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Where a great battle was-will-being...

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Remember, the dangers of time travel mean that you must, at all cost, avoid changing the future! Otherwise, you could wind up not existing at all!


*leaves a trail of breadcrumbs for the wolfkin to follow, so that they can find the Band's encampment*

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*hugs JR*


There, there hun, the MG has reposted it on your latest welcome thread so you can go re-live the joys and feel special cos you got the Spiel TWICE :wink:


By the way, you better sort your sig before Kath catches you, max of 100 x 500 here at DM. I'll make you one for here too if you like or you can stop by the Smith's Chapterhouse and request one.


Yeayyy Kara, congrats on the Lottery win. :D


Never mind about the JotS Footy, you got the points at the time and at least I'd read them 8)

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