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WT Bio for Mei Kaylor - CC'd by Admin


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Character Name: Mei Kaylor

Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional

Age (Traditional = 14-19 / Salidar = 20-70): 16

Country of Origin: Andor, Caemlyn



Dirty blonde, likes to stray and kind of mousy, long hair to mid back. Blue eyes. Pale skinned with freckles. 4'11". High pitched voice, very childlike (she is a child now well teenager but as she grows her voice will retain its childlike resonance). Very plump.


Special Skills: baking/cooking, reading/writing

Knowledge Weakness: Does not know/care what is going on in the world

Physical Weakness: she has a lot of breathing issues because of her weight, hard for her to move around

Personality weakness: has low self-esteem, holds grudges to point of doing harm. Cries easily. Has a temper.

Personality: has low self-esteem, yet will defend others tenaciously putting her life before theirs (meaning she would die before she would let them be harmed). Holds grudges to point of doing harm. Always willing to help others. She has a quirky sense of humor. Has a temper.


Character History

Mei was fourteen when her family left the farm and went to live in Caemlyn. She did not know why, only that they had to move. Her family kept it from her because they considered her, fragile. They kept a good many things from her.

She was told that she was born two months early and that’s why Jaxyniah, the wisdom, came to live with them. However, Jaxyniah never left. She became Mei’s nanny and helped her mom, Lyniya, around the house.

She has five older brothers: Rondell “Junior,” twenty-four; Jeziah “Jezz,” twenty-two; Soloqui “Qui,” nineteen; Kendral “Ken,” seventeen; and Krellin “Krell,” fifteen. Her father, Rondell, struggled to feed the two extra additions to the family.

What they didn’t tell her was that she was so sickly that she needed around the clock care if she was to survive.Yet, survive she did. She even thrived as she got older. She wanted to go outside with her brothers but her two mothers would have nothing to do with it. They coddled her and taught her all the womanly arts: sewing, baking, cooking, reading/writing to keep the books, and cleaning house. One thing they did which was of no use to her was feed her day and night. The wisdom should have known better but she got attached to Mei and worried so about how small she was. The end result was a very plump fourteen-year-old.

Mei didn’t think much of the man and woman that came to the farm for shelter one night during the fierce winter storm of her thirteenth year, at first, as she was very sick and looking out her bedroom window. They came riding two very well bred steeds: her a splendid roan mare and him a white stallion. Junior went to take the stallions reins but the Lord refused and said he would take care of the horses if Junior would show him the way.

Once everyone was inside and warming by the fire everyone was introduced. The man was Lord Danir and the woman was Lady Meaghany. It went unsaid but everyone knew that Lady Meaghany was Aes Sedai and Lord Danir was her Warder. They didn’t need to see the Great Serpent Ring or the Color Shifting Cloak. They could tell by the ageless look of her face and the dangerous stance he held seemingly without thinking about it.

Rondell had only introduced the boys and his wife, Lyniya. He was a former soldier in the Aiel War and did not want Aes Sedai to meddle with his family. However, Lyniya had other ideas. She had a daughter that was very sick, maybe even on the verge of death. Lyniya spoke up, “Excuse me, Lady Meaghany. I have a daughter who is very ill. The Wisdom, Jaxyniah, is with her now. However, I know you could help her, please?” she begged.

“Lyniya they have just come in from the storm. I am sure…” Rondell started saying but was interrupted by Lady Meaghany.

“Take me to her. At once.” Lady Meaghany declared.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Lyniya cried. She started to take Lady Meaghany’s hand, realized what she was about to do, drew her hand back and rushed ahead, turning to look back to make sure the Lady was following. She was.

When they entered the room they found Mei propped up on pillows in her bed, which was up against the wall, being fed hot soup by the Wisdom, Jaxyniah. Mei had many layers of blankets on her and was still shivering. They both looked up at the sound of the door opening.

Jaxyniah took in the silk travelling clothes and ageless face on Lady Meaghany and the sword and dangerous stance Lord Darin held, very carefully put down the spoon she was using to feed Mei, got up from her stool and gave them a deep curtsy.

“How may I help you, Aes Sedai?” Jaxyniah asked.

Lady Meaghany raised her eyebrow at the title, but didn’t deny it. “I have come to heal the girl. Move aside.” She commanded.

The Wisdom started to stutter, “b-b-but.”

“Enough!” Lady Meaghany’s voice cracked like a whip. “I am going to heal her. Now you can either stay or go; however, you are going to get out of my way – NOW!” She suited action to words as she glided to the side of the bed brushing aside the Wisdom. “Mei?” She asked gently.

“Yes. Who are you?” Mei squeeked, followed by a fit of coughing.The Aes Sedai put her hand on Mei’s forehead, “She’s freezing,” She grabbed the girls head in her two hands, Mei shrieked and shuddered as the one power went through her. The expression on the Aes Sedai’s face changed almost as soon as she started the healing: from one of almost bored done this before to almost excitement which she schooled back to her regal calm she had before she started the healing.

Lyniya who was watching the Aes Sedai very closely did not miss the expression change and pulled her husband close, in fear. No it can’t be. Not my little girl. She is so ignorant. She would not make it one day at the White Tower. She must be mistaken.

“It is done. We must talk. Come let her sleep.” Lady Meaghany said, as she started towards the door. “Rondell, May I please borrow pen, ink and paper? As I have a letter to write.”

“Of course, Aes Sedai. Of Course.” Rondell said, as he went to collect them for the Aes Sedai. After she was finished with her letter she pulled out her personal seal affixed with the flame of Tar Valon, sealed the letter and handed it to Rondell. He took it with asperity.

“This is a letter to the Mistress of Novices at the White Tower. It states that the bearer has been healed by an Aes Sedai and found able to channel the one power and should be admitted as a novice at once.” The Aes Sedai said. “How old is your daughter? She looks to be around the right age.”

“She is 13.” Mei’s parents replied at the same time.“

A little too young. No matter. Keep this letter safe and bring her upon her fourteenth name day. It is dangerous to wait too long. Remember that. For the child’s sake. I see no reason to tell her now. Now I hunger. Some food and drink would be nice.” The Aes Sedai said.

Lyniya brought food and drink for her guests; however, she was in tears. Rondell put an arm around her shoulder to soothe her. I will not let you take my daughter. He thought.

Mei looked back at the farm from the back of her pony. She felt sorry for the pony. She knew she was plump. The reason for the pony was because she was so short and so plump that she couldn’t get on a regular horse. It was a sturdy pony, though it did give her a look as she got up on its back.

When they reached the gates of Caemlyn, they were passed through right away, as Jaxyniah was still remembered by the city watch. Jaxyniah took the lead then. She led them down the streets of Caemlyn to her house. She had her sister maintaining the house for her if such a need as this would arise. When they came to the gates one of her nephews, Jaxon, took their horses and Mei’s pony and they went into the house. Jaxon was Mei’s age.

“So, you’ve come for your house back, after all these years?” A raspy voice came to them from the parlor.“Hello to you too, Jennifiah.” Said Jaxyniah. Jaxyniah, made the introductions all around, then said, “We have to talk, Jennifiah.”

Two years later her brother, Krell, caught her and Jaxom kissing in the stables. He pulled Jaxom away from her and started beating him. “That’s my little sister.” Slap “You can’t go kissing my little sister.” Punch.

At first Mei was frozen in fear, then she started beating on her brother with a broom. “He’s my friend!” She screamed. Whack. “I love him!” Whack. Whack. Whack. Whack…She didn’t stop until multiple strong arms pulled the broom from her hands and yanked her away from the bleeding body of her brother. She was brought to the house and put under guard by her oldest two brothers. It wasn’t until she was alone in her room, with her dress full of blood, did the full extent of what she had done hit her, “Krell, Oh NO. Junior, Jezz, you have to go let me see him. I can’t believe – I did that…did I” she asked, groaning.

Her brothers just looked at her with disdain in their eyes and turned their backs to her. The City Watch needed to be called because her brother needed Aes Sedai healing and there was one visiting at the palace. When the City Watch came they wanted to put her in the dungeons right away but Lyniyah had kept the letter that the Aes Sedai had given her and brought it out now, showed it to the Guard Captain, and told him the story. He looked at the seal and chuckled. “Your daughter has the dark one’s own luck.”

“Why is that?” Asked Lyniyah.

“Because,” said the Guard Captain. “It is Aes Sedai Meaghany who is visiting at the palace.”

“NO!” Lyniyah screamed. She thought she could give some excuse to any other Aes Sedai as to why it took so long to send Mei to Tar Valon but knew she couldn’t fool Aes Sedai Meaghany.

“Your son is too wounded to be moved so Aes Sedai Meaghany will have to come here. I am sure she is going to want to have words with you. This never would have happened if you had sent the girl away when told to do so.

”Lyniyah shrunk further and further the more the Guard Captain talked. Finally, she lowered her head in shame and said, “Yes, sir.”

So it came to pass that Mei was sent to Tar Valon with TWO letters: The original one and an additional one also addressed to the Mistress of Novices and sealed with Aes Sedai Meaghany’s personal seal. Mei did not want to know what was in the second one. She had gotten a firm tongue lashing from the Aes Sedai when she had found out what Mei had done. She ordered ten lancers to accompany Mei and her two older brothers: Junior and Jezz to Tar Valon. They were to escort her to the very steps of the White Tower. To get in the gates she showed the letters to the gate guards. Once inside she proceeded to the entrance of the White Tower. There found an Accepted in a white dress with seven colored bands at the bottom, representing the seven Ajahs. Mei showed the letter to one of them and…

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I apologize for the wall of text. That was formatting on my end from copying it from the original. I am on a very tiny cell phone and it makes it very hard to go in end separate the paragraph. As soon as I get to a full computer I will go in and fix this but it's up for your review if you are able to read through it.

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Okay....so I know here: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/51236-bio-info-rp-group-histories/


It says we're supposed to use a form....however, I tried and I kept getting it saying that it couldn't submit...I think it was something wrong with the code at the bottom...I tried like 10 times to do it....I will try again now and will come back and tell you what happens....also found out here: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/75890-welcome-to-the-white-tower-role-playing-group/ to submit it using email....


So I decided to wait to post this till after I tried the form...I keep getting validation errors, so don't know what to do :huh: 

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OH, its not that.....It looked fine when I found you had posted it, except are we still supposed to italicise all words that aren't our main characters?? I read that somewhere :huh: and I did it but it's not done in above post??  I did not know if that is what is keeping someone from approving it or not? I guess I am just not very patient right now... :huh: doc messing with my meds a little :rolleyes::smile: anyway....I just need to be more patient I guess..........

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No that shouldn't affect if people are going to approve it or not. Maybe some more on the content being realistic. Any little nuances like italicizing and quotes and stuff like that can be worked out after the fact.


I'll see if I can scrounge up a person to check this out.

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I'm afraid you're going to have to find some patience if you want to RP. It will often take more than just a few days to get responses from people. We don't tend to move at the same rate of speed as the non RP Groups.  :smile:


Itallics should only be used for your character's internal thoughts not for anything else other than emphasis of an individual word when necessary. Use speech/quote marks for normal conversation and normal text for everything else including other characters.


Consider this CC'd though. Nicely written.

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Thank You....I had found a page that said you were supposed to put everyone but your characters words in italics, I've since lost it, but that was what I was going by. :smile: but its just as well, it was a pain going back and putting them in italics.....Thank you, again....


Patience is a virtue that must be learnt by everyone, especially me.

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