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Bogs days [first post :O]

Guest TheDemigod

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Guest TheDemigod

Bog was very happy this fine morning, for Bog had been allowed to join other Trollocs in their Blight! And the best part was, that there were no cows there! Those damned Bog-mother eaters would pay one day, Bog was sure, he just had to learn how to kill first. He'd almost killed a spider this very morning, and was very proud of himself. He fondled his horn as he lurked about his little cave, which was really just a stone on top of two other stones, but when Bog said it was a cave, it darn well was a cave! Bog wondered what he'd do today. Throwing rocks as cows was a very tempting thought, but there were no cows around for Bog to throw rocks at. This saddened Bog a little, then he got hungry and forgot all about it. He wandered back to his cave to check his supplies, but when he got there, he remembered it wasn't a cave, just three stones, and that he had no supplies, just a round rock he used as a pillow. This saddened him some more, so he decided to go punch a tree until it gave him food. Luckily for Bog, the first tree he punched had some odd tasting nuts on it, which Bog ate greedily. Sitting there happily munching on his nuts, Bog was rudely interrupted...


“Up! Raid time now! We is eat humies today!” Bog looked up. Above him stood Ra'rog, snarling at him. “But, but” “No buttses!” Ra interrupted. “We raid! You raid! All the trollocs raidin' now! You come!” And with that he trotted off to shout at someone else. This angered Bog greatly, for Bog had, in his feeble mind, planned an afternoon of gorging nuts and/or berries and sleeping. Bog angrily got up and threw a nut in the general direction of Ra'rog, hoping not to hit him, for if he did, he'd surely be eaten, and that was not a part of Bogs plan. For now at least.


Bog went back to his three stones to pick up his sword. It was a really sharp sword, which Bog had found beneath a dead human on one of his travels. It was real sharp like, and could cut even fish! Bog was always in awe when he cut things with his sword. Even though the blade had never tasted human blood at the hands of Bog, Bog was certain that one day it would, and when it would, Bog would be the bestest Trolloc in the blight! But for now, throwing rocks at cows would have to do.

Bog picked up his blade and wandered towards the growing gathering of Trollocs in the middle of camp whilst mumbling angrily.

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