awhile for me as well. She did meet them early on for sure. Which War scene are you referring to? In the books I don't think they know what they're up to, just that they're stealing children. I believe they find out when they get there and discover the children. Us as the readers/viewers, I think we had an idea of what was going on. One thing that differs, is when that black guy went to our version of Earth. That definitely didn't happen in book 1... Or I completely missed it. But I do believe the character is briefly mentioned at some point in book 1, and he's involved in book 2 with why Will is fleeing from Earth to that other world.
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