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Oh Mexico! - Miami Beach, Florida, US


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Address: 1440 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139


In June 2016 my husband and I visited Miami Beach for our anniversary. We were there for a week and while we ate at many outstanding restaurants, Oh Mexico was the only one that blew us away! 
The location was perfect and was within walking distance of our hotel. The restaurant itself is located in the area called Espanola Way and is right on the corner so it is not hard to find. They have indoor and outdoor seating, and while the ambiance of the curbside seating was beautiful, with the heat in June we chose to sit inside. The ambiance in either setting is beautiful and has a very Mexican feel to the place. 
The service was amazing! Our waiter, Carlos, was on the spot with everything we could need or want. We had ordered a pitcher of their best margaritas (The Reposado starting at $60 with Jose Cuervo Tradicional, 1800 or Cazadores. You chose!) and Carlos was right there to refill our glasses whenever we were getting low. He was very attentive and as I looked around I could see that the other wait staff were doing the same. it was quite impressive! He even brought my hubby and extra serving of beans (to my dismay) because he said they were the best refries he's ever had! I paid for that later. 
The food was outstanding! Growing up in California we have a very particular taste for Mexican food ( we were rather spoiled by the Mexicans that we knew and loved in CA) and it not something that we can find here in Minnesota. I would call this food very traditional Mexican and probably the best I have ever had! We shared the Guacamole which came in a Lava bowl. The chips were handmade and fresh and warm when they arrived. We devoured it, it was so good! At Carlos' recommendation my hubby ordered the Tampiquea Steak dinner (Outside skirt steak, red cheese enchiladas, rice, charro beans, guacamole, tomatillo-avocado salsa) and I had the Mocajete Mixto with chicken, beef and shrimp (A lava rock bowl filled with mexican guajillo sauce, nopal, onion, bell pepper, Mexican cheese and chorizo). Both dishes were out of this world!
I would advise not to drive there if you are visiting. There is only street parking and that can be quite difficult to find. Walk or take a taxi. 
$$$ - $60 +
The cost for the two of us was rather high, but if you chose not to drink alcohol or have many "add ons" then this is very reasonable. We had the works and the best of everything though. It was our vacation after all! Money was not an object at that point, and believe me, after a couple glasses of their margaritas, it won't be for you either!
If or when we visit Miami Beach again we will be revisiting this place!

Guacamole! (1/2 gone)
Above our head...
Carlos took our pictures!
Tampiquea Steak dinner

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Oh my word... you two look so beautiful and so happy together!


It sounds delicious. feel like going now.


The place seems have very odd decorations? What do you mean by "Mexican feel"? I've never been to anything Mexican :laugh:

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Thank you!


Well, it's hard to explain the feeling. The decor in the room we were in had a Mexican 'Day of the Dead' accent to it. The lights and the colors in the room made it feel like we were in Old Mexico, like around Mexico City or in an old pueblo. I grew up around a lot of Mexicans and have traveled to Tijuana and Nogalas and we lived in Tucson which has a very Mexican influence. I wish I could explain it better!

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