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Michael Jordan's Steakhouse - Uncasville, CT


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Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse

Uncasville, CT

1 Mohegan Sun Blvd




Now, before you get confused. No, you didn’t know that Michael Jordan cooked steaks. In fact, he probably doesn’t, but he pays people to. I first chose to review this restaurant because of the sheer ridiculousness of it, but actually the food was pretty damn good.


Now, MJ’s Steakhouse is located within a giant casino complex called the Mohegan Sun. So the parking and the accessibility really depends on if you are planning to stay or gamble. I wouldn’t recommend traveling to the casino JUST for the food, but if you are there this is definitely a spot to have on your radar.


I don’t normally (or ever) spend this much on a meal (my total was over $100), but in this case, I had received a pretty sizable meal voucher, so I decided to treat myself to a fancy dinner.


Not to be confused with Michael Jordan’s Sportsbar (conveniently and confusingly located right next store), Michael Jordan’s STEAKHOUSE is actually a very fancy spot. Soft red lights, leather seats, and modern wooden tables created a really classy vibe.


As often happens at fancier restaurants, the service was top-notch. The right mix of available but not too much hovering.


Obviously, I HAD to order a steak (I mean for Light’s sake, I’m at MJ’s Steakhouse). I got the Ribeye, and let me tell you…WOW. The flavor, the crust of the meat was all impeccable. It was honestly the best steak I’ve ever had. Paired with a nice Cabernet and I was on cloud nine.


I tasted some of my friends salmon and it was good, but the steak was something to write home about.


You can’t always swing that kind of meal, but if you are in the area and looking for a real experience, I recommend this spot.

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Hey! I went to Mohegan Sun once! It's like... 8 years ago or something. First and only time in a casino. It was a surreal experience for me. I'm not prone to gambling,and I was a student when I was there so I didn't do much of that, but wow, it was a huge place!


I can't remember where I ate, but I don't remember getting a major dinner there. We did go to a couple of bars though. I wish I could remember more of it. 

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usually, for the fancy restaurants, we hardly go unless we have a voucher. Sounds like yours was well spent and you make it sound like a place to visit *nods* 


Apart from a 24h trip in Vegas, I have little experience with casino's, lol. Don't remember where we ate there, but it was good. I guess, if you want people to stay and gamble, you have to have excellent extra offers nearby

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