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The Shadow Rising (Tor ebook)

Artwork by Sam Weber


© © Tor Books


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hell yeah!! why dont they do this for the regular print books. ive always thought the cover arts been pretty cheesy. but this. this is amazing.

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I love this...just because Mat is made of awesome!

I wish this had been the cover for the book though...the wagon with the two guys and the woman on the front got a little old :/

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This is my favorite of the e-book covers. The first time I saw it, my eyes were drawn to the ashandarei and I heard myself say in my head "I can make that." (Pics of my 1st attempt are in my album) I love the rest of the picture as well, his attire, his midstride posture, the ravens and the tree in the mist in the background. I've seen others comment that the only thing missing is Mat's hat and part of me agrees and wishes it were there, but there is also something to be said for being able to see his usually "tousled" hair and face. The face doesn't fit my mental picture of Mat's but I don't blame the artist for using himself as a stand-in, I certainly would. It's interesting that some think the blade of the ashadarei is a darker color; I read all the passages that mention it many times and never got that impression. But then, it doesn't ever mention a shiny or bright blade; just that it has ravens at the point.

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