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    • Also @BFG and @Clovdyx   Thanks for addressing that for me.   So I think I saw Nyn comment on it but was I the only person who felt buddy was role finishing.  I feel like with all the talk about claiming it might just be a me thing....
    • @Darthe   Just to spice things up can i be given a x1 Dayvig right now please?!?!!
    • Oh, I can't stop myself from saying, CMX album since a year of waiting while it came up on the pile, it was great. I have been lucky, since I've only listened to good music. Mozart in London, "o Dolly" by Arne. These lists are statistivally only so good cause I immediately think of statistics, but a little pro is, I never think of the lists when getting something, only whether I think I'd like it.
    • Its not that, Dice knows he's read me wrong the last 2 games we played both as Townies.  I have a hard time thinking Town!Dice is that sure after that.  Now before those 2 games theb yeah i thinks it could def come from Town!Dice.   I'm not saying Dice is def Scum here,  but it's pinging.
    • NOBODY SHOULD CLAIM ATP IMO!!!   If Darthe announces it then cool but only if getting run up should they claim. 
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