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Thane Vakarian

I would like your votes... and here's the reason why:

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So, this is the thing:


My re-enactment group (middle ages) and I helped a young team of filmmakers to make a promotional video for a movie they'd like to make next year. 


If they win the contest their video is currently in, they get to have the budget to make the full length movie.

For them to win, we need votes on the video. The video can be found here: https://theaudiencea...epentance-86604


Now, you need to register. Which is a good thing, seeing you can vote daily up until the 19th of August.


Many thanks to watch the video and cast a vote.


ps: with a few more people voting, we could actually win this contest. We held first place nearly all day yesterday





yes, I'm in there too, the friendly guy guarding the tent, :laugh:




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