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WT & the DM World...(Feb Class 2)- Lesson 4 posted, pg1


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Welcome to WT and the DM world! The class list for this class is:







*grins* all girls, this will be fun! :D



Lesson 1:

Intro to the Tower- We will start this class by discussing the various options available at the Tower for a newcomer or someone who's been here for a while, but needs a change. You assignments for this lesson are:

1) Introduce yourself! Let us know who we're dealing with! :D


2) Make sure you understand the rules involved in posting on boards for your rank. As a Novice, you can't "channel," as an Accepted you can, but under the watcful eye of an Aes Sedai. While this isn't the RP side, a weave can come in handy when your robes are wet after a dunking in the moat at the Warder's Boards. If you have any questions about what you can and can't do... ASK! I don't bite but one Novice and Algai per class. ;)


3) Let's talk about choosing your Ajah or Discipline. I highly discourage anyone from choosing it RIGHT NOW. Recent changes have been instituted, so that you really can't declare your preference until you're Accepted/Manshima and have been accepted by that Ajah or the Guild. This is to help you choose your group more wisely and base the decision on knowing who you're signing up to join, rather than what you think they're like based on other factors. There are a lot of factors to consider when joining a group here at the Tower. Use your time as a Novice or Algai really exploring your options (and soaking up all the attention showered on the newbies around here while the Heads are trying to lure you into their lairs...). ;)


4) The Field Trip! In keeping with #3, we're going on a field trip! In just a few moments, I will be posting field trip threads in each of the Ajahs and the guild forums. You HAVE to go to each one and post in it. How involved you get in those threads is up to you. I require one post, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised if you check it more than once. ;) Trust me, there are some surprising folks around here!


That's it! It sounds like a lot, but... you'll find that this class is designed to make an introduction easy for you. You don't have to post a dissertation on any of the above topics, but I'd like you to hit them all. And relax! This is FUN!

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Hey all! My name is Aimee, better known as Faile and... wait a minute... haven't I been here before... made the same intro??








I'm having deja vu!! I'm going mad! Mad, I tell you!


*slaps herself* :oops:


Okay, I'm alright now. :D

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Thanks, for posting, Faile! I'm going to take it for granted that everyone posted before DM crashed last week and smile as I move on to Week 3. If you didn't post... pretend you did and nod, then proceed with weeks 3 and 4. Thank you notes and small tokens of appreciation will be accepted. *smirks*


So, week 3:

Organizing Topics- Discussing the various ways you've learned to keep track of what's going on in the threads you're posting on. From 1)I just read the whole thing over again to 2) I try to stay with only a few threads per board, discuss how to keep everything straight once you're active.

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hey there Faile, looks like we're the 1st 2 here !


*curtsies to Lor*


To keep track of things, i keep a close watch on my email, and every now and then i do a search on my own name to see if something's slipped through the crack (has happened).

if it's a short thread, i'm usually "with it", but quite often i have to reread the thread to remember what it's all about.

I try to keep to just a few threads per board, which is already a bit much for my ickle novice brain !


Faile, precisely what type of folders where are you talking about ? on your email ? *would love some tips please*

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Alrighty, folks, last topic!


Tips and tricks- Discuss things that you've learned, heard, seen or done that could help a lot when dealing with unknown folks on the Community boards.


For example, all Novices will be dumped in the moat on the Warder Board, all Novices will be huggled on the Yellow board.


This will also be the place to post definitions of these things to help Novices/Algai and everyone else understand what's going on in places they are unfamiliar with.



My tips:

Tip #1- Take bonding seriously. Sure, it's fun to have 6 warders. Throughout my WoT life (both here and in my other life on the old book forums), I have 6. However, I only have one here and will only ever have one here. I've adopted a lot of sisters and brothers over the years, but the person I'm closest to is my warder. It makes each anniversary of that bond more meaningful. I'm not saying to only have one, it's not really anyone else's business how many bonds you have. All I'm asking is that you think about it very seriously and look a bit into the future before you bond ten people. How many of them will be around in 2 years? 5?


Tip #2- Take your time picking an Ajah/Discipline. For a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that it's VERY hard to change your Ajah once you've been raised. I won't say it's impossible, but it's VERY hard. Take your time while you're earning these points and taking these field trips to really get to know the people in each group. Choose the group that fits YOU, not the group that fits your friends. Sometimes your first choice isn't always the best one, so go soak up some spoiling and bribing. That's half the fun of being an aspie, trust me! ;)


So... what are your tips?

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1st tip: pretend to be scared of the mint tea at the Green Ajay ... SOMEONE(we'll not mention names here *snigger*) will eventually give you the most awesome mint cocoa ! :twisted:


*curtsies to the MoN* i promise to come back with more serious ideas later, ma'am ... just a tad busy right now :(

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ok seriously:


i think it best to always try to be polite to everyone, even if you don't agree with them.


While still being yourself, TRY to adapt your postings to where you find yourself (ie you can be slightly smutty at the Blue's, but maybe more sedate at the Whites ?)


Keep an eye on the posts at the Lecture Hall and the Great Hall, as well as the stickies everywhere, so you know what you're allowed to do and what not, and also what and when you're supposed to do.


If in doubt, ask you mentor :)

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Hi all! Sorry I am late for class!! I work all day! LOL! I am into quilting, jewelry making and I love animals! Especially horses, cats and dogs! I also have a fish tank. I hope I can learn a lot from everyone and maybe share some knowledge as well.

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Alrighty, ya'll, this class is now concluded!


If you've missed a week (or two or even four), you have 1 week to post and catch up. Hit all four topics (1-introduce yourself, 2- misconceptions you had about DM and/or the WT, 3- How do you keep up with life here on the boards? 4- Tips and tricks, share any tip you've learned about how to deal with people, forums, etc.) and you get your point!


Again, I am giving everyone credit for posting an intro and answering the 2nd topic due to the crash. Basically... post to topic 3 and 4 and you're done! :)



edit- (little note to self) I'm missing a week 3 and 4 post from Odette and Hazel.

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