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Yellow Ajah Humor Event - Whose Line Is It Anyway!


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This will be run a lot like the game show was. For the first one I need two people. I'll let you know ahead of time what the category will be.


I need two people for Alphabet! Rules (Alphabet:

Contestants act a scene with each sentence starting with successive letters of the alphabet.)


Who wants to play?

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Yeah ok Zander you start. I'll post a sample then your topic and you'll start. Rhea will post the next debentures m sentence and so on.




- Two pilots landing a plane, starting on 'Q', with Tony Slattery & Mike McShane.


Mike: Quentin, can you open up the flaps? We're coming in pretty fast.


Tony: Right.


Mike: Sure is wild the way you work those wing flaps.


Tony: Terrance, there's something I've been meaning to tell you and I'd like to tell you before we land.


Mike: Under duress, I hope.


Tony: Very duress, yes.


Mike: Well, spit it out.


Tony: (long pause) Xerxes is my name, it's not Quentin after all.


Mike: Y'know, I'd suspected that for quite some time.


Tony: (long pause, reaches for radio) Zero Foxtrot Bravo, Zero Foxtrot Bravo, we're going to bank around the airport a couple of times.


Mike: Altitude seems to be holding up.


Tony: Bloody hell, the petrol's falling out of the back of the plane!


Mike: Cor, blimey, guv. We're going to crash!


Tony: Dive, dive, we gotta dive!

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i dont understand

You and Rhea will post acting out your scene. (Posting as two surgeons in the operating room). You begin your post with a word starting with R. (ex: Rhea, did you prep for the surgery?) Rhea will then post a sentence and the first word will start with S. Then you post starting with T,etc.

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